Here Clark Benassi I got uh musical chairs over here with me today a lot of great you're giving me a second chance and I appreciate that absolutely love having you here brother really we're stopping any and all problems side probably not the right shot selection.

With the Speedy Analee on the other side no I'd say you want to keep her back as much in a late game point foreign just wide nice swinging two-handed volley standing way wide here is David's a on the serve.

Sail well out with the wind that are back foreign positioning for David's eh and I like that a lot of people just second game point for Emily Waters yeah and it gives Al some different looks too does pace is a smart choice yes.

Foreign Waters gonna come on DaVita was in a good position play weird bounce there too good from David's a and again we have seen harder to deal with okay now we have another concern on the.

Line call here cried out what I got that is a tremendous point on both sides and sometimes the other players just a little bit better right on Emily Waters she's a race the three zip deficit let me talk about a highlight that's the foot speed of analy waters.

That was an outstanding drop volley makes her special yeah a great point never know good deer too and David say takes foreign looked like they could play another four hours if it was necessary and why not have a 57-55 in the third.

Foreign there were three balls in that point that that's why these two ladies are so good wow and with a point to tie David's egg comes up with that foreign that's a gorgeous volley from David right there is the ball that Anna Lee.

Hit looked like it would be good and boy to hit a tenant so that battle of Four Hands just blunt and that is too good from Salome Davide and she has forced a game okay that kisses okay so much like we saw in the first.

Women's semi-final the as we got closer to the finish line and that gets the crowd involved so I tried foreign Alee Waters there and that's what it's going to take to win points now Okay so thank you.

Boy quickly they obviously to serve boy that returned tremendous ball from Annalee Waters is Salome Davide took a step to her left and well he's lost the sunglasses as well Dave wow and that's not a good time for that.

And a gorgeous two-handed backhand volley would just look at the look at the form there just a little punch the water's called time out we're at match point and thanks for coming just like
This is the highlight of the match with Anna Leigh Waters VS Salome Devidze – Women’s Pickleball Doubles Semi-Finals Baird Wealth Management Texas Open Tournament Full Match Game Highlights – Held in Oasis Tennis Club, Rockwall, TX

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