Hi welcome to Brian as pickleball I have Kaden nemoth with me and in this video if you are a three or three five player we are going to show you three exercises that would drastically improve your game you don't want to miss out let's Jump Right In so in this drill we're going to be.

Tossing and working on our footwork but when we catch our goal is to catch this ball in front of our body and in our striking Zone every time which means we need to catch this ball in between our legs regardless of where that ball is and if we're not doing that when we actually put a paddle in our hand we're now changing our motion and our swing.

Completely so we need to catch this ball inside our striking Zone and out in front of our body yeah this is a great drill for beginners and even intermediate players what we're using here for the majority is we're using that shuffle step like we talked about in previous videos if you're going to your left make sure from this camera.

Here that you lead with your right foot and you bring it in and Shuffle here and if you're moving to your right you're going to start with that left foot and bring it in and then move your right foot again this footwork is super efficient and it is the correct way to move this is exactly how we're going to be moveing when we're dinking so um.

Again and we're going to do it one more time and you can challenge each other as much as you need to right you can start off really slow but now let's try to make each other work a little bit harder and one thing final thing is when you move one away to catch the ball after you toss that ball what do we need to do we need to recover back.

Follow it back and then get ready in a good position all right so let's let's play to one point here here we go all right one more one more all right here we go here we go foreign so it doesn't really matter I mean you can you know catch it with your right hand both hands the main key thing is.

That we are moving our feet and shuffling efficiently and getting in front of that ball remember we want to be hitting that ball as in front of us as we can and our accuracy will go up lots of people ask me you know how do you learn how to slow the ball down this is the best way to do it I see a lot of people taking big swings and things like.

That moving a lot as they're trying to reset the ball again when we're trying to hit a reset we need to have a still body so that we can really absorb the ball and let the paddle do the work so Kaden uh you're going to get in a good stance right up at the net here okay um so coming a little closer so Kaden's about a foot or two from the.

Nets I know that you wouldn't be standing like this in the game but I'm gonna stand right here I'm actually gonna feed him some balls and his goal is to just block him into the kitchen now a couple things here you're going to notice his paddle position is slightly towards the backhand and these balls that I'm going to be feeding him are.

Right towards his torso and I just want you to notice his swing um as I'm feeding him the ball okay so your goal is to try to get it before this non-volley is online yep good okay one let's do five two three four okay.

And five now um notice the swing right there's not a lot of backswing at all now he is putting a little bit of slice okay then let's try some without the slice and let's just try blocking okay good okay good so what I'm just trying to show you whether you're putting a little bit of.

Slice like he was or just blocking if you're trying to slow the ball down you have to have your paddle still in your body still okay so there's not a lot of punching if he tried to do this and he punched it out a little bit that ball is going to go way past where you want it to go so now from this position I'm going to actually move you back once.

That right there okay so he's halfway um in the novel his own same kind of thing here do five balls one two three four and five okay notice his body is still his feet are still and again he's just meeting that ball contacting it well now.

We're gonna move him to the back right to the non-volley Zone um and again there's not much changes here if he's trying to drop it into this non-volley Zone what he wants to do is be still with his upper body and his legs and then move that paddle to The Sweet Spot here we go guys come on.

Two three four five now um comments in there could be saying yes this is really really slow but you have to start off this way if you're gonna try to learn how to reset the ball by blasting the ball at each other it's.

Going to be really really tough um I always teach the beginner and intermediate players you have to learn how to really be still with your paddle and and your body any thoughts there and yeah I think one of the biggest things that I see is when people are trying to reset they kind of meet their paddle with the ball kind of like they're punch.

Balling so when you guys are working on resetting the ball and slowing the ball down I want you guys to try and tell yourselves that you're going to take your opponent's Pace that they're giving you and use it against them which means you're not going to meet your paddle to the ball but you're actually going to let the ball meet your paddle yes good.

Yeah I call that letting in the paddle do the work so that is if you're trying to learn how to slow the ball down that's the drill that you want to start off with and then you can start to feed faster and faster so we'll get to a little bit more faster ball skating same kind of thing one good.

Two three four a little bit faster here bye now again notice the faster the ball comes Now Cadence got to really make sure that um his body is still and then he meets the ball out in front letting that ball meet about and make sure you.

Guys keep a light grip all right there we go for the last drill we're going to be working on a toss volley drill where we are utilizing both our backhand and forehand correctly I think the most common thing I see is people usually don't sit in a good ready position and that makes them either chicken wing or.

Maybe windshield wipe so if you guys are working on your volleys make sure you guys are starting in a good ready position and using both your forehand and your backhand alright should look something like this all right so Jayden is feeding me he's not feeding me really really fast but again before I tried this.

Um I didn't really have a drill that I can work on actually switching back and forth to my forehand backhand so this is just really really good and it helps you kind of you know recognize which balls to go on your forehand work on that muscle memory yep yeah so what would you do after that you would just feed it a little bit faster again yep so you can.

Speed it up you can uh if you you know if you have a hard time with volleys you can start it slow as you get a little bit more comfortable with opening up to the forehand into the backhand properly you can now start to toss that ball a little bit quicker uh one of the things that you'll notice too is my back swing right that's probably the most important.

Thing I if I take my paddle too far back I'm not going to have time to reset right so again keeping that paddle out in front of your shoulders and keeping it really tight I think it's one of the most important things when you're rolling yeah absolutely so if you get even more comfortable with it now I can start to feed with my.

Paddle and give it a little bit more juice just so I take away a little bit of reaction time they take away a little bit of backswing and well it's going to be a lot more fun a little more a little more fast here we go oh shoot nice good yes.

Good beautiful yeah so again with that faster pace is a little bit tougher but just even starting slow like that it really does help you kind of Judge what balls you take as you're for in yep absolutely if you guys are struggling with chicken winging or or possibly windshield wiping really focus on your ready position.

Making sure you guys are coming back to a good ready position is crucial to make sure you guys aren't making any goofy shots and I will say if you guys do find yourself chicken winging or windshield wiping try and break that habit now I promise you as you guys continue to use it it does get harder to break alright so hopefully you enjoy that those are.

Three really really important exercises that you can do that can work on your footwork and your resets and also working on your voice go out there with a partner and try it thanks so much and we'll see you in the next video foreign
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These are 3 absolutely game-changing drills that you can do to level-up your game. If you want to move like the pros, reset like a master, or improve your reaction time, check out this video!

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00:16 Developing pro-level footwork
02:21 How to master the reset shot
06:18 Developing fast, compact pro-level volleys

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