Television will get underway and Sam you're gonna flip you're gonna be with uh you're gonna be with the the other other the other half for the bracket tomorrow exactly Fleming and you are going to be doing the morning coverage yeah and we're gonna call some mixed doubles which I'm excited about and uh.

You know as as someone who's gonna play next year on the pro level I'm it's been fun to call those singles I'm excited to call the mixed doubles pick up some of the nuances and some of the strategy and hopefully Implement some of those things into my own game zero zero and I'll be back for the afternoon session like I was today.

Out is Jansen Miss hits there zero zero that's one of the wildest pickleball skirts I've ever seen right there passion is as important as anything in pickleball say you you look good you feel good and you feel good play good DaVita originally from the country of Georgia.

To play professional tennis as well before making the switch to pickleball beautiful shot by her there that started with the serve if you can get your serve a foot from that back line you're going to be in the driver to see it on your third shot almost every time.

Foreign covered a lot of ground but Jansen had her Working The Angles and finally able to finish it off it's one of those when you're defeating you hit that shot you know you're probably gonna be in trouble on the next one but you gotta hit it and see what happens yeah and I think she's gonna.

You know go at that ball again it's kind of an All or Nothing shot if you're gonna go there don't just try to make it in you kind of got to go for the miracle shot the miracle angle try to hit a let Court try to do something to throw your opponent off of that because if you don't put it over yeah the other person could hit an unforced error you're.

Probably gonna be in trouble but Point great shot Clips the line it builds it to a three nothing advantage great look at it right there how about the eyes of Leia chanson point and make it a fauna thing lead out of the gates here for David's a.

Monisha Smith 4-0 is the lead official for this match thank you professional tennis I'm in in Salome has you beat even she played 17 years of professional tennis and she got you know her highest ranking was 254 in the world which is a great ranking that gets you.

Into the qualifying of of the Australian Open The French Open Wimbledon U.S open so she was at all those big events she's played uh you know tennis at a high level so that you know is going to transition her over to this game and and she was probably one of those girls that quickly became a a threat to some of these other pickleball players.

Relatively quickly 36 years old for David Zay and already top five in the PPA rankings uh in the women's Pro singles division chance in meantime gets to serve back looking for her first point of this match and she gets it right there that was a let Court oh it was a lead side out.

I did what Jay debilier did yeah I looked away I looked at the bracket and then they're re-serving if you missed Jada Village match earlier against Tyson McGuffin he had a shot that he hit it he was so confident it was a winner he didn't even look and McGuffin able to get to it and finish it off.

Inside out Jansen will get the serve back as Davide hit that one long zero six ah a yeah there's a winner down the line off the backhand by Jansen chancing.

I was able to dispose of Yana critchkina earlier on this court in the quarterfinals although it wasn't easy at least not in game two she won the first game 11-4 game two was 13-11 in favor of Jansen here we go she's real off two in a row she seems to be finding her game a little bit more here and and David says.

You know do her best to stop little momentums in this game you know if she loses this point if I were her I would take a time out and and kind of stop the train at three we'll see what happens here she does call the timeout so three straight points for Jansen we've got to break into the serve out of.

The timeout by David say Point make it four straight points for Jansen levite say looks like a different player compared to those the you know the first half of this match she couldn't miss a ball doing everything right seemed to be the aggressor and now she's finding uh difficult to kind of keep balls in play.

Almost Jansen tries to paint the line but misses wide so the serve back over to David zag six four great work by our crew and David say hands the four nothing run by Jansen gets it now back to a three-point advantage 7-4.

That was it I can't overrule did you see that wow we thought it was in Jansen thought it was into Vijay calls it out that ball was that's right inside the line there David say almost made the call before it bounced I think you know we had DaVita on Championship Court.

On a match earlier this year when the PPA was in Cincinnati and there was some controversy about some of the calls that she was making even before the match started the the I I don't recall who she was playing in that match it may have been Leia Jansen it may have been parento but I do remember that match started with their.

Being there's some concern about whether or not to Vijay was gonna gonna make calls accurately yeah I mean look see that was a bad call from DaVita but there's also two umpires out there one of them's got him gotta see that clearly to make the overall that one is clearly long by David say so Jansen will get the serve back here at.

Four eight point and chance and now gets it to 5A foreign from our fantastic production team that it was Leia Jansen that Davide was playing in that tournament I remember it in Cincinnati it's a little bit of bad blood here even before this starts hopefully that'll make for a more.

Exciting match which you know we could see them they're getting into it now for the later half of this first game six eight as it is tightened up here and now DaVita going over to talk to Anisha Smith that's the great thing and I'm sure it was the same way in tennis right the.

Story within the story like the game within the game all these players know each other they've got such history you know not Everyone likes everyone on the on the tennis court or the pickle Court well and it's not even necessarily I mean as you know Sam from playing I mean it's you might be friendly with somebody.

But the second you step on the court that goes away yeah and to be fair to some of these balls are tough to call if someone hits a timeout you know one eighth of an inch of it touches the line you're pretty much guessing on that ball whether it's in or out well that last one by David say was out and it beats his only way to break it it's going to.

Be to get serve back foreign that is ruled out so nine eight Leia in front two points away from game one nice misdirection there by David say everybody did a good job of working the ball around the entire court there we kind of.

Saw eight nine a handful of different shots from her she's got the ball back on her serve Right Down the Line by Jansen he knew it she gave the yeah before that bullet even bounced gets to served back here at 9-8 foreign.

Point and now David's able to get back to even nine nine so anybody's game here nine nine best two out of three winner to take on Catherine parento for the gold on Sunday side out man that's going to be long so Jensen take serve back you can see now this is.

Kind of the first they've got the lights on in the stadium the matches kind of transition from day to night oh backhand pie defense well placed backhand Bali almost had some Top Spin on it nine nine points fires receiver ten nine does the timeout is going to be immediately.

Ten nine second rough in this match so pain Point number one for David's a both players now out of timeouts by the way but it won't matter as that closes out game one David Zay continues at the tennis club of Newport Beach State Ben Sam query glad to have you along uh the coverage here of the women's Pro singles semifinals.

In a hole now trying to see if she can win this second game to draw even in this best two out of three and nice start for her here in game two exactly that's the start you want great backhand down the line serving a quick one zero much better start than game one when she trailed six nothing.

Got a credit to Visa though I mean she took some punches there but she she was never really knocked all the way down no yeah she you know let a big league slip away had a had a controversial call which is always a little awkward and then kind of just managed to find a way to win that stuff so two nothing here for Jansen.

and that's wide so DaVita we'll get the sir back look at that sky in the background the beautiful colors as the Sun is setting over the West Coast can't find a much better setting than Newport Beach any time of the year really.

Point DaVita just flicks it into the corner with ease yeah there is no doubt although you know what Naples and April isn't so bad either you know I haven't been there in April but I'm sure it's amazing it's uh I know I've got the US Open there in April which which should be a great event.

Foreign look at what we're talking about that that beautiful sky a lot of pink a lot of pink just absolutely gorgeous side out side out here it gets it back over to Leia Jansen.

The great thing about the PPA right now that they've completed the merger and their players are now going to be free to play MLP and they've always let the players play in the U.S open which has been great now it's gonna be uh you know those team events next year at the MLP having all these PPA players over are are gonna.

Be awesome I think everyone's really looking forward to that both sides MLP players PPA players uh you know in the draft which I'm assuming is going to be next month at some point everyone always always loves a draft I was just gonna say I I think that the MLP draft is going to be must see TV like that's gonna be gotta be amazing who I mean you.

Know it's only two two men two women on each team so they're coveted spots two three uh you know you don't know who your partner is gonna be you know the doubles chord of a mixed doubles chord and so you know whenever they make that announcement it's it's 100 must-see TV I just wanna I mean Ben John's number one I mean is there an.

Upset pick to be had yeah I I mean I don't think Ben's a I don't think Ben and Annalee are automatic I want picks you know with uh look Tyson's playing great Jay's playing great yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be fun to watch oh great shot by Leia putting it back into the corner and if it's.

Anything like last year's draft I'm not 100 sure how it works but it's it's one of those things where if if you drafted the best male player you you weren't allowed to dress the best the uh or draft the best female player you were kind of it was you kind of had to take someone a little lower so I'm not sure I'm not sure if they're going to snake.

Draft it again or uh whatever it is she's hoping it can keep the momentum going because she's been the one with all the momentum here in game two with the forehand to get the serve back two five the lob and Jansen says okay you're.

Gonna lob it I'll take advantage the law of it and pickleball feels like the lob works one out of about every one in a hundred yeah you know Matt Wright able to hit the lob with some efficiency usually but yeah that's it's it's not a uh it's not a shot that a lot of people have hit for Success no a little more on the woman's.

Side you can kind of find six obsessed with the men's side is extremely difficult side out to hear David say with the reaction as she forces the side out we'll get the sir back wow and the paddle whip that was as big as come on as we've uh we've.

Heard that was a Tyson McGuffin come on here inside out I feel like Leia called that out before it even landed it was way out DaVita here just you have to walk your feet first kind of trying to bully Jansen and and pretend like she saw it in but everyone knows that ball was out.

All stands that angle I mean it's I think it was that angle didn't help my case there but nickel did nothing the ball was out the outcall stands so Jansen gets the serve back here at 5-2 and then puts that one away.

Two five into the corner for David's a makes it three five I don't know that I've seen a player focus on the ball as much on the serve as DaVita I mean uh most people look at the ball when they kind of glance up while they're hitting it it's like she's locked in on that ball no.

You're right she locks it you see here she's got that routine she really kind of plants her feet does the bounces which I don't really see from any other player and then bends and goes after it oh it's working right now she's got it back to a one-point game there you go four five.

Let go that'll be sorry that side out that didn't land in so not a lead it has to land in it has to hit the net and land in for it to be a lead that one hit the net for one out so that is a sod out what I like that she's going after the serve there foreign makes it 6'4.

Six four again if you're just tuning in as we've passed five o'clock on the west coast eight o'clock on the East Coast coverage tomorrow on the live stream at 1 30 Eastern 10 30 Pacific as well as T2 on your television foreign four six.

quick hands and reflexes by Jansen great point there from Leah Jansen so serve back to Jansen with this 6'4 advantage six four points Jansen makes it 7-4.

Point time it's gonna be long and you know they're kind of playing their third match of the day what other sports you might want a whole day and you've got one basketball game one football game One tennis match so uh this one you really have to stay engaged you know not only while you're playing but while you're while you're taking those breaks.

You kind of have to stay mentally with it and make sure you're you're moving around or stretching or doing whatever you need to do to be prepared for your next one but you're if you're making a run in these singles days on Thursday you know you're mentally and physically locked in for for six seven hours during the day.

Well then if you make a run at a triple crown that was that was on Sunday then you're looking at oh you're looking at potentially you know best three out of five on Sunday so this is you could be in for a lot of time on a court if you are fortunate enough and everybody will take that no question every you ask any player can you play for a Triple.

Crown I don't think they feel like they're out there for hours on it right and at the end of the day if you're if you're in the position playing for triple count uh you know it's worth it to Vijay point we're told singles this week two out of three on Sunday so that will ease the.

Burden a little bit let's get singles is tough I mean look almost kind of like tennis singles and doubles in this in this game uh pickleball are almost two different sports you know singles is so difficult and grueling and the movement is tough timeout timeouts receiver you step one time in.

Defeatsay trying to draw even here at 7-8 now Leia she's gonna want that one back yeah she's not happy with the result there so tied at eight to Vijay now suddenly with momentum on her side and that does land in.

99 foreign saw an opportunity to put it down the line but she's unable to get it over the net and now we're tied at nine nine oh a nice shot by layoff the Baseline and she's got a game point.

Ten nine yes I'll recall chance of trying to get it to a third game instead DaVita staves off at game point number one Point Liam Miss hits there great deep serve from.

Davita's favorite call for the timeout bounce back on Sunday and re-engage in the singles when they need to so Davide now with a chance to go in front and indeed she does someone yelled out that's going out right before she tried to hit that over here okay yeah.

You can call a hinder okay I can't call a distraction but she calls there's no way that should be a hindrance okay can I speak for the rock go ahead just go ahead and then the person said oh my God I was going out no no no no no.

No no it's in a fortunate situation but it is all the time basketball people are yelling when you're trying to hit a free throw football I mean if you're the offense in a way Stadium they're yellow the whole time it's going to be a replay no it is it's a valid hinder no.

No um one of the worst decisions I've ever seen in all of sports to Vitae rightfully it's a referee timeout unhappy we'll step aside is they will confer Newport Beach is it 11 10 or is it still 10 10 we'll find out.

Welcome back to Newport Beach California Dave and Sam querrey as we continue on here at onisha Smith having a navigate a little bit of an unusual circumstance there as you can understand both sides here I mean Leia Jansen clearly upset that somebody screamed in the middle of of her trying to hit a shot.

But salame David saying come on you can't take away a winning a winning exchange for me based upon a fan making noise in the stands no this shouldn't even be a discussion and we were just talking a little bit about off air it's like someone yelling at a Tiger Woods backswing or you know or a free throw that's just.

Part of the game if you want fans at your event this is going to occasionally happen this happened at tennis event so that I was playing and it's um it's unfortunate it's unlucky but let's say Leia would have made that overhead for a winner are they replaying the point then and in in favor of David say of course not.

You know Don Stanley has made his way out to the court to discuss it well you can hear Salome expressing her sentiments pretty much in line with what we're saying right I mean it's you know that's that's part of sports look DaVita may not be a fan favorite in this sport but she's a hundred percent right here and and at no point should this be a.

Replay I mean if that's the case when you're playing everyone should bring a a drunk buddy with him to every match and and have him yell out at critical points of the um of the set or the game and and see if you can just get a replay this was a terrible precedent if this is a replay and you know I mean it it was.

I think from Leia's point of view it was more what was yelled than the fact that something was yelled it was that that you know it's out and somebody was yelling that but you know it's let's take a listen and it wasn't from that audio it didn't it didn't sound so much like a yell as.

It was even a oh it's just a guy there excited look there was no there were no fans in pickleball one year ago she should be excited there's people in the crowd they're they're having fun they're having some drinks a guy yelled during and out during a ball that was in the.

Air that just that's just part of the game and to be honest to you Sam it's it's you know a little bit surprising that this is taking this long to to figure out what they're gonna do yeah I mean I get that they probably feel like they're establishing precedent so they want to get it right at this point at this point it's gonna.

Make a decision and they've made the it looks like the wrong decision timing they are replaying 10-10 so 10 I believe it's 10 10 yeah side out and there you go now the serve goes over back over to Jansen and she's I mean DaVita should have had a surf for.

Match point there and not and not a not a long break to kill her momentum either that was five minutes I mean we'll see how she handles this but um you know mentally this is going to be tough to overcome for the detail right now foreign if I'm defeats and I lose this point I.

Pack up my bag and I leave the court I don't even play the third set that's how that's how infuriated if I were her that'll be a side out because it didn't get into the into the proper Zone after it hit the net so 10 11. David say now will get the serve back that by the way was.

The second game point opportunity of this game for Jansen so DaVita has staved off two of them and now she gets hit back to 11 11. you have an 11. that's out so DaVita now has a chance at match point no 12 11.

If you'd say for a berth in the final and that is gonna do it it's wide and defense survives 13-11 and
This is the Takeya Newport Beach CA tournament.