Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and in today's video we are going to be talking about the four essential skill sets that you are going to need to excel to be a high level player so if you are a three five or a 4-0 and you want to get past that threshold and get to four five plus these are essential skills that you're.

Going to have to master so you're not going to want to miss this let's Jump Right In All right so this is some footage that I shot a couple months ago and these are my two friends Marco and Auggie and we are going to be going through and showing you some very effective drills that you can work on and we'll Deep dive into why that is and.

You'll see that as we go through the drills and break that down number one that main skill set that you're going to have to learn is how to think aggressively so you'll notice here we are doing our best to push the ball to our opponent's feet or close to that non-vally zone line one thing that this does it forces your opponent into tough.

Decisions should they volley it out of the air should they let it bounce or should they take a step back or maybe it even forces them into a half volley which usually is a very defensive dink you can see here the person that is getting isolated has to hit every single ball and this really works on dink control you are going to be working on.

Redirecting your dinks you're going to be taking things across court and redirecting it down the line and vice versa taking down the Lightnings redirecting them cross-court this is just a really good exercise so that you can practice redirection on your dinks and also dinking towards the middle and high level play it's really good to.

Utilize that middle because there is a lot of space there that you can dig to and utilize so again you will see some of us thinking what topspin some of us thinking with slice the main thing is is that we keep that contact low on the other side of the net and we can force dinks that make our opponents hit up you can see sometimes we lean in and volley.

Dink and sometimes we may take take a step back if we need to and that is because all the things that we are hitting are aggressive they are near that non-volley zone line near each other's feet which forces us into Quick decisions which ultimately causes errors one thing to note here is our ready position and paddle position you can see.

Here everyone's paddle position here I would say is a round navel height belly button height that is what I teach with most players again the main focus is that you get your paddle in a position where you can be ready to counter attack or defend remember we don't know when our opponents are going to attack so we gotta have our paddle in a good solid.

Ready position so that we can be ready for every single ball so this is just a really good drill to learn how to think more offensively on your dinks and if you actually struggle with your dinks go ahead and leave a comment below we're actually going to leave a link specifically on how to think effectively in the description so check that out and.

Now let's get to skill set number two hi if you're enjoying this content go ahead and give this video a like and don't forget to subscribe also if you're interested in exclusive Encore training with me go ahead and go to brionist pickleball.com forward slash coaching now let's get right back to the video all right so now we're going to hop into.

Volleys volleys is a very very important skill that you're going to need to get comfortable with as a high level pickleball player and you're going to have to master you can see here that the person that is isolated on one side is going to work on redirection volleys right they're taking volleys down the line and pulling it cross-court and.

They're taking cross-court volleys and pushing it down the line this is very very good for control one positioning thing that I do want to mention is if you are the person that is cross-court from the isolated player like in this example here you will notice the Cross Court player it's closer to that Center Line and this usually happens in high.

Level play when there's a fire fight or when there's action happening that Cross Court player is going to squeeze middle so that they can cover that because the person down the line from the ball is going to half the more cover their sideline so you'll see this in high level play a lot this is a good way to practice your positioning on the court.

Making sure that you do not open that middle up and that you can cover it well all right so now we're going to hop into a really fun drill and this is the counter attack and reset drill you'll notice that the isolated player here is counter attacking straight down the line from them and then resetting Cross Court after they get that counter attack back.

So the two people on the far side as a team will always be attacking whether they're attacking off the bounce or they are attacking out at the air and the isolated person is going to be switching off from counter attacking down the line and then resetting Cross Court so this is just a really really tough and challenging drill it's definitely made.

For higher level players but if you can control your volley as well and reset well you can get in a good Rhythm and for the players that are cross-court from that isolated player you're getting a lot of resets in the Envoy zone so it actually works on your attacks off the bounce so like a little flick a little topspin roll off the bounce so it's.

Really really good and then the person that is down the line from the isolated player is working on their counter attacks so it's just a really good drill all around notice everyone's paddle position and they're ready position after every single ball and just notice everyone's short compact stroke because the ball is coming really.

Really fast remember as soon as you counter or actually especially when you counter attack you've got to be going to a quick and efficient ready position all right so now let's hop into skill set number three and that is being comfortable or getting comfortable in that transition so we have the isolated player in transition and we have the two.

Players on the far side trying to put the ball away and hit it at isolated player's feet this is just a really good drill to hone in that reset shot if you struggle with your reset shots currently go ahead and leave a comment below and tell us what makes it hard it will actually also link another video on resets so that you can work on that it.

Will be in the description but here we can see having a wide and stable base is very very important when you're hitting reset shots getting low and keeping your paddle low remember good higher level players are going to be hitting your shoelaces hitting your feet is exactly where they should be aiming.

You will see the players at the non-voice zone forcing that ball at the shoelaces so of course if you can make your opponent stretch or reach that's the number one option but even if you just hit it right at the feet because the ball that you're hitting has some Pace on it if you can force them into a quick decision when a.

Volley went to kind of take it off the bounce it is a very hard thing to deal with when you are placing it right at their feet so again for the person in isolation make sure that you are in a good ready position on every single ball you have your paddle low you are trying your best to again just stay alive stay in the point and.

Hit softballs in to that non-voice zone remember the whole focus of this drill for the isolated player is to keep and Force low contact points you are going to be in this position often as a higher level player obviously it's getting harder and harder as players are using more topspin and rolling balls at your feet so this is something that I.

Practice all the time and this is something that you are going to have to get comfortable with one last thing that I do want to mention is the two players at the net of course we are trying to put as much pressure as possible if the ball lands in that non-volley zone one thing that I like to do is take a step back off the line to give myself a.

Little bit more time and space so that I can create some space between me and the ball so that I can actually have a better shot at rolling it at their feet this is something that I call a step back and you'll see higher level players do this all the time obviously if I could take the ball and lean in out of the air as a swinging volley that's my.

First choice but if the person is hitting good reset shots in that non-volley zone what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a little step back off the line create some space so that I can hit like a modified or short ground stroke right at their shoelaces all right so now let's hop into skill set number four and that is mastering.

The transition in this specific three-person drill what we are doing is we are going to feed a very weak ball and this happens a lot sometimes there's short returns in games and what we're gonna do as the isolated player is they are going to actually drive the ball and look to drive another ball if it goes high but you will see that if a good.

Solid volley is hit they will be electing to drop it so for those bangers out there and those players who love to drive the ball on everything that's definitely not the way to go in higher level play when you're playing high level players they will have a solid volley so if that ball is low and blow your knees make sure that you get in the.

Habit of dropping that fifth Bowl so this is a really good drill again to train in that offensive mindset right when you get balls that you can drive when you get balls that you can attack you want to be able to do that after that if it's a low reply or low ball you just drop it in hit that fifth shot drop try to keep it unattackable and finish.

Your transition this is a really good exercise especially when you're drilling with two other people and once you get to the kitchen line it's a free-for-all you get dank you can attack and do whatever you want as for the drive one thing that I do is drive the ball or try to drive the ball low right down the middle there's some space there and of.

Course there is some miscommunication that can happen when you are driving the ball down the middle and also the net is lower so for margin purposes that is usually where I drive the ball if I see an opening or a spot down the line or across Court I may go for that at times but the most effective and efficient Drive is going to be down the middle of.

Course you don't have to do that all the time but that is just a suggestion that I have and you will see that happen a lot in higher level play one thing to notice about a good transition too is the split step on the way in as you are hitting your fifth seventh ninth ball however many balls it takes after you hit your first one you're going to want.

To gain some ground if the ball is low and you get a low contact Ball but if not obviously you're going to have to hang back and wait until you get a lower contact ball so that you can come in this drill we are working on our third shot drive but again you're going to be patient in your transition after the drive you can see us we are not running.

In like a headless chicken we are assessing the ball after our Drive and then coming to some sort of a split step so that we can you know be ready to move forward or backward if we need to and then we are going to proceed from there thanks so much for watching this video I know this was a little bit different format if you have two other.

Players or friends that you can drill with these are definitely some high level drills that I would suggest that you go out there and try remember these are four essential skill sets that you are going to have to master to get that to that 4-0 and above level you're going to have to learn how to think offensively and aggressively you're.

Going to have to be able to hit solid and effective volleys and that includes learning when to reset it and learning when to counter attack you also are going to have to get comfortable in that transition zone and master that reset shot get very comfortable in there and lastly again like we just saw you're going to have to master the transition.

Know when to come up when to stay back remember we are trying to force low contact points if we can get the opponents at the net to hit up on the ball to contact the ball below the net that is when we are going to be making our move up and make sure that you're practicing being balanced and stable as you are doing that working on your split.

Step if this video was helpful in any way we would really appreciate it if you give it a like comment below if you have any questions and also if you would like a full drill workout routine that you can do with a partner go ahead and click the link in the description below we will send you a PDF on exactly the drills that I do to keep up my game at a.

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Description below thanks again for watching and we'll see you in the next video Light Within the moment moment and don't go wait until the morning you never know when it is
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