So spin is one of those things that people ask me about all the time in lessons in the YouTube comments it's one of those things that people really want to learn because they see higher level players using it and using it effectively so it's a pretty appealing thing to try to learn especially if you're newer to the game or still.

Developing your skills the problem is I see a lot of people going about it the wrong way So today we're going to try to clear all that up okay so let's start with topspin first what is topspin actually do to the Flight of the ball okay so first of all.

Topspin would be when the ball is rolling forward so it's rolling forward towards the court where you're hitting okay so that's topspin and basically what it's going to do is a couple things generally topspin is going to start higher off your paddle second it's going to make the ball dip quicker so once it.

Gets over the net the ball is going to want to dive into the court faster and then it's also going to want to make the ball bounce a little bit higher once it bounces Okay so you can just kind of see the shape of this shot when I hit up quickly.

Diving down and then bouncing a little bit higher on the other side so the second main type of spin that we're going to use is called under Spin and it's just the opposite so that ball is going to be rolling backwards towards you after you hit it okay so it's going to be rolling this way flying away okay and pretty much it's.

Going to do have all the opposite properties of ball flight so the ball is going to want to stay a little bit lower initially it's going to want to float more and when it bounces it's going to skid and stay lower under spin look like you can see it stays lower it stays on a.

Flatter plane longer and then when it bounces it's going to bounce lower so now that we know what the spin does to the ball let's figure out how we're going to do it the most common mistake I see when people are trying to use spin is you can tell they're trying to put spin on the ball so you see these swings that are.

Really big really choppy and you can tell that their their end goal is to impart a bunch of spin on the ball we're going to try to try to take the approach that if you swing a certain way spin is just a natural product of That Swing so spin is never your end goal it's just a product of a certain type of swing and a certain type of face angle.

So having said that there's only two things that control spin there's two things we're going to focus on there's two things we're going to worry about one is what we call face angle so is your paddle open closed Square so this would be square this would be open this would be closed okay the second thing.

That we're going to focus on is what we call swing path so is the paddle swinging flat from low to high or from high to low okay so those two elements face angle and swing path in any combination are you gonna allow are going to allow you to do basically.

Any type of spin you want so let's talk topspin first in general topspin is going to be a square face angle so it's not open not closed but it's straight up and down and it's going to be a low to high swing path so if I've got this square and this is going low to high.

It's going to brush on the ball like that okay again the opposite would be under spin with under spin in general I want you to have an open face angle and we're going to have a fairly flat swing path.

Okay one of the big mistakes I see people uh make with the underspin is we're chopping down too much you do not need to come down on the ball to create under spin a fairly flat swing in an open face angle is going to apply under spin to the ball okay so here's how we're going to start to feel this for ourselves we're going to do this in.

Dinking first because it's the easiest way to kind of feel the Nuance of this also when you start feeling spin we're just looking for little amounts okay you want to feel what little adjustments are going to make okay so I'm going to start with with some dinking and my focus at first is going to be to impart no spin on the ball so if I'm hitting and my.

Paddle goes right through the center of the ball that's going to put it's it's pretty much going to be flat there's not going to be any spin on it okay so I'm going to start dinking I'm just going to try to get the paddle Kenny back to the bottom flat.

now the slight Nuance we're going to make we're going to start to add just a touch of topspin so like we talked about before if I close the face slightly and steepen the swing slightly and this can be with the arm it could be using your wrist a little bit but basically we need the paddle to be going.

Steeper through the ball now you're going to be imparting just a touch of Top Spin on those okay so it would look something like this flat close the face and steep it this way next we're going to go the opposite way.

So we're going to start to feel a little bit of underspin and again just small adjustments here okay so now we open the paddle face and rather than going this way through lifting through we're going to flatten out the swing now the paddle face is creating the lift we're coming under the ball.

Letting the paddle do all the work okay so that would look like this now we're gonna go here open paddle level swing bro foreign okay so you can see these are pretty small nuances in the swing that I'm making.

The the biggest mistake I see people make with this is we're making really drastic you know so we're hitting under Spin and we're making these big choppy motions or really big load of high motions to try to get Top Spin the goal to to feel is less is more here little adjustments are going to make big differences so the last thing I want to.

Do here is give you some specific use cases of when you would use each types of these spins so looking at topspin first you're going to see it commonly used for serves third shot drives roll volleys aggressive dinks especially on the forehand side really what topspin enables us to do is either hit the ball harder or get the.

Ball to dip below net level quicker now I'm quite sure some of you are going to be jumping in the comments telling me how amazing your backhand slice serve is and you Ace people 10 times a day with it I get it everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses personal preferences.

I'm just trying to give some basic guidelines here now let's check out the common times you're going to see underspin used out on the court there's a couple of them uh return a service one third shot drop backhand Dinks resets in general underspin is going to allow.

Us to soften shots take Pace off the ball get the ball to maybe float a little bit deeper like on a return to serve that's all I got for today now it's your turn to get out there and start spinning that ball but remember not overdoing it don't forget to like subscribe and.

Comment and I will see everyone next time thanks
In this Video I take you through Understanding Spin in Pickleball, What it does, How to do it, and How to start implementing it into your own game.

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