all right guys so you've heard of the third shot drop you've heard of the third shot drive what you might not have heard about is the combo the drop drive the hybrid and this is actually one of my very very favorite shots so when your opponent is somebody that can.

Handle the drive very very well i don't want to just rocket that ball at them but maybe they're a little bit off of that kitchen line maybe they haven't been able to get all the way in to the kitchen that's a time where i'm going to try to be a little bit more aggressive and get this ball down low on my opponent.

Alright so maybe sammy hasn't gotten all the way up to that kitchen line yet if i hit my normal drive as hard as i typically do it's going to still be rising by the time that it gets to sammy sammy's going to have a shot right in his strike zone so here's an example here's me hitting my normal drive to sami.

So the problem there is sammy's still able to take these shots in his strike zone and what if i hit a drop if i hit a normal drop sammy has so much time and i'm not putting any pressure on him right now that's where we come in with the.

Drop drive the hybrid so it's somewhere in between a full drive and a drop it's got a little bit of pace to it but it's still going to get down low on sammy and it's gonna give him a little bit of trouble because he's gonna have to pick it up from below net height so it's not a drop and it's not a drive but it's a shot that's in between that's.

Going to get on sammy quickly but also be down low on him typically if i'm going to hit a drop drive i'm going to be crashing in behind it i'm going to be going coming in and looking to clean up that next oh almost had it and looking to put a lot of pressure on.

Clean up after that shot so if your opponent is in that transition zone this might be a nice shot to drill one of my favorite drills to do this is what i call the 30 60 90 drill so if sammy is all the way up to the net now hey guys just a quick reminder if you are looking for franklin paddles i've got them available for sale on my.

Website free shipping anywhere in the united states what i'm going to do is i'm going to hit one shot at 30 percent of my max speed one shot at 60 percent of my max speed and one shot at my ninety percent what this is essentially doing is thirty percent is our drop sixty percent is our.

Hybrid and ninety percent is our regular drive so we've got thirty 60 90. couldn't handle the 90. let's go 30 60.

90 30 60 90. can't handle the 90. so that's one of my favorite ways to work on that hybrid drop drive and that's the idea that i'm that's what i'm trying to.

Pursue when my opponent might be in that transition zone so if you add this to your game you can make it very very difficult for your opponents to take the net as the returning team
The Third Shot Drop and Drive Hyrbid Shot

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