so here i am it's 2022. you're probably wondering how is this guy still relevant in pickleball he's got no chainsaw they canceled the chainsaw r.i.p chainsaw well here we are and i'm gonna be showing you guys what i am doing with my.

Serve now so in 2021 this chainsaw serve was where i was putting the ball on my fingertips like this and spinning however that was deemed illegal so we had to change now what we're doing is placing the ball between i'm placing the ball between my fingers and simply.

Snapping to generate a little bit of spin on the toss now there's multiple different ways of doing this some people are only snapping their fingers some people are turning their wrist and doing a little bit of a snap and then other people shea underwood is doing some crazy cricket thing that i can't do i.

Haven't been able to figure that one out quite yet so there's different ways of imparting spin on the toss you're just not allowed anymore to use two hands to do so so personally what i'm doing is i'm gripping the ball with my middle finger and my thumb and snapping just like i would a regular snap however i've got the ball in there.

Now once you get pretty consistent with this you can also add a little bit of a wrist turn to generate even more spin is 100 legal for the time being who knows what the rules committee will do this upcoming year um but i am able to generate top spin and.

Different side spins which allows me to be a little bit more aggressive with my serve and keep most importantly keep my opponent away from that kitchen line hey guys if you're looking to learn from me in person make sure that you check out my website it has my entire teaching schedule lined up there.

Whenever i'm tossing the ball i'm always tossing in the same motion it's always end over end what the way that i generate different spins in relation to the court is the way that i face my wrist so some players are changing their wrist position and now i'm spinning it end over end.

This direction meaning it's going to kick this direction if i change it up here and i'm spinning it end over end this direction the ball is going to kick this way other players are doing it by changing their body position for me it's a little bit easier to change my body position and still hit to.

Generate that side to side spin one quick thing to note is that as part of the rules the ball needs to be presented to both the returner and the referee so if the returner or the referee cannot see the ball it's an illegal serve so while i am turning my body i still make sure that the returner and the referee can see the ball.

On the flip side everybody has a tail meaning when i'm facing one direction that means wherever the top of my hand is facing that's the way that the ball is going to kick top my hand is facing that way it's kicking that way top of my hand is facing this way it's kicking this way.

There you have it now you have more information than half of the pro tour please please please do not tag your favorite pro pickleball player i would love for this to be a secret in the pro ranks amateurs tag away
How To Execute the (legal) 2022 Spin Serve

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