This is 10 mistakes beginner pickleball players make not knowing the rules so here's a rule that in the last couple of weeks I've heard two people as I've been sitting next to them at course explaining to their friend incorrectly and it's the idea of when you can step in the kitchen line right so you're allowed in fact you could play the.

Entire match standing inside the kitchen that is totally fine you wouldn't do that obviously because you're just getting hurt right he would just hit a hard ball at me I'd hit it oh gosh and that's going to be a violation right that's not gonna be allowed but anytime you need to step in because the ball is going to bounce you can step in and you.

Don't have to wait for the ball to bounce before you step in right I can see it it's about to bounce and I can step in right away all right so I see a lot of players they like wait for it to bounce and then they step in and that's just not what the rule is so next time you're sitting next to somebody and they're.

Explaining the rules incorrectly just tell them you can be in the kitchen all you want you just have to make sure the ball bounces before you hit it if you enjoyed this video follow me because every day for the next 10 days I'm gonna be sharing one mistake beginners make take this suck