Foreign hey guys it's Kip from Famous by Friday pickleball got a fun review for you a few weeks ago I got a request from a subscriber that wanted me to review a less expensive paddle maybe around a hundred dollars as as we all know the popularity of the sport and the technology and paddles has.

Driven up the price you know 200 up to Mid 300 for for a paddle and that just happens that happens in all sports and it's happened to us in pickleball and when you're just starting out you don't know you know you don't even know what's a good bag you get asked a lot you know what's the best paddle well it depends.

On what kind of game you have what you like you know like to do out there on the court whether you like to spin or like to drive or like you know you've got a nice soft hands or if you want a lob whatever you've got defense offense you've got to find that paddle well there's no reason for someone to throw you know 250 at a paddle if you don't.

Know if it's going to be right for you yet especially when you're just starting out so I got this request I thought about it for a while and I had to kind of find a paddle that a good kind of work in that area so on Amazon I found this paddle it's called an x-back for 99 dollars.

Now it's got some of the same similarities there's the paddles that are kind of out right now it's got a 16 millimeter polypropylene core it it advertises as a carbon fiber face however on the paddle it actually says graphite so we may not be sure what that paddle might be made of but it feels very much.

Like a carbon fiber face that we'd find on you know some paddles like Yola and you know Carbon uh and numerous other companies out there so it's very similar it's very similar in feel when you first get out of the box very similar in look 16 and a half inches long seven three eighths inches wide.

It's 7.9 ounces so a lot of those things are similar but this paddle once again 99 the advertisement on Amazon I would almost implore you to look at that because it's it's it's quite funny apparently Roger Federer uses this paddle because it's got it photoshopped into his hand along with a bunch of other pro tennis players.

And on the website it says enjoy your time on the field and serve like the pros so it's their advertising is not outstanding their advertisement on Amazon is not really perfect but it's got four and a half Stars rating and people have like this so I thought why not 99 let's take.

It out let's put it through the test and we'll find out if this paddle's any good or if it can play because it'd be perfect for somebody starting out or perfect for you know we'll find out what it's perfect for so headed out to the courts right now if you're going out that way you're gonna get to hit the X back I hope I'm.

Pronouncing that right I'm not even entirely sure so headed out to the courts right now I'll be back we'll see how this goes all right foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Stop foreign hey guys back just spent the last week or so getting to know this 99 x back paddle going out to the courts I had no idea what to expect I never heard of this company never even heard this about had no idea yes it looks familiar to some of.

The other paddles we use yes you know it has a nice feel but you have no idea until you get out to the courts what this is going to play like and honestly even though it had four and a half star reviews on Amazon and really good feedback and you're still I really didn't have very high expectations and.

And thought this this this review is going to be done real quick and I was going to hit just briefly and and and move on but almost from the very first moment I hit this paddle it it just is very smooth I didn't expect that I thought it would.

Be kind of clunky or kind of harsh um maybe a little cheap you know 99 company I've never heard of um I thought it would be kind of cheap it's really not the the review even the the the pictures that I'm gonna put online and the videos.

I'm gonna wrote online took much longer than I ever dreamed because not because this was a bad pedal is because I just enjoyed hitting it so much it's a fascinating paddle I I'm just gonna it's I'm gonna run through the attributes here it is consistent it is accurate it is it's got a little pop not a lot it's not.

Not really a power pedal but it's not it's it's not it doesn't lack power the power is there you can hit this ball anywhere in this space and I did just to see I hit it everywhere and the ball still went over and it still went it was so easy to use and so user friendly that if you got the paddle in front of it it was.

Going to go back agent it's got spin it just does everything so well does it do anything exceptionally no but it does everything so well I would highly recommend this paddle to a beginner if someone's just starting out because of The Sweet Spot you can hit it pretty much anywhere and you know when.

We first start out we're scattering the ball around the face a little bit it does that so well and it's so friendly and so easy to use and it's so soft that you don't get any of that jarring I don't I can't imagine ever getting tennis elbow from this battle just because it's so soft I did toward the end of the the week I I.

Threw some weights on here I took them off for the video but I threw some weights up there knocked it up to eight one eight two and all those attributes were still there this is really a good battle I suspect it comes off the line the same line the same production line as a lot of other paddles we pay a lot more for.

I know that in the reviews on Amazon it also said that as well but I believe that is true it's it's very similar to a lot of the pals we use for a whole lot less guys if you've tried this please let me know I never even heard of this till I started looking and and found this I'd never even heard of.

This battle and then I found a I found a friend that I actually played with that uses this paddle and he's a good player he's probably you know four or four four oh four five very good player he actually uses this please let me know if you played with this this is it I I'm just shocked I'm beyond shocked.

Um please let me know I would love to hear your thoughts on it if if you've if you've seen other people playing with this paddle wow so guys please hit like please hit subscribe I'll be back with more content the 99 dollar ex-pack I don't even know if I'm saying that correctly.

Really a nice battle I am so shocked wow all right guys
XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddle Review by Famous By Friday Pickleball