The top of the screen zero zero it's two out of three let's play Pickleball okay and uh I like that she's willing to try some new shots and show some variety that's just too good with the two-handed roll test was able to get the serve back and Beautiful Finish from Leia Jansen.

End up playing a little bit into your opponent's hands foreign and short return up early here in the singles final and catches I'm sure she was still trying to dictate the ground so she wasn't being too content just making it still looking to control the action.

Simple volley there two beautiful valleys there but she's mixing in some variety with going with that drop on occasion side up six four and another gorgeous two-handed backhand make it wait.

Sign up and even prettier pickleball especially when she's pulling her ground strokes across Court what what angles slide out point boy it felt like it was all Leia now we're at 10-5 game point.

And three pinpoint balls in a row from Anna Lee waters on the next slide out yeah great in that category as well foreign and then just two good oh my goodness up three one Jansen called timeout.

Wait and just that little wiggle foreign nothing worse than running next to the ball inside out some of the good stabs there from side out and just surprised that uh Jansen isn't hitting more of her approach shots to the forehand of waters.

Foreign this is a new stance right there for sure all right and even sneaks that over and this is Triple Crown Point here for Anna Lee Waters and why not do it with her number two two-handed gorgeous roll I think Leia jansen's like you're just too good today and Anna Lee Waters.

Stamps her name at the top of the women's game and all the other ladies have a 15 year old soon to be sweet 16 to Chase
Full match highlights of the Women’s Singles Gold Medal final at the Hyundai Masters Tournament on the Carvana PPA Tour

Location: Rancho Mirage Country Club in Palm Springs, California

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