Hey this is Brandon with pickleball effect today I've got two paddles with me from a new brand called six zero six zeros based out of Australia they had reached out to me a couple of months ago asking me if I reviewed some of their paddles Brands reach out to me all the time ask me if I'll review their stuff and I'll usually say no because their.

Paddles are just super generic or they're copycats of other stuff that's out there but there's a couple of pieces of technology in these paddles I hadn't seen before and I was really interested in so I had them send me a couple to review so the pedals I have are called the black diamond which is this one and then the Double Black Diamond here so.

These are their two performance level paddles these are the only two paddles they have in the performance category and then they have one mid-market paddle and I know they have a bunch more paddles coming in the future but the they both share the same shape and the technology other than the facing material so the Black Diamond has a raw.

Fiberglass facing while the Double Black Diamond has a raw carbon fiber so the first piece of tech that really caught my eye was the raw fiberglass facing so last year in 2022 raw carbon fibers flooded the market people love them for the the control and spin they generated and because of that we started seeing a less and less number of fiberglass.

Paddles out there because they just weren't generating the same amount of spin as their carbon fiber ones were so when people complained about the raw carbon paddles it was usually that they didn't have enough pop and so with this being a fiberglass face I would expect this to give us a lot more pop than what you'd see from a raw carbon paddle so if.

This is able to generate the same amount of spin with its raw fiberglass treatment as a raw carbon paddle but give you that extra Pop I think this is going to fill a lot of needs for those people who are looking for a little more pop or looking for that same level of Spin and then the second piece of technology that caught my eye on these.

Paddles is what six year was calling their carbon Fusion Edge technology so they added some foam around the perimeter which we're seeing a lot of brands do we know that this adds a little power and makes the paddles a little more forgiving but in addition to the the foam they added a thin layer of carbon fiber around the entire edge of.

The paddle and then fuse that to to the facing so essentially making it look like an an edgeless paddle underneath the edge guard so that they claim that this you know a little more power a little more Flex a little more durability in the throat but I I don't really know what it's going to do exactly and I'm excited to go see how.

They play and then when we're looking at the shape of the paddle they both share the exact same shape so it's 16.2 inches by 7.7 inches wide this is essentially your standard shape of 16 by 8. it's a little bit longer but I wouldn't say it's an elongated shape I would keep this in the standard category they both have 16 millimeter cores and 5.3 inch.

Handles so this is the black diamond and the Double Black Diamond let's go put these on the court and see how they play after playing with both paddles for over two weeks here's my review of their performance with the fusion Edge technology being so new I was paying attention to how that affected the performance of the paddles first the new.

Technology gives both paddles some shared characteristics that I'll talk about first and then I'll speak to them individually so here are five things I noticed first it gave them increased stability and reduced vibrations it's common for players to add lots of lead tape around the head of their paddle to increase stability increase the size of.

The Sweet Spot and vibrations however adding extra weight slows the paddle down and makes it less maneuverable the six zero paddles felt more stable and had less vibrations out of the box as if you had lead tape on them already so you get those advantages plus a lighter overall weight to maintain good maneuverability second it gave them.

Increased power both paddles hit harder compared to paddles with similar specs but without the fusion Edge Tech third it gave them increased spin both paddles offered more spin compared to similar paddles without the tech for comparison I was getting between 1675 and 17 RPMs when I did a spin test with the Double Black Diamond when I do that same spin.

Test with normal raw carbon paddles I get between 1550 and 1625 RPMs fourth both paddles had increased forgiveness in the throw area of the paddle something about it gave the paddles more pop in that area of the paddle that's normally pretty dead so here's a side-by-side comparison of the double black diamond and a similar raw.

Carbon paddle without the fusion Edge Tech you can see how much better it bounces in the throat area in comparison fifth they had a stiffer feel that wasn't as plush and pleasant compared to typical 16 millimeter raw carbon or fiberglass paddles Which made them a little harder to control and connect with especially if you're coming from a.

Plush 16 millimeter Rod carbon paddle additionally if you caught a ball near the very edge of the paddle it didn't feel good I mean this is like the extreme edges it's not any less forgiving than your typical raw carbon paddle but for some reason when you hit that extreme edge of the paddle it has a really ugly feel to it now let's talk.

About the specifics of the Black Diamond paddle with the fiberglass face it has really good power not as much as a Selkirk Power air or a black Ace from proconnects but it's not far off I'm going to categorize it as an awkward paddle but it leans heavily towards the power side it has a lot of spin for fiberglass paddle especially it's pretty.

Awesome the big Spin and power gives you lots of offensive options drives dipped a little more I could be more aggressive off the bounce from thirds and dead dinks and my counters were strong the best part was that it was more forgiving and stable compared to True power paddles Which made it easier to control and reduce Miss hits it only weighs 8.

Ounces which is pretty light so it still felt maneuverable and could keep up in fast hand exchanges it has a stiffer harder feeling to it because of the harder feel and the extra pop it took me a solid week before I had a good sense of my soft game but I did feel more confident with it compared to Selkirk power errors and the broken x black Ace.

And thought that my soft game was a little tighter than those let's talk about the Double Black Diamond raw carbon paddle now a double black diamond didn't have as much pop as the fiberglass version but it still had more pop than raw carbon paddles that don't have the fusion Edge technology because of this I'm going to classify it as an.

All-core pedal too though it leans towards the control side compared to other paddles in that category it has a light crisp sort of stiff feel that wasn't as plush as your typical raw carbon fiber paddle but it was softer than the Black Diamond power mine weighed just under 8 ounces but it feels very light and maneuverable when you.

Look at swing weight measurements it's on the lower end so that confirmed why I thought it felt so light like the black diamond I didn't take to this one immediately it has a different feel from the typical raw carbon plush fill that I'm used to and I ended up adding some lead tape to improve its feel I didn't add much with the lead tape I had a.

Total of 8.15 ounces so I added 0.2 ounces and surprisingly that gave it a much more plush and familiar feel to it because of this my soft game came almost immediately afterwards and I didn't drop a beat with it but still had that extra power to help finish points imagine a raw carbon fiber paddle with a little more pop and a slightly stiffer feel and.

You get the double black diamond I also want to compare these to the new carbon X series six zero paddles are the first paddles that I've played that use the fusion Edge technology but they are not the only ones six zero and carbon are two of only a few brands that use this new tech 6-0 calls a fusion Edge technology while carbon calls it unibody.

Technology carbon is charging 230 dollars for their paddles while 6-0 is charging 180. because of the big price Gap I thought it was worth doing a comparison they honestly play very similar with some subtle differences the carbon X paddles are a bit head heavier and slower in your hands but they are also a little softer in comparison all.

The paddles hit harder than a rock carbon paddle would without the fusion Edge technology but they do vary compared to each other so the 6-0 Black Diamond power hits the hardest then the carbon x 16 millimeter paddles and then the 6-0 Double Black Diamond when I added some lead tape to the Double Black Diamond it was nearly as soft as the.

Carbon x 16 millimeter paddles and they played very similarly however I liked the carbon X paddles more if I didn't alter the Double Black Diamond with some lead tape and compare them side by side so if you're okay with adding some lead tape to your paddle then go with the 6-0 it's just as good as the carbon X Series but fifty dollars cheaper however if you.

Don't want to deal with the lead tape or altering the paddle in any way then I think the carbon series is the way to go you just have to pay an extra fifty dollars for it so here's my recommendation these paddles aren't right for everyone but I do think that there's going to be a big group that'll take to these if you're currently.

Playing with the 16 millimeter raw carbon paddle without the fusion Edge Tech and are looking for just a little more power than the Double Black Diamond is a good option for you it has the ability to be controlled nearly as well but will add some power to your game to finish points better plus the extra spin doesn't hurt if you're coming from a.

Selkirk Power air or some other big Power paddle and want something you can control easier without giving up all the power then you should consider the Black Diamond power it has good power but it's thicker core and the fusion Edge Tech could give it a bigger sweet spot and more stability compared to True power paddles it doesn't have as much power as.

A true power paddle but I think the trade-off of dropping off a little power in exchange for some added forgiveness and stability is worth it in most cases both paddles have a slightly unfamiliar feel to them and takes some getting used to something about the fusion Edge Tech makes them feel different if you decide to pick one up you'll want to drill with.

It and play a couple of sessions with it before you decide if it's the right one for you I liked the feel of them the more I played with them but I didn't like them out the gate if you don't have the best soft game and are looking for something that'll help you control the ball better then I don't think these are the right paddles there are better.

Control pedals out there so that's my review thanks for watching and I hope it helped
Six Zero is doing things differently. They are one of the first to come out with a new technology they are calling Carbon Edge Fusion Tech. This new addition adds more power, spin, and forgiveness. Check out our review of the Six Zero Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond to see if they have the right paddle for you.

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