It’s now time for crime in the DMV where we bring you the latest headlines from the week thank you so much for watching I’m Sierra Fox we start in Montgomery County where more than $44,000 worth of sports equipment stolen from a store in Rockville Maryland the thieves got away with pickle ball paddles Fox 5’s Lely Zen explains the owner of tennis Topia.

Says about $44,000 worth of paddles is about 25 to 30 of these the burglary was caught on camera this is their surveillance video from late April that is when the owner says two women stole the dozens of paddles he says it happened when two employees were helping other people and since then more workers have been added to the floor to keep an.

Eye on everything there are also some magnets added to the products so people can’t get away with them as easily the paddles have since been restocked that was our mindset is to make sure that we still you know service our customers even though a lot of them feel bad for us and they’ve been texting us and calling us and I you know.

Complete support group from the entire tennis and pickleball Community we you know we’re still running a business so we got to make sure that we’re giving the customers what they wanted meanwhile police here in Rockville say they are reviewing that video we just showed you we also know that there’s a store owner in Fairfax who reported a very similar.

Case though police say they have now definitively tied these two cases together now to Prince George’s County where midnight Bandits have struck again stealing two more automatic teller machines Before Dawn this is now totaling to half a dozen robberies just this week alone Fox 5’s Bob barard has the details that video was recorded.

Right here the owner of this convenience store says he’s getting out of the ATM business he’s not going to replace the machine that was stolen out of his store here uh on Annapolis Road around 2:30 this morning almost 15 hours later there’s still a gaping hole here they uh kind of held off on the cleanup to wait for an insurance adjuster to get here to.

Catalog the damage this is one of two small businesses targeted by thieves today at this Mobile gas station on Livingston Road in Fort Washington now undergoing extensive repairs security camera footage shows the theft in progress around 1:40 this morning the thieves driving a dark colored sedan use chains to bust open the front doors then.

Drag the ATM into the parking lot making off with the loot oh my goodness that’s awful it is it is alarming that’s desperate that’s just being desperate times the robbery here at the 512 Food Mart on Annapolis Road in Landover Hills was also captured on camera around 2:30 this morning the same MMO thieves driving a small dark colored sedan.

Smashed their way into the store then haul out the ATM loaded with cash the cleanup here also a costly headache in in all five such robberies this week in Prince George’s County the other three in Laurel Beltsville and adelfi some of them are very bold you know they go out and they do these things some sometimes uh with people in the stores uh and then.

Other times under the cover of Darkness uh and we have uh a special group of investigators who have focused their attention on making sure that this is disrupted we spoke to Prince George’s County Police Chief Malik gaziz about the ATM robberies at an event where police and Hyundai are working together to install anti- theft software on cars.

Frequently targeted by thieves I asked the chief why not put some kind of device or air tags on ATMs to help track down the culprits when these machines get snatched air tags or you know GPS tags to to say uh they are beneficial in a lot of ways from putting inside your vehicles to property that you value uh two ATM machines and any other thing.

That people want to take uh technology is moving at a rapid Pace uh in the police department Prince George’s County we’re utilizing all all types of Technology uh to bring a end to this this type of thefts that are happening robberies and burglaries ATM thefts are not new in these parts in January we showed you this map after more than a.

Dozen businesses had been hit the stolen ATMs often ending up tossed into Creeks there are multiple groups who are committing these offenses we are focused in on them we have great leads we’re working it uh and we believe we’re going to bring them to justice too now Chief Aziz says there have been some arrests in some of the earlier.

Cases dating back to last summer Angie uh no word on suspects in the two from today it looks like they are more than likely the same people moving on now to Fairfax County where investigators arrested a retail theft crew thing is you may be surprised with what these thieves got away with underwear yes underwear Fox 5’s.

Rosenthal has reaction this stuff right here that clothing it looks like underwear lots and lots of underwear in fact police say this Hall would run you about 24,000 bucks according to police you’re looking at 2,000 pairs of underwear somebody stealing underwear that’s what they say it’s hard to believe here’s the deal Fairfax County.

Police say they arrested these three men Wednesday near the 1900 block of chainbridge Road they believe the men make up an out ofate ret taale theft crew adding that the underwear was stolen from two Victoria Secret pink stores in Prince William County and that they think the alleged crew is on their way to hit the same store in Tyson’s a.

License plate reader actually tip police off to the car which we’re told may have been used in the previous thefts that’s what these organized retail theft groups do is they steal products that they know they can turn around and sell at a discount making themselves money including apparently stolen undies t I’m glad they caught them yeah that’s.

One of many reactions we got Friday night Fairfax County Police say that they they are Target they’re coming from out of state and that they are targeting mostly underwear that that’s that makes it unbelievable who would steal underwear you got to be a strange person to steal underwear all right now let’s go back to.

Prince George’s County Police there are busy solving overnight robberies at 7-Eleven we have confirmed at least two of them fit the same pattern and happen just moments apart Fox 5’s David Kaplan has this report based on my conversations with Laurel Police and a couple of 7-Eleven employees as well planned out is what their sort of theory.

Is at least the employees Laurel Police and the 7-Eleven in Laurel confirm at 3:00 a.m. multiple people came into that store one person held up an employee taking them to the back of the store where their computer system was ripping that computer out and eventually taking it with them that computer we’re told by the store also had the security camera.

Footage stored on it while that was happening a handheld machine was used to pry openen the ATM in the store with money stolen so police in the store in Laurel tell us that happened there around 3:00 a.m. then employees here at the adelfi store behind me say around 320 the exact same thing happened at the store here here it’s about a 15 to 20.

Minute drive away from the Laurel 7-Eleven customers of each store say this is wrong they feel bad for the employees like I said I I feel sorry for them they’re nice people and it’s just terrible that people keep doing this I live a block away and I come to the 7-Eleven like every day.

Like after work doing work I never never thought this 7-Eleven this 7-Eleven is it’s like it’s cool it’s nobody out here to do anything why why rob it Prince George’s County Police are only saying tonight that they are diligently investigating what happened.

Overnight but they’ve declined to say at this point how many stores may be involved Fox 5 has learned that there are multiple stores but again we don’t know exactly how many at this time of the two instances Fox 5 has confirmed again here at ad Deli and in Laurel we’re told no employees were physically hurt if we learn anything else about.

This we’ll be sure to pass that along to you now to the district where two Dunbar High School seniors are being charged as adults for a shooting that happened near the school a bullet even flew through a classroom window and grazed a student’s head Fox 5’s Lely Zen shares this update both suspects have been ordered to be be held without bond until their next.

Hearing now the younger of the two suspects the 17-year-old he did have his initial appearance today in DC Court we also did obtain court documents that say surveillance video was key evidence that police have already collected in one of the videos a group of young people are seen running down an alley a few blocks away from the school at the time of the.

Shooting on Friday now two of them are seen holding guns in their hands they were later identified in those same documents as 17-year-old saki Frost and 18-year-old oari Graves today the DC mayor addressed the shooting she was also questioned about truy laws in DC the situations like Dumar don’t need a change in the law okay what they need.

Is for kids to be where they’re supposed to be if they’re not we can call MPD and we can get them back in school now here is where the truancy Bill and changes to the treny system helps when those educators are reaching out and saying hey system help us it actually helps and so we can’t have our our Educators on the front lines here as you H doing.

Exactly what they’re supposed to do and then whether it’s the courts or the oag or cfsa or DHS not delivering on what it’s supposed to be so the system has to work at every step now the school district did not have an updated statement related to to this matter on the arrest as for the defendants we are told that they will be.

Due in court in late May well that does it for this week’s crime in the DMV this is where you can stay ahead of the latest updates with Fox 5 make sure you tune in next week right here on Fox local we’ll see you thenes
FOX 5 is keeping an eye on crime in your community. Here’s a look at some of the most notable stories from across the DMV this week.


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