Hey guys welcome to another pedal review on Cliff pickleball and today we are at Clear one Orlando great spots indoor spots uh come visit it uh really nice facility and today I'm going to review the Yonex v-core uh so this is yonex's first paddles in pickleball so I'm quite surprised if they're so late to the game uh well known in badminton and Tennis a.

Great company the pedal is made in Japan so you know it feels like quality it's got a nice little shape to it as well it's about 16 to 8. so just a little shorter than the elongated paddles that I typically play with we can start with the grip I love the grip so I actually don't need any over grip so this is the only standard stock grip that's tacky.

Enough to where I don't need to put any over grip on it all right the um it's got a polypropylene honeycomb so the typical uh you know poly honeycomb feel 15 mil core um so you know it feels feels pretty solid it's got a graphite and glass fiber hybrid skin with a micro particle coating I don't feel the coating at all.

So you know to me this is as smooth as can be but it does surprisingly it does spin pretty nicely the pedal is excellent when it comes to control it's about eight eight ounces one eight one ounces so it's not as powerful as like the selkirks and it's not as soft as the Yola so it's a it's a typically a paddle.

In between and I would say it probably plays more like the Onyx premiers but with more control so at the kitchen line I really loved love this battle greater thinking great at resetting great foot thirds and great in the firefights as well so you know pretty poppy lightweight under drives not as powerful but I guess if I.

Add some weight to this that will fix it so all in all I I really enjoyed this battle I haven't been playing with it um too much but I can see that yonix is going to have a lot of success with their paddles with this first try very very solid paddle so you know if you're if you're coming from badminton uh or you're coming from.

Tennis you played with Yonex you're really you know you want to support the brand it's a really solid battle solid company uh well done Yonex this is a great this is a great start to your uh to your pickleball light up thanks for watching and please subscribe hit the notification button and we'll see you real soon with the next panel review.

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