You ready yeah let’s go you hear that yeah game time it’s been a while I know it’s it’s been like a month or so somebody decided to go on vacation somebody I don’t know who that was this only for a couple days Jimmy you ready I’m ready let’s go all right Jimmy quick question yes um you know Taylor Swift right yes you know.

Who she’s dating I think the world knows who she’s dating who is it again Travis Kelce of the Chiefs how do you feel that Taylor put him on the map dude no listen if you follow Sports everybody knows who Travis Kel is I had no idea who he was until he started dating Taylor swi stop you did not I promise you bro you’re a teenage girl like you’re the equivalent.

Of a teenage girl Taylor put him on the map no way but he did get 800,000 Instagram followers see Point proven I know nobody knew who he was tcast nobody knew who he was until Taylor started dating him until she went to the game with his mom started cheering NFL Hall of Famer nobody knew that and his podcast is probably the second best.

Podcast on Earth behind ours I’m just saying Taylor Swift put him on the I’ll tell you what Taylor Swift is everything she touches turns to Gold I’ll give her that it’s impressive are they last in the Long Haul no absolutely not they won’t publicity stunt but I’ll tell you here’s the one thing that I’m really pumped about when they break up that.

Album is going to be fire that she makes the album about him is going to be absolutely let the record State Taylor Swift put what’s his name Kelsey see this is no this is the thing he is you’re bothered right now I am bothered because he is an elite athlete I’m sorry Taylor Swift you put him on the map did you see Jay deil’s tweet yeah that a.

Pickleball player should date her yeah who would it be um Callen Dawson done Ken Dawson let’s go she might be taller than Ken though she’s got to be but can you imagine the babies there would make beautiful beautiful babies yeah okay all right here we go welcome everybody to an.

Episode of King of the Court king of did you just flip your hat around no I’m ready I’m getting ready can we take that hat off no we’re focused okay sorry guys all right also it’s fall weather so we’re going to here we go okay uh welcome to King of the Court we are thrilled to be here with you guys we have a lot to talk about and as always.

We are going to try to keep it short around 45 50 minutes our favorite thing to say that never happens exactly thank you to our sponsor the Pickler who is the Pickler Jimmy the Pickler the world’s best indoor pickle ball facility check them out at the Pickler like my announcers voice that’s good and they also have an e-commerce.

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Little bit later than normal uh so last week we had AP well AP had their tournament uh Atlanta Atlanta sunmed open yes I believe so and then this upcoming weekend in a couple days we have the PPA so we’re going brush up on the AP just kind of do a quick recap yeah how was that Jimmy I mean AP was fine it’s the AP they don’t like the.

Stream they don’t care if anybody watches they only stream a couple matches and it’s the same people over and over and over again and I think it’s getting stale let’s just call it what it is so I mean did you see the numbers no but I think it gets stale because it’s just the same like here here’s so I saw the numbers for championships Sunday if.

That’s what they call it um and it was around like a thousand like 500 to a th000 or so that’s about yeah that’s about that’s about what I would expect so I mean it was can we get more than that on kotc yeah 100% on our Premiere we’re going to get that but they did have SE they did have it on CBS sports for a little bit and so those numbers.

Are always are always kind of skewed but let let’s just think about this for a second K like Rob nunery he’s he lives in Florida mhm Simone lives in Florida Paris todish she in Florida yes she’s in Florida where Megan fudge has RV so she can go wherever she wants does she Andre dasu is he in Florida Florida Florida um Alex Trang is on the East Coast.

Vivian glosman is kind of a nomad but that that’s it that’s all those are the only people that are winning Susanna bars in in Idaho but she can so why not just show up to the local Rec courts and just get those eight players and just play yeah because honestly that’s all it’s been that’s all that the AP has been it’s been the same players over and.

Over and over again the entire year so why do they continue to play those because they’re winning okay and they’re cashing checks and from what I’ve heard next year AP is increasing their prize money a decent amount I would say double maybe more than double what it is right now that’s awesome yeah but do you think that I mean we haven’t seen all these.

Players contracts but did any of these players sign exclusive deals with MLP or PPA are they going to not be able to play these I do know some players there’s still a lot I would say that’s up in the air yeah but there’s some players that sign like these Legacy deals where like if you play if you’re an AP Legacy member you’re allowed to.

Play them mhm but yeah it’s it’s crazy so I mean the recap is this okay Megan fudge and Susanna bar won women’s they actually double dipped Paris and Simone mhm MH but the key to that the most exciting was Alex trong Vivian glosman against Paris Simone game three 10-7 Simone got mad walks to the corner.

Punches a chair chair or paddle I I looked like a chair paddle I don’t know the corner couldn’t see it she got all fired up came back okay injured clearly was injured I know she broke her finger broke her hand something Alex like a shark in the water that she is smells blood and they start going after her they start picking on her they take the.

Lead have a couple match points make a few mistakes ended up losing 1311 so Paris and Simone win to get to the winnner bracket final no paddle tap Alex actually waves her off mhm and then they go to social media we love social media and they post the videos and Vivian glosman posts a video and says I sure hope she’s okay of.

Her punching the like almost I wonder if they like didn’t believe uhhuh that she was actually hurt I don’t know but there’s a little bad blood there we know that we love Bad Blood love we love rivalries yep and so I hope that that’s you know it’s the Young The Young Guns coming up against the you know some people think she’s the.

Goat yeah and so we love those rivalries like did you did you ever watch of course you don’t because you don’t know who Travis Kelce is but I do now because of Taylor Swift but hard hard knock is a show on HBO where they follow NFL teams and they followed the Jets this year okay and this player Aaron roggers who obviously is a legend you know who Aaron.

Rogers is I’ve heard of that name has he dated somebody before Taylor Swift okay Selena Gomez so Aaron Rogers is in a preseason game and this guy starts like yelling at him and he starts saying like like talking crap to him and Aaron Rogers says Hey show some respect yeah and this guy says I don’t even know who you are similar to something that Tyler.

Ling would say and Aaron Rogers says you don’t mhm and that’s simoney to Alex right show a little bit respect and Vivian yeah and they’re like no we don’t we’re not going to show you jack like we’re coming it’s a new day it’s a new day it’s a new day so they lose Paris and Simone get to the gold they play Susanna.

Bar Megan fudge uhuh and fudge bar double dips yeah in the gold medal match they won two games straight and then they won the so the third game the game to 15 they got up like Orly quickly and then the other team Simon Andis went on a run they got tied or something like that yeah um but I.

Didn’t think um I didn’t know what I thought but I thought um fudge and bar were going kind of steamroll that third game yeah yeah me too and so big win for them um you know I think it’s fudge just only her second gold on the AP and I think her first one came that same weekend with singles yeah but I’m saying second in women’s okay and I believe.

That it’s the other one Simone and Paris were not there gotcha so good win for them I mean Susanna bar is just a steady veteran yeah right like I I mean I don’t have the exact number off the top of my head but I believe they have played that same matchup quite a bit Yeah they probably played at least five to seven times it’s still six right because now.

That now that Vivian glasman is playing APS with Alex yeah it’s going to be those six players week in and week out y on the men’s side Andre decu who continues his run is the most dominant male in the history of AP I mean put him in the Hall of Fame right plays with Rob nun is Rob riding deq’s.

Cailes I mean based off how the St Louis shock did uhhuh right they were terrible Rob was the the number one pick right in Challenger uh yes I think so but he went one in five yeah in MLP you your number one pick can’t go one and five Yeah It’s Tricky when it but himu are dominating yeah they’re killing it um but my guy.

Speaking of Challenger Anderson Scarpa your boy and Greg D and Greg da Greg da Greg da sobered up long enough to make a run yep and they make it to the finals Yep they’re pumped up first championship Sunday everybody’s fired up probably had to change their flights for the first time in their lives they’re pumped they walk out there on the court you know Dow.

Is Da I mean he’s I’m sure he is just amped we’ll just say that yeah and what happened I did not watch it but you you were texting me and you said it lasted about 20 minutes let me just tell you this it started at 138 mhm it ended at 157 both games 19 minutes like 42 seconds yeah they lost the 110 110 yeah Scarpa and.

Da just I mean Das you and N he just put on a show number one um it was wild and there’s a point so I don’t know if you saw I did not the video koopy Nation hey Shay posted it we’ll we’ll shot them out as always it’s 60 in game two Dal pops up a ball Nary comes sprinting it you he rips it right at down like he’s going to take his head.

Off yeah and yeah I mean smart play yeah I mean they just were doing with anything that they wanted yeah so yeah down Scarpa like they got to get back to redeem themselves yeah nowhere to go but up one point right could a four five like two four FS get one point off a dayu NY in two games you would think so I mean I would imagine you would think.

So like something yeah yeah yeah anyways they got blasted so Greg Dal is going to drown his Sorrows somewhere um women’s singles we’ll go there really quick okay so women’s singles Megan fudge fudge fudge played salame mhm salame hooked her was this the finals or I thought that was the finals I don’t know does anyone watch it I don’t know.

Women’s singles is so watered down dude anyways fudge against salame she hooked her four times fudge tweeted about it mhm Sal has a history of horrible lion calls okay like horrendous how do you feel about that like how do you feel about players calling their own lines and players that have a bad like reputation I don’t know I don’t know.

What the the answer is but obviously um I think for a lot of people if it happens once or twice or even three times I think that’s fine but if somebody has a reputation um where they’re known for that they’re known for doing this time and time and time again then that says something is it hard not to get him back.

Like if you had a close call is it hard to give him the benefit of the doubt it’s definitely hard but I mean I I say this all the time when I was growing up and playing tennis I would call very close lines very very close lines but now I feel like I’m to the point where if I need to call those close lines like I shouldn’t be playing where I’m at I.

Mean most of the top players so you were that guy in I was that guy and they say if you’re not cheating you’re not trying you or salame I don’t know if I would go that far oh okay yeah that’s interesting um but I mean I would call close I would say close um but once again if you’re calling them close that’s not necessarily cheating no I mean yeah but.

That’s interesting that Tyler Lo’s admitting oh definitely I fully admit that I you hated in junior tennis exactly for that reason probably well I wasn’t hated but I mean kind of no people liked me huh people liked me um yeah so Som nobody likes her let’s just be real they don’t she calls bad lines she has that reputation she.

But the thing is I wonder if she has bad eyes or if she’s seeing it um one way and just calling it the other cuz there are some people who I honestly think have bad eyes and they’re just calling it as they see but the thing is if you know that you have bad eyes she’s older she’s in her 40s no she’s not she’s not no how old is she um I think she’s like.

Let me look 36 or so no way 36 or 37 age has not been kind to her that was Jimmy I do not endor’s comment there’s no way I promise you 30 oh gosh yikes 37 rough anyways with that being said yeah she’s got to have bad eyesight then eat some carrots yeah but okay so she hooked her.

Men’s side yeah is it Jonathan Medina Alvarez I I don’t know yeah I think that’s the full his full name so do you know how spelled Jonathan jh yeah so I watched this little video about him um he’s like a he wrote a book mhm should we order it yeah we should order it he wrote a book um he got to like number 400 on the ATP he’s a tennis.

Player um he’s like 41 right he actually played couple Davis cups for what country from Venezuela okay um and yeah he started playing pick he said that where he lives I don’t know where he lives but there’s I believe Florida Florida he said there’s not a lot of good pickleball players around him huh I could be wrong yeah so anyways.

He goes and plays Rosco Bellamy the son of the legend Beth Beth Bellamy Y and who by the way Rosco doesn’t use Beth’s paddle I was just going to ask about that yeah he uses Zayn’s betrayal that is betrayal yeah um and there was a serve right down the middle mhm dead down the middle clearly out Rosco calls it out mhm and.

The ref says no not didn’t ref overturns his call yeah and then the replay shows that it was out by I mean half inch quarter inch yeah I mean clearly out Y and it was close enough where the ref from his angle there’s no way he can overturn that call it was on the other side of the line from where the ref was standing um aras’s a big dude mhm like.

He’s a freaking unit I was a tall guy I would say big guy he’s a tall guy he’s probably 6’4 65 yeah like but I think he could you know do some damage yeah and he just kind of stared at him and even even Alvarez was like almost like that look like um what do you think about ref’s overturning calls that they’re not 100%.

Sure on well I’m sure the ref thought he was 100% well he was wrong yeah like they need to be able to challenge it should we go back to eyesight the dude was 88 years old yeah like should like I know that they’re doing their best and I’m not trying to like throw refs under the bus but so I kind of funny we talking $7 we’re.

Talking about this but I I actually used to referee Collegiate matches uh tennis so you called close lines as a junior and then you ref this is explaining so much about you right now exactly and if you don’t see as a referee the ball you stand with a player who makes a call yeah and so unless as you said that ref was a th% certain he should have just.

Agreed with Rosco look so we’re here y right the ref’s over here and the ball’s on this side of the line yeah that that shouldn’t happen I mean especially given the amount that it was out by that should never happen yeah and I I mean like I said these refs are doing the best they can and I mean now that gambling has come into play I mean this.

Type of stuff has to be corrected it it does but here’s the the issue is is in all sports there is a bit of human error right like again I’m sure you only refs all the yeah NBA refs are the worst right they do the whole two-minute report where they literally admit all their mistakes uh NFL I mean obviously you were just watching for Taylor Swift.

But exactly in that Jets Chiefs game there was a holding call on S Gardner and it was questionable and the Jets end up intercepting the ball and then it comes back so there is human error in all of this but the thing is on those there’s no way to fix it right and you can actually challenge pass interference now there’s things that you can.

Challenge in pickle ball the human ER is it that’s it it’s over and so that’s the thing is is like they could fix these things right you could add more line judges I understand like you well even just a simple replay a simple replay with that call would have solved it 100% yeah exactly and you can like you can replay these things in 30 seconds you.

Can look at it and replay it in 30 seconds I think a lot of the referees some of them not all of them but some of them are prideful and they don’t want to reverse a call even if they know that they’re wrong they made the call they don’t want to go back on it so that’s the bigger issue I think it would give more credibility to a ref if they went.

Back and said hey I actually did mess up or actually on second thought or whatever I think I was incorrect the the call stands yeah I think that would give almost more credibil also there’s two can you confer with your fellow ref be like hey what did you see yeah I mean that’s rough dude that’s a tough call plus uh I wasn’t following along but.

From what people said Rosco was up like six or eight points like he had gone on like a six or eight point lead and then when that call happened it turned everything around 100% so 41-year-old yeah Jonathan Medina Alvarez has he played any PPA uh I think he’s played a couple but not I think he’s very.

New okay I think he’s been playing at least a year yeah he said he’s been playing a year dead on a year but I’m saying in from the pro scene I don’t think he’s really yeah when all he has a full-time job yeah um he mentioned he has a full-time job should have signed with MLP or PPA I know know nobody went after him could have got that.

Multi-million dollar contract yeah he could be making four if you’re making five he’s got to be making four at least yeah minimum I mean he’s got an AP singles title there you go how many do you have zero yeah see it’s a big deal I’ve actually I’ve played in it was an event it was like a round robin oh um with ap outside of that I’ve never.

Played a AP event is it just Ken Herman freaks you out that so when they started Monster look yeah exactly yeah um but yeah the the one event I did was in Oregon oh yeah it was like around Robin lot of lot of things in Oregon not much Eric Lang lives there oh that’s right yeah Pacific Northwest guy yeah cuz that’s where head.

Is located isn’t it are they in Oregon no I thought they were in Oregon no I don’t know okay anyways moving on um and then mixed yeah I think that was a parison hunter parison hunter yeah does that surprise you no I heard Hunter’s kind of been a dick lately I have not been messaging him do.

You think these private planes and you know like it’s tough man you got to fly around on private planes and like do you like does that just automatically give you like the right to kind of be an a-hole well what is your reasoning for that well I just heard that he’s been you just call well he’s just been chirping at Players like lots of.

Different players he was chirping at a player at MLP he made like some comment about her appearance which is wild to make a comment about someone’s appearance this is Jimmy talking no I’m just saying like is that I don’t know like again I like rivalries I’ve told you this I’m good with it yeah like I I think that the sport needs more of that.

Bad blood yeah like the worst thing that ever happened to the NBA was freaking LeBron James Chris Paul Carmel Anthony going on their Banana Boat together and like hanging out like that’s stupid hate each other yeah like let’s have a freaking rivalry so I’m okay with it but I just I’m just curious is that a new thing I don’t know is that a new thing I.

Don’t know or is this just something that he’s like look yeah my girlfriend yeah is Rich I’m flying on private jets you know she’s got that freaking huge sponsorship she’s essentially a model like you know I got drafted to Premier League hey Premier is big deal he’s just feeling himself right now just absolutely feeling himself Trey young.

He’s shouting out Trey Young on Instagram and Trey Young’s responding like I mean the dude is I mean I get it he’s on top of the world but you know just remember where you came from right exactly so all right moving moving on all right so that was AP uh when’s their next tournament do we know this week AP yeah they’re going back to back yeah oh.

Wow yeah they’re going back to back where what is it I think it’s Dallas or Houston or something all right cool well best of luck to AP and now we’re moving on to PPA bro that didn’t sound sincere P I’m always sincere Dallas it’s in Dallas okay they’re like hey PPA is out moving out to Vegas this weekend we’re going to try and sneak into an event in.

Their Hometown right PPA Vegas this is one of their Majors yeah it’s this is probably the third year that they’ve been back at darling each year they do better bigger and better things yeah um the landscape the presentation just looks much better each and every time they call it the PPA championships right yeah um so it’ll be.

Fun to see if they change anything for Center Court or anything like that um they’ve released the draws already yeah so you kind of went through and said there’s some interesting Partnerships yeah there’s some well there’s interesting Partnerships and then there’s some interesting things in the draws okay let’s hear it so let’s talk.

About it we’ll go men’s singles um I mean Ben Jon’s will get kuang dong in the round of 16 and Ben played him probably two or three times and Ben has not had many issues with him yet no he hasn’t but we all know that you know he’s got the ability to get hot yeah but Kwang Dong’s got to get through Rafa Rafa.

Hu’s here in Utah right now yeah no one knows what he’s doing but he’s nobody knows why he didn’t text either of us we thought we thought we were friends Rafa cool um so that that’ll be interesting uh also on that side of the bracket is Conor Garnett so Ben will have to get through Connor and the semis Conor is four seed okay who does Connor have in.

Quarters or Connor will have in the quarters he will have your guy okay in the round of 16 he’ll have Alex Newman or Chuck Taylor obviously Alex Newman Chuck Taylor’s playing some is back Chuck is back let’s go Chucky shout out to Chucky coming back from injury uh and then he’ll have Alshon als’s the five who does alshan play 16 or quarters.

Alsan will have Gabe Joseph okay oh that yeah I think didn’t they play once like one or two tournaments ago and Gabe one gab beat him yeah yeah so that’ll be yeah so the big upset I’m going to call the weekend is fed has to take on Hayden obviously Hayden’s going to win that they did play and the dream breaker the in MLP this this go around Hayden gets.

Luke wson though you know Luke Watson I don’t he’s like 17 okay I know is he from California I he signed a PPA deal and every and like everybody he’s that guy super blonde guy yeah everybody ran to look up his duper and was like what in the hell yeah he’s like that guy yeah I know him yeah they were like yeah who’s.

This kid um and then another interesting first round is is Julian Arnold gets anik LAN okay in the first round that’s we’ll see if uh Julian plays cuz he’s signed up a couple times and then backs out yeah it makes sense I mean you know that Mercedes it’s a long drive it’s a long it’s a long it’s a long drive to Vegas.

Maybe he’ll just have it shipped so he can drive it around the street just have it there outside the court yeah cuz he wants to cruise the you know you got to cruise the strip in the Mercedes he’s that guy it’s a sick car I like it hey he’s that guy that like rents the Ferrari in Vegas people do it no I know they do people do it he’s that guy yeah.

Um you get Kyle leis okay and then if you I feel like I’ve played Kyle like five times yeah have you ever lost him I don’t think so they’ve actually all been fairly close Kyle usually plays with Big E huh yeah yeah in doubles yeah so you get Kyle yep and if you win uhhuh the PPA the PPA doesn’t play they love drama they do so if you win you.

Play Tyson McGuffin let’s go honestly obviously it’ll be on Center Court it has to be but like the PPA does not play like if the PPA finds out about any little bit of drama they’re going put you guys together 100% And and remember just to back up remember Hayden hit that ball at fed at MLP true and he got a blue card for it true and now they’re.

Playing yeah right like the PPA like I’m sorry but you can say that these are random but let’s just be real yeah um and then jdubb will play a qualifier and if he wins oh he’s playing singles he is playing singles he’s a six seed he hasn’t been doing much singles this year no and then he’ll get R is Frasier playing um yes okay so he gets a.

Qualifier he gets the winner of Julian and onik okay so yeah interesting good some good matchups uh on the women’s side it’s just so is it filled how many are in the women Yeah well yeah the round of 32 is filled so there’s okay women’s it’s just so watered down like this is what makes it tough so I heard Tyra Tyra’s in it but I heard she’s.

Pulling out interesting why why is she not playing singles so ever since she beat she’s yet to play any singles exactly um I I think that she has one I don’t think she feels like she does anything to gain at this point she’s kind of still riding high off of that well you have stuff to gain to show people that you’re the true number one.

That you can that’s true hold it that’s true but also I think that it’s the wear and tear in your body yeah but with them getting rid of the backdraw I mean that’s that helps significantly are you going to play more singles is that what you’re saying so I want to play one out of every two or three tournaments okay so effectively I kind of I’ve kind of.

Taken three years off essentially of singles uh but finally I’m do do you think this benefit like do you think there’s benefit to Tyler not Tyra Tyler Tyra not playing no she should play right yeah in your eyes yeah at least one out of every two or three tournaments it doesn’t have to be every single also interesting to sign up and.

Then pull out yeah like just don’t sign up yeah exactly right yeah cuz it mess with the draws yeah cuz now Heather Smith if she truly isn’t playing Heather Smith is going to advance unless they have a play in then they’ll do the lucky loser will’ll take their spot yeah there’s no playing okay and then the winner plays Dominique Schaefer Jesse.

Irving so I mean someone’s going to really get a not only that not only is it good for you I actually a lot of players kind of use it as a warm-up day um just because you’re playing more matches even though it’s singles it’s different but a lot of people you use that kind of as a warm-up day which yeah I mean look iren is the four seat mhm.

That kind of tells you how watered down the singles draw is unfortunately so women’s singles I mean an’s going to win let’s just call it what it is um Catherine two Katherine is the two Mary brasha is the three if assuming she’s back from mono is it true that you get mono from kissing lots of people that’s one way but like how else do you get it.

Sharing a drink with somebody oh interesting okay moving on dude mixed this guy is always trying to start something I’m not I’m not mixed is stacked and what I mean by that is one there’s 975 teams like literally the bracket I I can’t even like you zoom in and it gets blurry that’s how big it is um but there’s some interesting.

Partnerships okay okay so obviously Ben and analie are back uh Mary’s playing with Conor Garnett Mary Brasa some that I’m really excited about Zayn if he can bring the squeeze Zayn he’s playing with Tina pis niik pnik that one’s interesting I think that one could be good um you know his P playing on the right though mhm so that’ll that’ll be a.

Little bit interesting cuz she’s used to playing with the Lefty yeah she’s a she plays almost exclusively left side yeah so we’ll see how she can adjust to the right uh you’re playing with Rihanna Valdez mhm and if you win because the PPA loves drama they love it you will take on Jade Coto and Travis RM okay excited about that sure why not we.

Love J Travis are gonna be tough no they’re a good team yeah that’s another good team um let’s see Julian Arnold’s playing with Megan deson they’ve played together yeah what was the last one they played that was it ciny they played Toc together I yeah it was to they didn’t do great they didn’t do great there um.

Jesse and Riley Leia and fed Thomas and Vivian so nothing crazy Jackie and AJ Tyson and Katherine Eda and deal I mean these are all ones we’ve seen right Lauren and Dylan so nothing crazy on the on the mix side um Rafa and Rachel rorbuer could be interesting that one will be a little bit.

Interesting um and then yeah I mean other than that there’s there’s nothing that’s too out of the ordinary okay um I do like you know the if you just looking at draws I think Matt and Lucy have a pretty good draw right they do get Jade and Travis what seed are they they’re the sixth seed okay they get.

Jade and Travis and then they would get James and Anna and semis um but you what James andna show up though yeah exactly TC or yeah another one or yeah or the Cincinnati one yeah um and then men’s men side Chuck Taylor Christian alson Chuck’s back Chuck is back um your boy Austin Reed is.

Playing with best player in Utah by far playing with Johnny pickle ball Andrews y let’s go yep and and he’s playing Chuck and Christian in the first round I have to be there for that I mean that one is going to be fun like I like Christian we give you a lot of grief on this show but talk your in that one please Austin he is by far the best.

Player in Utah yes just ask him yeah um Matt R and James ardit M so James annit Dropped Ty McGuffin let’s just call it what it is he dropped him yes he tried to drop him for more than he was able to drop him for and then there was some beef or some sort of words and some sort of agreement and yada yada yada and so he only ended up dropping him for a.

Couple but he dropped him to play with Matt rright after Riley dropped Matt so this is one of those yep so then Tyson didn’t really have a partner and so I predicted on the show I said who would Tyson play with and who did I say I can’t I can’t remember I said he’s gonna go get someone young one of these Young Guns like Hayden yeah and so Tyson is.

Playing with Hayden I was talking with Hayden last week at MLP and I was ask asking him who he was playing with for Vegas and he told me Tyson and we both just smiled yeah well here’s the best part because the PPA loves drama who so Tyler is playing with Eric Lang uhhuh um that’s some length on that Court yeah left left left side Lang and.

If you guys beat pessa and quangong you guys will most likely play Tyson and Hayden yep in the round of 16 mhm how do you feel about that good yeah I mean like you said they love that’s a tough second round match um but I mean pretty much nowadays it seems even the first rounds can be tough and so you’ve got to be ready to play um if.

You can’t get through yeah the later matches then you got to work on that yeah and then have you heard about Jericho ignit is obsessed with this Jericho grman no is that who zay’s playing with yeah zay’s playing with him N and aado is obsessed with them he’s obsessed with lots of people crush or I mean he’s just creepy to begin with and.

So it’s just a weird but that’s who Zayn’s playing with so I’m curious yeah he’s Florida guy yeah played with I think he played with Davis uh AP okay so I don’t know anyways that’s who Zayn’s playing with interesting uh yeah DJ and deal Rafa and Conor Garnett Jay dub and Dylan I mean everything else is pretty pretty part.

For the course who tardio with um let’s see oh one other one real quick there’s two that are interesting Sam query’s playing with Zach the redhead okay that’ll be interesting and then Jay and Callen okay yeah um I don’t see tardio maybe tardio is not playing taking a little break yeah well I have to ask him I mean after that disaster of a team he.

Has to play MLP with exactly I mean maybe he just needed some time off are you talking about Premiere or Challenger both both sorry Gabe um K women’s okay so one thing about women’s there’s a couple Utah girls in there okay Al Alli Perry and Lauren Wong okay Liz Boyston Ella Boyston playing some Pro let’s go so shout out the UT we.

Always got to shout out the Utah girls just saying um Annalie and Catherine Jesse and Y who is Anna bright with Anna bright and Leia this is that’s an interesting one it’s first time interesting was that always supposed to be yeah I think that they’ve had this plann play one this whole year they’re the two seed okay so they’re not going.

To have to see anal and Catherine to the finals that team could win it could be fun that team could be fun could be very fiery yeah that team could win it like and there and honestly their road to the finals is doable it’s doable yeah now they do have to they’re I mean they get Angie and Alex Walker most likely and then Irena and.

Jade uh Tyra’s playing with Jill B so I guess Tyra wanted to take this whole tournament off cuz she’s going to play with Jil b um but Jackie camoto MH Rachel orora Bacher she said no more to her sister yeah but that’s an interesting one too because if Rachel can carry over.

That if she can carry over you know that MLP run yeah it’ be interesting to see how she does in in just straight women’s right um stratman Megan deson another Tina pisik continues to upgrade mhm Vivian David okay where’s the power going to come from I mean they’re just going to reset Queens they’re just going to freaking.

Grind you out and guess who they play first round tell me the Boyston oh nice the Boon so I mean Liz andella will bring the power yeah Tina and Vivian David just need to reset um so yeah anyways that women’s actually I mean this women’s looks exciting Lucy and C are the three seed.

Is Jimmy going down so I’m in talks we’re talking about we got to get a scoreboard right here for how many times Jimmy says he’s going to be at a tournament and how many times he actually shows up I’m not committing to anything but you know who did text me should we should we read this hey Jimmy are you going to be in Vegas I will be.

There and wanted to say hi who do you think that came from tell us of all the people Braverman oh gosh that would be a treat birthday I know I asked you if you wish her Jill B happy birthday I really wish you the best of luck in the years to come okay better better um no Jim Claus Jim Claus Jim Claus Jimmy boy Jimmy boy.

Jim you never talk nicely about him I like him Jim Claus is just Jim CLA how do you feel about him he’s fine he just everybody’s Crazy Grandpa like I think that he plays a character on the internet and he’s probably nice in real life how about that okay all right so any any anything else we want to look.

Out for for this weekend any streakers any crazy things in I heard there was a event in Canada and there was a Streaker and everybody knows who it was not me and he’s trying to like pretend that they don’t and he actually listens to our show but everybody knows do you know who it is yeah yeah who is it it’s that Steve bit guy you know him I know the in.

I heard he even like put on his helmet and like ran through that’s funny yeah anyways I don’t know if that rumor is it was him he stre through and Steve Deacon was there Steve Deacon’s a legend in Canada oh they love him pickleball is strong in Canada yeah it’s growing yeah did you see my tweet about about doing a USA versus the world yeah writers cup.

And you didn’t put me on but I guess I play for China so it’s well that’s the thing is like the World we’re not including China obviously right we’re including Europe it’s Europe technically so yeah I mean do you don’t you think that would be fun that’ be great they actually did do that um a while ago a while ago with um uh world.

Pickable oh yeah something like that did you see Lucy’s comment no she said the world would be in trouble and she’s on the world team yeah right lots of faith yeah but de was like we got this I think they would be in trouble you do the world who else would they have Lucy Catherine uh de bro let me let me go to it’s not even Twitter anymore what’s it.

Called X oh yeah let’s let’s just let’s just do this really fast because I think this is important USA team this is my USA team okay Ben jayd du Dylan Matt Wright because you always have that Savvy veteran y Riley and then I did put Tyson on there okay women would be analie anab bright Leia and then I went Jade Jackie and I went Tyra okay K.

Strong strong world team fed okay Pablo K cardio K deal J DEQ yeah okay well depends on what format are you doing MLP or traditional uh I think that we would do I think what MLP there’s a chance I think that I think you’d have to do MLP I think you’d have to break it up and then you’d have to so how they do a rider cup is.

They do like different matchups so I think you’d have to do like yeah men’s you pick your teams right if you do MLP I would say there’s defin and then you’d have to do a singles day okay and then women what about the world women though I mean this is Catherine Lucy Simone um Eda eda’s born in New Zealand she was born there yeah Oh I thought she.

Was born in Hawaii I thought she was born in New Zealand I don’t know we’ll have to fact check that we’ll have to fact check that Eda where were you born Irena okay but but even if Eda grew up in New Zealand we’re counting it no she grew up in Hawaii she I’m pretty sure it’s New Zealand no Irena okay and then Tina piznik but I left a lot of women.

Off I got actually got some grief for that like Megan fudge Germany yeah um I mean I think if you do MLP scoring there’s definitely a chance if you do traditional then I think at the moment um I would take USA you would yeah really yeah would it be even though like would it be like enough to like be exciting oh it’s it would for.

Sure be exciting let’s see ready ATA um well they inflate those things too A lot of the time say you live in California for two years are going say you lived there for 10 years originally from New Zealand we’ll have to talk to.

Her and the first Tongan American Pro pickleball player pretty sure she grew up in no she grew up in California this says originally from New Zealand what does that mean well look that’s her MLP bio bro yeah my MLP bio says I’m from California which I technically was born there but I lived there for like years why is your always saying like where.

Does it say again is that where you were born I was born there yeah was your dad going to calp SLO uh we lived in slow yeah but did all right um moving on let’s get to questions we’re going to try to wrap this up in the next 10ish minutes yeah okay so we’re going to spit ball these oh by the way last time I don’t even.

Think you know this Jimmy aggressive we got a super do you know what a super is no no it’s like where people donate money um during the chat so you can donate money if you want you just click on yeah that that money sign two bucks yeah let’s go so we’re going to shout him out I’m going to get his name and then we’re going to give him a shout out.

If you want us to shout you out on the pod Cameo I’ll do a cameo you guys want me to do a cameo so if you guys want us to shout you out or ask a or respond to a specific question you can ask it here if you donate with money we will for sure answer it remember when Paris Todd did a c like a cameo for Ben Williams birthday that was great he loved it yeah.

He did but I think she was hung over but that was great okay um somebody said how do I get invited with good players locally I can hang I just need the chance I would say ask them if they say no then put money on your own game say hey if you beat me I’ll give you 30 bucks 50 bucks or something like that so this is actually it’s funny that you say.

That because I know that there’s players like locally here in Utah that were actually having to pay the pros to play with them at the beginning not me no but we like this person is now a senior Pro mhm and yeah you got to you got to break in somehow and I know that it’s stupid but people value their time and so if they don’t know you and they don’t know.

Who you are um it is going to be hard to break in so yeah maybe just ask for one game um you know I mean it’s it’s so stupid that you’d have to pay them but honestly you might have to pay them uh come play pick a ball and Hilton Head Island I’d love to play pickle ball in Hilton Head um as of now there is no tournament there for pros so I there’s.

An amateur one though right amateur yeah um this guy is asking for you so somebody zoomed in on the call where you said somebody was calling you oh and they looked at the name and they said did you ever call James back oh I did not actually and he actually text me today and I didn’t respond to that either why the hate.

Cuz you don’t go in your podcast and say what he said and then expect to freaking get a call from me okay what did he say he just just just nobody watched it so it’s okay will you be playing PPA Daytona Beach in November um I don’t know if this is a new one but I thought they canceled it as of now I don’t have partners for.

It and I wasn’t planning on it so let’s see no they canceled I think it was a different one they canceled did they yeah oh yeah November okay Gold Cup you don’t have Partners no should we find you some um I’m fine with taking that one off my you hate Daytona don’t you um no I’m just fine taking that one off yeah do you guys think that.

Every MLP team has a weakness if so what are they yeah um I actually do yeah we’re not going to go through every one but I think every single team has a weakness okay what is so the squeeze won it but what’s the weakness um I their men’s team is isn’t their strength for sure right rora Bacher is.

Still very in my opinion she’s still I know she played well but she’s still very much an unknown yeah like what’s the is there consistency there yeah I would say consistency um and then I would say that their number two mix team uhhuh is is still a little bit of a question but if you get Gucci Zayn like he played then.

They’re going to be really tough to beat sure but I I mean I’m very optimistic but I think every player every team there is always a weakness even Ben John’s I think he has weaknesses yeah very but I think everybody I think he does too it’s middle-aged women who are you partnering with for well do you want do any other.

Teams u i mean I think they all I think we can pick apart all of them we did this at the draft right yeah I think they all have there’s nobody that’s like not fatally flawed in any what about DC what would you say their weakness is um I think DC’s weakness is same thing it’s going to be it’s going to be their one half of their men’s team right which is.

Alshon I actually think alsan is a better mixed player than he is a men’s player right now okay um and then honestly I think Jackie and Jade are tough but they don’t like playing together M and I think that that and then once they get to dream Breakers that team is very flat in dream Breakers the Coto did Kawa Moto did.

Extremely well the previous MLP in dreamers they did but this last one uhhuh how did they do I didn’t watch they got smashed y they got smashed and honestly Christian’s your number one guy and he was he got destroyed yeah so um yeah so I think every team has weaknesses um this is the best part about MLP this year is there’s not a Ben.

ATA mean Tyler team right instead Ben took Lacy schneeman Jesse Irvin and Eric Lange because who knows why and so with that being said there’s not a dominant team yeah like I think we could see somebody different every single time yeah who are you partnering with for the next couple of tournaments so after Vegas we actually kind of have a small.

Little break which will be very nice um and so we have MLPs coming up and then Prett which might be moving which will most likely be moving most likely be moving to maybe Dallas andas Dallas or Vegas yeah or both y do you know the reasoning behind that uh rumor is that they’re just trying to you know piggyback off of off of some.

Infrastructure that’s already in place cut costs here and there cut costs a little bit piggyback off of the infrastructure and then go full boore 2024 yeah goam I was excited California is a beautiful place I was looking forward to play at the shwood Country Club hon and honestly Vegas is cold in December yes it can be yeah and windy.

They should do an indoor tournament it needs to be indoor because it’s windy and gross there in December why do you think Alex strong didn’t paddle tap Paris or Simone after their match because Alex is a freaking Savage that’s why that’s why that’s exactly why cuz Alex trong does what Alex trong wants to do love your podcast the best.

Pick a ball podcast ever Jimmy keeping it 100 that’s it thank you thanks donate donate to us oh my hul I’m not begging for money uh why didn’t you drive your thirds more for a shake and bake in MLP instead of a slice drop in hindsight I 100% should have done that more um I was just trying.

To drop it which they were not staying down all that much um and get up to the kitchen line but I should have driven it a lot more some High Drops you guys had to hit a couple lobs to get yeah the lobs were working better than my drops were oh yeah because your drops look like lobs except for I I would say in that match specific match we were.

Playing against Tyson he was playing insane he was playing so much up the court so much up the court cover that much ever y yeah and he honestly he’s playing really well and and here’s the thing the name is stupid the Ferrari forehand is the dumbest thing on the planet but his forehand is a weapon yeah and he can get if he can get a forehand.

On the ball y then you’re in trouble and so you have to dig and you have to freaking L okay rank the top five Earnie years in pick ball okay well I think that you are one okay I think that Deal’s too okay probably um um gosh I’m going to probably say he’s been trying it a lot lately I.

Think he’s getting better I think fed is up there okay but he tries some ones that are low yeah um Matt Wright tries them a lot too his results aren’t half of them are illegal yeah I mean three is Lee Whitwell clearly right no um she’d be number one yeah for sure I don’t know honestly I think I think.

Alsan does him quite a bit alsan does do him quite a bit he’s not bad at it uh Gabe tardio tardio yeah tardio J deil likes to do them he likes to attempt them attempt yeah yeah um but there’s not like the the there’s only a couple guys I say you and de are the two that really use it as a weapon everyone else they will take advantage of like the.

Opportunity and my defense I’m going to say I’ve been doing this shot this is my favorite shot and I’ve been doing it for my entire career playing and so everybody knows I love to do it and so I rarely see the opportunity to do it now I just don’t see the opportunity to do it they’re not going to give it to you so a lot of other players they’ll see a.

Lot more opportunities to yeah but you also have that Ernie that running Ernie off an overhead yeah a lot of players will stand will stand there and hit that overhead and you’ll actually Ernie off of it yeah which gives you way more power and which I don’t think you need but the Ernie 100%.

Underutilized shot it is one of the most effective shots in pickle ball and I am shocked at the amount of players that do not use it yeah do not use it what is honestly happening with Vibe the launch event was cancelled in December well I mean they they did cancel it I think it’s pretty much uh yeah I think with the merger Vibe doesn’t really need to.

Exist anymore um cool logo very cool logo how can my company become a sponsor of the Pod we have actually opened up a couple couple new spots and so reach out to us if you’re serious um we have a lot of people wanting us to plug them and stuff like that but if you’re actually serious about uh sponsoring the Pod reach out to.

Us and can I plug someone plug away can we plug drip grips drip grips let’s go can we plug Johnny John Johnny Rocket let’s go Johnny Hey listen dude I will never knock someone’s hustle and Johnny Rocket just signed Thomas Wilson yeah he drip grips he’s got his own grip company he worked really hard to develop the perfect grip check him out love John.

Nicest guy in pickle ball tips for staying mentally focused when you’re not playing well um Jimmy thoughts Aderall Aderall that’ll definitely make you stay F I mean that seems to be the thing right yeah there’s a there was a Reddit thread now Reddit is a Cess pool of Earth okay but there was a Reddit thread where this guy said he was at the AP.

Event okay over the weekend and he’s and he said that these two players were playing and him and his son were sitting there and he’s like did you pop your adies and he’s like yeah just took two these players these players so this father heard these players say that yeah saying I just took two got to get dialed in were these Pro players yeah Pro.

Players interesting and he’s like I got to get dialed yeah and he said all right let’s get focused and dialed in he said he took two two ad all to get dialed in yeah I don’t know um seems to be a thing there’s a couple things you could call a timeout if you’re not playing well just kind of regroup and then just go back to the basics a lot of times a lot we’re.

Always trying to hit the lines or go really close to a certain area uh when in reality you don’t need to be doing that and if you’re missing those shots it’s just putting more and more pressure on you so I always tell people bring in the margin of error so don’t hit close to the line just bring it in closer to the middle until you start making more.

Of those shots as you get more confident you can start going wider and wider what about like a Leia reset mechanism yeah I mean something like that that’s pretty intense but I mean some people I know wear rubber bands and they’ll snap it at them just to snap back a guy in St George that does that and honestly he’ll like get pissed and like I’m like bro.

Chill like you’re you weren’t going to beat me anyways what are your what are your thoughts on the cnpl so I think that’s the Canadian uh pickleball League a finals this weekend first place took home 100,000 prize money dude that’s wild that’s good didn’t Hannah blat win I don’t know I saw a picture of for holding the trophy Hannah blat she.

Signed with who she sign PPA or MLP I heard she’s very mid as a player too like she’s not great I don’t know you don’t follow Canadian pickleball I don’t you’re not a big fan like I am I love Canada do you yeah I went to BC I want to go out to Toronto Steve Deacon hey somebody reached out to me from BC I haven’t responded to her yet and asked.

Me to play a tournament so I can’t remember her name but I will respond I promise how many times has Jimmy been pulled over pulled over yeah this is your boy bang it do people do people freaking are they like Googling me I don’t know I haven’t pulled over plenty but yeah do you guys know when the 2024 MLP schedule will be announced so PPA.

Has announced there is they’ve sent it out to most of their players I don’t know if it’s public but they’ve sent it out to their players MLP I believe they’re releasing it in the next one to two weeks speaking of Canada Toronto Toronto EPA Toronto coming okay we’ll do two more questions yeah um one of them our.

Boy where is it right here Jason oh he says why does PPA do pro qualifiers 3 days prior to the event that equals an extra $1,000 a team that’s absurd so I think he’s including hotels um car rentals food and just kind stay for three days yeah yeah I think it’s tough I think that that’s probably the.

Only time PPA has courts available like they’re they’re probably not I mean I don’t know there’s got to be a little bit of mismanagement of courtz there or something but they should do it the day before MH but um cuz that’s a lot of money yeah that’s a lot of money to invest or spend if you’re trying to qualify for these.

Tournaments and also I don’t think they cap the amount of qualifier teams that are in tournaments they and so I think they should either use your duper rating to be able to qualify or what’s the point of all these ratings if you’re not going to use them right I agree yeah so so I don’t know uh we’ll do one more question okay last question last.

question you like that new iPhone love it 15 Pro I don’t know okay oh well somebody said not a question but you should mention the college scene and Utah Tech scholarships did you see that yeah yeah two two three Avery Beck got one M uh rainbow Dylan yep she got a scholarship.

Utah Tech taking care of business shout out former Dixie can’t say Dixie anymore I guess Utah Tech why can’t you say Dixie anymore racist oh okay um so you can’t say Dixie we’ve always known it is Dixie but yes Utah Tech MH from St George mhm giving out freaking scholarships yeah that’s awesome it’s making its way into college I would.

Imagine more and more colleges are going to start doing something uu won the duper Collegiate regionals for Utah so this is great there’s a pathway there’s a pathway uh for players yeah anything else You’ like to add no that’s it we love the Pickler go buy your next paddle at the pickers use code kotoc crown pickall use them buy them you.

Don’t want to be breaking balls like crazy so check them out at Crown Crown pickleball Crown pickle balls ball maybe an use code KC Kevin Perkin shout out Kevin mod balls we love them you’ll love them too use code kotc atod and last but not least we love the acacia shoes it’s the shoe I’ve been.

Using uh for the past three years left hand you are so uncoordinated what bro that was right use code kotc check them out you’ll love them super comfortable super lightweight you’re going love them um anyways thank you we have some exciting exciting content that we think you guys will love we’re pumped we’re going to add some.

Content you guys don’t just have to stare at us in the dark room anymore stay tuned all right let’s go okay all right it’s 212 so yeah he’s already on yeah
With the first MLP event of Season 2 behind them, Tyler and Jimmy took a little time to unwind over the past week. Now the boys are refreshed and ready to talk all things Pickleball (and Taylor Swift?) on this week’s episode of the King of the Court Podcast.

T&J recap the drama filled APP Atlanta Metro Open that took place over the weekend and discuss their predictions for the upcoming PPA Championships in Las Vegas. As always, they close out the episode by answering some of your questions!

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