bionics enters the pickleball market bringing high quality craftsmanship and performance with the v-core paddles meticulously designed and handcrafted in japan the v-core paddles feature a unique aerodynamic shape for easy speed and targeted precision the v-core line has two offerings the 7.58 ounce average.

Lightweight and the 8.11 ounce average midweight these paddles are built with a polypropylene honeycomb core and a hitting surface that provides optimal grip and feel thanks to a combination of ht graphite integrated with a glass fiber layer and a micro particle coating on top i was really excited to head down to the.

Court as soon as i saw these paddles because i'm a big fan of the yonex brand and as soon as i hit the court i was not disappointed the first thing i want to mention was is the feel i was a big fan of this v-core feel i loved how i felt i could feel where the ball was landing on the paddle as well as the spin potential with these paddles i thought i could get.

A good spin and i was able to hit a variety of creative shots i loved hitting some dipping shots right at my opponent's feet compared to the e-zone i found that the v-core offered a little bit more control whereas the e-zone is a little bit more powerful and easy depth i did have about a one to two hour.

Adjustment period to get used to the shape of these paddles it's a little bit more unique than what i'm used to but once i did i was really enjoying how precise i could be with my shots now the midway compared to the lightweight i feel like i preferred the midway it just gave me a little bit more stability and plow through but the lightweight was.

Nice and easy to swing and i got great maneuverability one last thing i wanted to mention with these paddles is the grip now the grip i really liked how premium it felt it felt really cushioned and stable it felt really nice and built up however i do wish it was a little bit longer for my two-handed backhand overall these pedals.

Are a great offering for players looking for control and spin i really enjoyed hitting these recoil paddles from yonex i like the lightweight version at net during fast exchanges it was really just quick in my hands easy to maneuver but then i preferred the middleweight version of the paddle from pretty much anywhere.

Else on the court just a more solid hit for me i'm a power player and so i just like that solid feel and i really need it for those off sensor shots just to have the paddle bring a bit more mass through what i did like about both of these paddles are they've got a lot of control and so i could bring a lot of paddle speed through my stroke and.

Generate some spin on both slice and top spin shots and then at net just love the feels really liking it on my dinks too could place the ball nicely and so really fun play test for me the shape took a little bit to get used to it he's the battle lancer battle and that's got a bit more of a squared off shape like the e-zone.

Versions of the onyx paddles and just took me a little bit to get used to the shape of these recoils but once they gained and got it delved in really enjoyed a play test and i really had a fun time out there hitting them very excited to be here today to talk about yonex's entry into pickleball the.

B core line specifically maybe not the most imaginative line but i love the v core tennis racket so i have really high expectations for these paddles you can tell there is a little bit of a rounded edge it's not as much of that traditional paddle shape it's a little more rectangular i thought that gave these paddles a little more of a wind.

Cheating design not trapping as much air and kind of cutting through so it speeded up the swing very nicely i also think i can't prove this but it seemed like it oriented the sweet spot maybe a little more in a general sense to the center of the paddle i didn't sense a lot of dead spot it really seems like the vinyl.

Strips are very well attached and these paddles are both a hair under 16 inches in length a lot of people understand that i like the longer level levers the longer paddles this really kind of adjusted my definition of goal posts of what kind of paddle design that i like this is a little shorter i had zero problem with.

It i usually hang a little off the end of it for extra whip and zip on the swing but overall spin peeled off of this thing beautifully i couldn't see any real breakdown of the grit over a period of time of the play test just overall a very versatile all-port paddle for more information on the v core paddles or anything yonyx please head to.
Yonex VCORE Pickleball Paddles at Total Pickleball

– The Yonex VCORE Pickleball Paddle features an aerodynamic shape for optimal mobility and a more refined sweetspot. Yonex utilizes a proprietary carbon graphite layup integrated with a thin glassfiber layer for a responsive feel that allows for plenty of power and pop. Additionally, Yonex uses a micro-particle coating on the surface of the paddle for improved ball grip and dwell time providing optimal feel and added control on every shot. The VCORE paddles are geared towards seasoned players who place priority on speed, precision and spin.
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