Hey guys John Henderson pickleball director here at the South Yuba club and in today's video I'm going to focus on proper positioning when your partner's returning served and you're up on the kitchen line I think people get a little bit confused on well how you should position yourself so you can play a smarter style of pickleball and position.

Yourself accordingly after they've hit the return because well you'll see what's going on so what I want you to think about is my partner is the chair back there there's my partner Mr chair and they're getting ready to return sir I'm up on the kitchen line and I can't tell you how many people I see when they're up on.

The line they're just looking straight ahead at the team that is serving and when the ball is served they tend to just kind of look over their shoulder at their partner and that's pretty much it or I see people sometimes they don't even look back at their I prefer people to actually angle themselves accordingly like this.

This way when that serves coming they can watch their partner just set up to hit that return to serve so not only are they seeing their partner hit that return also able to make the line call too because sometimes they get so concerned about hitting the return of serp they don't see clearly if the ball is in or.

Out so that's part of it also but another reason too is why I would angle myself like this to make I see my partner it's hitting an excellent return and you're going to be able to get up to the kitchen line effectively I will quickly re-pivot myself forward in preparation for what's going to come next because I.

Know my partner is going to be up joining me now if I'm angled and I see my partner maybe he's dealing very deep serve is going to be well off the line and I noticed right when they hit that they've hit more of a defensive return to serve that's Landing short and sitting up a little bit that's telling me immediately that I could be in.

Trouble and if I read that early enough I'm going to realize that Ball's going to sit high that team is coming forward which means I'm more of a Target I might actually back off the line a little bit to give myself a little more room smart defensive shot I might come back one or two steps hell I might even come back a little bit further it's all going.

To be dependent upon the type of return so there's many reasons why the angling of the body so so important when they hit that return if it's good I'll pivot back and I'll be ready for the next shot if they hit a return that's not so good that puts me in a threatening position I might get off the line to better.

Position myself so I'm in better alignment with my partner so we can play better defense so angling of the body is really really important when you are up on the line and your partner is returning the serve it allows you to not play Blind it allows you to be more engaged with the return to serve and the point in general to where you can.

Position yourself and play a better style of pickleball it's super important so next time you get out there and play angle yourself so you have a clear picture of what's going to happen it's all about anticipation it's all about court positioning and if we don't do little things like this those things just don't come.

You play a little bit more blindly and then well you're playing defense the whole time so give it a try and see if it helps I think it will play with all my friends
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