This could be the most important video that you watch about improving your pickleball game this year and it's not about any technique or specific shot that you think you need it's about this and how you're not going to beat yourself in winnable matches anymore these tips are no BS and after you watch this whole video you'll walk away with a.

Much higher pickleball IQ if you can successfully Implement these tips your trophy case is going to end up looking like this and even if you don't play tournaments you'll still stop getting humiliated by players that you should beat to learn all the secrets behind not feeding yourself stick around to the end of this video and I promise it'll be.

Worth it grab your paddle and let's go all right without further Ado the number seven way that players beat themselves is they underestimate their opponent you have to take your opponent seriously no matter how much better than them you think that you are maybe they have funny technique or they haven't been playing very long the thing is I've seen so many.

Players walk in the court looking all relaxed like they're not going to have a problem they're laughing with their friends on the sideline and then all of a sudden they've lost the first game oh no now they're worried and they start taking things more seriously only to find out that their opponents are actually not that bad but unfortunately.

At that point it's already too late if you're playing to win then a universal law pickleball is that you never underestimate your opponent you always need to play your very hardest until the last Point by doing this you eliminate the odds that you could lose to someone because you didn't take them seriously the number six reason that players lose.

Winable matches is they make excuses and they give up I'm playing so bad today my partner keeps setting me up this isn't my normal paddle the list of excuses goes on and on the glory of pickleball is that you never play a game that's perfect some things will go wrong and you will get unlucky the key to becoming a better.

Player is to embrace this and always try to figure out ways to win despite the challenges that you're facing the best pickleball players are creative problem solvers they can consistently figure out how to win ugly even when the odds are stacked against them they don't make excuses even after they lose they simply try to find ways to win despite the many.

Setbacks that will come if you're someone who's looking to get better stop making excuses the number five way that players beat themselves really frustrates me and it's when they change a winning strategy if you're consistently winning points using drops then you should keep doing this until it seems like it's not working anymore sure.

Throw in some drives to mix it up but remember how you've been winning so far and Don't Stray away from that strategy I've seen teams get way up in the score by being conservative they're working the points waiting for their opponents to miss then when they get up and they don't feel like there's as much pressure they start to smack the ball Like.

There's No Tomorrow there's no reason to be more aggressive in this situation just because you're winning sure speed the ball up if they give you a good opportunity but the moral of the story is that if something's working continue to do it until it's not even if you're up big you have to stay disciplined and locked onto the strategy that's gotten.

You there way too many players have lost matches that they should have won because they strayed away from a winning strategy please do not let this happen to you on the other hand at number four we have the players that beat themselves by not changing a losing strategy if you're driving every third shot and you're getting zero opportunities to.

Move forward then maybe stop doing that maybe you should throw in some drops I see this happen at so many different parts of the court if you're throwing up blobs every other point then they just keep smashing them in your face stop doing that as Pickwell players we have to adapt to survive as matches go on you constantly need to be surveying what's.

Working and what's not working unfortunately not every team you play against will be the same in fact most likely every team that you play will have completely different skills there's no one-size-fits-all strategy that you can follow depending on who you're playing you'll probably need to push your comfort zone a little bit and make.

Changes to your current game Style by implementing this mindset into your game you guarantee yourself the best possible chance to not lose to a team that you're better than okay on to the next tip the number three way that players beat themselves is they don't make their opponents work for points no matter how poor of a situation you're in in a point.

You always want to try and make your opponents hit another ball obviously don't put your body on the line but A good rule of thumb is that you should always run for every shot sometimes you'll surprise yourself and you'll get a ball that you didn't think was possible by forcing yourself to run for more balls you'll increase your.

Threshold of what you can get back I also see players who are too aggressive in situations where they're on defense if your opponents have the advantage in the point sure you can try to go for that highlight reel winner but usually it makes more sense to try and get the Rye back into a neutral position so that you can take over the point.

If you're ever in a defensive situation your mentality is that you need to make your opponents hit one more ball and if you like this video so far ding the like And subscribe buttons we would really appreciate it the next tip is the second most important thing that you need to know number one is coming up next so be patient and watch both it'll be worth it.

The number two way that players beat themselves is they don't communicate well with their partner on strategy the other day I was playing a devil's match against two brothers the first game was really close they were strategizing well and keeping us on our toes me and my partner luckily put out the first game but guess what happened next they got.

Mad at each other and completely stopped communicating and because of this we won the second game in less than five minutes when you're playing a match you should communicate with your partner between every point you constantly need to be adjusting the strategy together to make sure that you're on the same page even if things aren't going your way you.

Need to force yourself to maintain a good line of communication so that you can turn things around so even if you're frustrated because you're playing terrible you're discouraged because you're losing badly or you're mad at them because they didn't invite you to their birthday party.

You always need to discuss strategy with your partner throughout your matches okay we're on to the most important thing that you need to understand the number one way that I see people beat themselves is by losing their focus it's happened to every player it's the last game of the day you're up 7-0 and you're already thinking about what you're gonna.

Get for lunch hmm maybe I should get a ham and cheese no we'll get some tacos wait it's seven nine now or maybe you're at a tournament you're up in the game and you're already thinking about your next opponents last night you looked at the whole bracket so you know that the next team you're playing is good the match you're.

Currently in is just a warm-up the only problem with this is that you're forgetting to close out the game that you're already in the bottom line here is that you need to take each match and each point one at a time every point is a different isolated situation that requires your 100 attention if you want to give yourself the best possible.

Chance to win if you can Implement all these tips you're going to wake up tomorrow a new player and if you want to learn the number one strategy to become a better player watch this foreign
In this video we go over a simple & essential pickleball mindset that will help you improve in no time. We go over 7 pickleball tips that will help you have better strategy and a better mindset. Pros like Ben Johns, Tyson Mcguffin, Julian Arnold, Parris Todd, and Zane Navratil use these tips to win even at pro tournaments. This video is for you no matter what your level is (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, etc). If you like the content we’re making for pickleball improvement, like & subscribe! We’d really appreciate it. #pickleballstrategy #pickleballtips #pickleballhowtoplay