I'm doing a segment yeah well if you get an odor that's three shots you can hit that can be extremely effective for seniors yeah that's actually a segment i'm doing pickleball lovers please in the comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day it's a beautiful day as you get older.

You get wiser you can become a lot more efficient in pickleball with these three shots one is coming right now can you guess which shot it is watch the whole point i'm not giving anything away good shot martin the part of it it was that love the first shot that seniors can hit that's highly effective is a.

Fourth shot drop shot the first shot's a serve the second shot it's a return the third shot they either drive or drop if they drive that pretty hard we can really drop it and make them run to the kitchen when they run to the kitchen they might pop it up however we'll be in good position moving forward the fourth shot drop shot is a most under utilized.

Shot in pickleball martina potovich just hit it effectively against the best player in pickball right there ben johns so try it second shot seniors can hit that's highly effective is the top spin lop this is an offensive shot and it is really effective especially with the new spinnier paddles spinny's a word i don't know if spinniest is the word but spinny.

Paddles unlock this really nice top spin lob when you're dinking from the kitchen we hit it and i'll show you some examples right now take a look at this lock right there was that a topspin block watch the whole point i'll show it in slow motion it was somewhat effective right but was it a top spin lob.

Not really it was more like a defensive lob i wouldn't call it an offensive lob a topspin lob is offensive right here mark hits it he brushes up on it and it has a lot of spin lots of acceleration it's going to go high and it's going to drop really quickly which makes it offensive in nature that's the grooving h the third shot that seniors can hit.

That's highly effective to any player is a forehand roll or backhand roll forehand flick backhand flick what i'm saying is anytime you get a dead ding speed that up against a person with a little faster reaction times the speed up should be mid speed and we should be looking to gain the advantage i'm not saying don't go 12 13 things deep what.

I'm saying is don't miss opportunities to speed it up like right there you can either speed it up on a dink that sits up or dink that bounces above your knee be aggressive and speed it up you don't have to speed it hard look at the pace of david's speed up it is just beautiful we'll take a look at it one more time if you look that was going way out i.

Shouldn't have hit it but david hit a beautiful speed up actually 40 percent and it gave us an outball i hit it by accident david i apologize one more point this is the pace of the speed up 60 because our reaction times aren't as fast now so we want to just gain the advantage we don't need to put that speed up away right away pickleball.

Lovers what do you think are there any extremely effective shots for seniors please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget here at the pickleball pirates we may love pickleball just as much as you do i know it's tough to believe but it's true this is joey we made this channel for pickleball lovers if you're four four.

Five even three five we want your tournament games i feel like this channel is getting too inclusive we created it to feature amateur play across the country have fun banter and really enjoy life you know so have a good day thank you so much for sticking with us and watching
Getting older? Learn learn some new tricks to be more effective on pickleball court with coach Joe Gmuer. Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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