Come on bring It pickle ball pigeon let’s go baby ah ah ah yeah nice so today we’re going to work on the thing that has the biggest impact across your entire game and that is your ready position it affects your dinks it affects your transition zone it affects your hand speed it affects your.

Mentality it affects everything okay so if you can get a good ready position you’re going to win a ton more pickle ball points my ready position is the place where I want to defend fast balls so let’s say I’m attacking Luke where can I attack right I can’t just nail the ball at his feet let me try again I’ll I’ll try.

Again okay I’ll try again all right well fortunately for Luke if I just try to nail the ball at his feet Ball’s going into the net but if I am going to speed this ball up where is it going to cross the plane of his body one more it’s going to be up around chest.

Height right I cannot in a dink rally nail the ball at his feet I can hit it hard towards his shoulders the exception to that being if I have a ball up here I can hit it hard wherever I want but then you have to look to okay well why does my opponent have a ball way up there Luke is going to want to defend the place where he’s.

Most likely to be attacked which is going to be right at that chest level we don’t want this paddle to be way off to the backand we don’t want to be sitting on our forehand we want to be somewhere neutral right and the last thing is we don’t want to be super far extended we want to be not super close in tight somewhere in between so all of that is.

Easy enough to understand but now how do we Implement that well one of my all-time favorite drills is a drill where we’re going to start with two balls and Luke and I are actually going to Dink and every time I hit my dink I’m going to bring my paddle right back to this other ball in my.

Hand so Luke I’m going to give you a ball you’re going to do the same thing this ball gives me an audible cue a visual cue and something that I can feel to help me change my old ready position habit so one thing we want to avoid in this drill is the so make sure that we as we’re doing this we hit and pin that ball to our.

Ready position another common error I see in this drill is is we hit and then get to ready position we hit and then ready we hit and then ready we hit and then ready instead of having two motions hit and ready we want to see if we can build our ready position into our follow through sort of have it one fluid.

Motion follow through right to ready position that that way we don’t have to think about it that way our swing simply ends in our ready position a lot of times our paddle is in a nice position but look at the orientation of my paddle instead of having the top of our paddle pointed ahead towards our opponent we want to.

Have the edge of our paddle pointed towards our opponent so you can see that real nice white Pro XR pickle ball on there that’s nice right so the problem with having the top of our paddle pointed towards our opponent is if they hit the ball up high we get caught in this position or we get caught lifting if we have the edge of our.

Paddle pointed towards our opponent then when that ball comes up high we can simply punch that ball as opposed to lifting here so one more time what we’re going to do here is we’re going to pin that ball to our ready position we’re going to follow follow through right to ready position and we’re going to make sure while we’re in.

That ready position the pro XR from our paddle is pointed across the net towards our opponent so what you’ll find here is when you return to a consistent position every time your dink shots are actually going to get far far better and that’s because we’re just starting from the same spot every time as opposed to okay.

Sometimes I’m going to Dink and my paddle starting here or sometimes I’m all the way over here when I’m starting my dink instead we’re in the same position every time the next element of this is working on our volleys once we get really comfortable at pinning that ball to our ready position then we’re going to do the exact same drill and.

We’re going to work on our volleys come on bring It pickle ball pigeon let’s go baby ah ah ah yeah nice.

An important piece here is a lot of times on these volleys I see players get ere extended right we hit one volley and we end up with our follow through all the way over here and then our opponent just clobbers us same thing as before where we’re wanting to follow through right to our ready position we want to do the same thing.

With our volleys where we’re following through right back to that ready position see so obviously in a real match we can’t use this ball but if you’ve ever seen somebody who slaps their hand to their paddle which you probably have they’re probably.

Working on giving themselves that Quee for ready position so my recommendation if you are looking to fix or improve your ready position warm up with that with another ball in your hand and pin that ball to your ready position and then once you get into that match you can focus on keeping your other hand on the paddle if you can build a good ready.

Position into your game it’s going to improve every single element of your game it’s going to improve your dinks it’s going to improve your hand speed and your volleys and it’s going to improve your mental focus so focus on ready position and it’ll improve every element of your.

Learn why being in the ready position is so essential in pickleball and some drills to make sure you’re never caught off guard again!
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