Hanging out having the time of his life right the time of his life Washington watching the Stars he'll remember this forever sitting sitting next to the trophy right okay a couple of short returns it's got to be better.

So yeah deep deep serve pushes me back I'm late coming in you had to add a little more height on the return but yeah this usually results in uh having some options not a good outcome it's like I break down soon enough it gets me on the stretch.

Has a little floater good night why not just go right through him he's been barking the whole first game all right shut him off sick of here and then he just goes right at you with the next one figures you're leaning one way or the other oh yeah but you're starting to see that a little bit more in singles as guys are anticipating.

Left right you know every now and then straight at you can be extremely effective no no and and something I've been using uh I think a lot of people are starting to use against Ben and singles is like when he's dropping I'm kind of like a Conor Garnett like when he's when he's when he's dropping uh people are looking to be aggressive off.

The bounce and kind of go through him you know when he when he comes in don't let him get to that cat and mouse stage because he's so confident there um but again I think Ben's doing a good job of you know one thing when I'm playing singles when I'm teaching it I'm big on you know telling people don't try to hit winners just focus on trying to.

Get your opponents to stretch for the volley if you can try to stretch them out but get them to hit a weaker volley sometimes you will hit a winner by accident right but it's gonna give you options and allow you to move forward or play the next ball more on your terms and it seems like that is more the mindset that Ben's approaching some of.

These points is trying to get you stretch and then do his thing after that okay let's see we're at seven eight here big serve float to return play some D he drives again oh no all right so deep return so yeah and something I have definitely noticed about my returning is if I don't get down enough like uh.

Uh particularly on my on my backhand side so if I don't get down enough then it's a little like I I if my center of gravity doesn't get down it's tough to hit this linear linear looking return if I'm too upright posture thing yeah upright then I tend to kind of like float it with my wrist and try to compensate there so something I've.

Noticed like on my on my forehand side I can be a bit more upright like The Hitting Zone doesn't have to be as precise but The Hitting Zone in my center of gravity and like that linear like driving backhand slice really is a lot more effective if you're below the ball so uh last couple of returns it looks like I've been kind of floating.

Returns and I would assume it's his Pace in the serve which is giving me troubles but also too does not get you down float he has time inside in another another example here I I float this I float this and this is this is so key in singles um being able to hold let the defender kind of pick their side and in singles.

When you're passing know that you have more time than you think you don't have to rush this ball Ben Ben does a good job of kind of letting me get recovered let me get it you know back back to the middle and then he goes right back behind me yeah I think you were kind of Defending against that that off Pace kind of inside out.

Roller that would bring him in he took one more step middle and he made you made you pay okay hey dolls when it counts that's what we came here for one God come on do something with your left okay ate all deep serve I think I think I find a forehand yeah you did I'm like you know what I'm sick as I am I.

Need a little more I am I'm sick of floating run around you can put a lot more on your forehand it still is a little floaty at least at least it gets deep and and look here I'm kind of shading towards the ball so take a return Cross Court shade towards it almost kind of put your put your chest on it to a.

Certain degree uh he looks to go across gets down I get that one deep he drops it will take his time away lean in kind of take the outside edge of the ball there we go and being able I think that's a maybe even a more important skill in singles than doubles is being.

Able to volley um and take the the edge of the ball the ball is a clock take that bottom Edge or bottom Edge in order to really shape that ball for those for those short angles and if you can execute you're gonna you're gonna stay in control
In episode 27 of the TM Boiler Room Breakdown, pro pickleball players and pro pickleball coaches Tyson McGuffin and Kyle McKenzie discuss the key skills and strategies needed to play better singles pickleball. From mastering the serve to developing good footwork and shot selection in pickleball, the two co-hosts cover everything you need to know to take your pickleball game to the next level. They also cover the importance of court positioning, ball control and mental toughness. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pickleball player looking to improve, this pickleball lesson video is packed with valuable tips and techniques that will help you become a more effective singles pickleball player. So, grab your paddle and get ready to up your game!

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