Final Dave Fleming here Clark Benassi I got musical chairs over here with me today a lot of great people and as I mentioned before we went to the break we've got Salome Davide who has been a very accomplished singles player all year long staring down Annalee Waters.

Thanks for having me back absolutely never after production gate that's 2022 that's right but you're giving me a second chance and I appreciate that absolutely love having you here brother and Anna Lee Waters ripping balls all over the place now she came out firing against Anna Brighton.

Then Anna bright shut it down in game two in the quarters forcing a third game so Anna Lee has been very comfortable on that end of the Court David's I know she's got to go for that serve yeah but talk about someone that's come on the scene I mean Salome in the last year year and a half unbelievable.

Playing she gives her all on the court every single time boy yeah we talk about David's a very accomplished tennis player God was out Angela Lumen and Craig Lavelle confirming that that uh sort of inside out backhand at a very weird angle was indeed wide.

And two freebies in a row here yeah we talked about it when you know players are playing someone like Ben Johnson the same goes with Annalee Waters you have to not only be perfect but you can't make any mistakes Dave and that's really difficult in this game boy and again the pressure especially with.

That little extra mph on that side of the Court really good from davise there it's a nice Cross Court winner she's gonna have to put together a few of those gets rid of the ugly zero so on the board hop serve there.

Gotta keep an eye on that there Clark yeah if I don't know that's a good question I don't know the answer again here after the Miss serve from Al salami's a fighter Dave she's gonna fight to the last last point in this match just deep there from David's.

Gets a second point another missed return so to pick a ball and it is a smart one I don't care if I'm up seven three we're stopping any and all problems get approach for David's I just gotta stick that volley seven three.

Probably not the right shot selection with the Speedy Analee on the other side no I'd say you want to keep her back as much as possible Dave hey I didn't hear a call but annalize stopped and the minute another good return it's a 9-3 game one semi-final two winner plays Leia Jansen on Sunday.

quality return he's putting so much the one thing that I really admire about Salome and of course Annalee does it well is keeping her weight forward on her shots in a late game point Just Clips the tape there so yeah both.

These ladies are hitting so much power at the moment just handily that has a little bit more and she's putting the ball in precarious spots indeed just wide nice swinging two-handed volley so a lot of the two-handers like to just keep.

Rolling with that standing way wide here's David on the serve a sail well out with the wind that are back I don't know if that was a tactic but it set her up really well for that shot I don't know if she anticipated the shot down the line from Al I.

Okay the beads they fired up I like it another souvenir for me yeah how many is that today I'm 10 or 11. it's unreal how many balls have come to me here all of her timeouts here Clark yeah I like it again way wide for the positioning for David's eh and I like that a lot of people just walk out serve from the same spot every.

Time and you got angles to find and if you think that sets up the point better for you to do it sure second game point for Emily Waters yeah and it gives Al some different looks too it doesn't allow her to get in a rhythm and hit the same exact shot over and over again yeah that's why I like these you know we've been talking.

About a lot today and all singles day is about going for your sir but Throne mixing in one off speed pitch and making them find the pace is a smart choice yes foreign Waters gonna come on DaVita was in a good position they just didn't do enough with the high volley buddy Dave Fleming Clark Benassi.

A little Frosty end there really close ball and a big serve for DaVita to start game number two yeah Dave we talk about it she can't worry about anything that happened she's got to move on start fresh each Point's a new match play weird bounce there too good from David Zach.

And again we have seen those on the David's side have that extra oomph behind their ball and it makes it harder to deal with okay now we have another concern on the line call here that ball on the replay clearly looks in.

And that ball is indeed called and overturned so Craig Lavelle overturns that one replay evidence was pretty clear there not pretty clear very clear yeah we will replay salome's got to use this to get fired up absolutely so it gets the side out but a quick three nothing.

Start for David's can't do that though now in pickleball especially it's so important against you know an opponent like Al keep your foot on the gas and that is the wrong gas pedal right there what a cat foreign.

That is a tremendous point on both sides and sometimes the other players just a little bit better right on the line in the corner for Annalee Waters she's a race the three zip deficit talk about a high level match both of these players are just leaving their hearts out here on the court Dave that's the foot speed of Annalee Waters.

That was an outstanding drop volley and unlucky that it hit the tape and trickled over that's what makes her special yeah that was a great point a little early call there for May Al it looks like both ladies are fired up still Dave yeah we're we're involved in something here yep.

Foreign with her signature sunglasses on you know kind of like a poker player you don't know what she's saying oh she's her next plan of attack she got two seven or pocket aces never know good deep baller and you don't see Anna Lee off balance like that very often no even when she's on the Run she's usually.

Gets into a good hitting position four four tied at Four game two semi-final number two and David say takes the two-hander but keeps it in front of her that's a tough ball to hit because the left hand wants to drag the paddle across your body right.

Yeah I showed a lot of discipline there it was super clinical finish foreign talk about a confidence Builder right out of the timeout what amazes me about how these two ladies are playing Dave is it looks like.

It's their first match I mean they're both fresh they're both giving it their all at the semi-finals right now yeah it means they slow on the pace down here a little bit now unlike the men's draw just to remind everybody I haven't played five matches or six matches so but they do.

Look like they could play another four hours if it was necessary and why not have a 57-55 in the third thank you again that David's ain't pressure Natalie Waters can't find that neutralizing ball to bounce and then get back in the point right now that catches the Baseline and that reply.

Catches the tape eight four yeah I think she looked over to her mom like what am I supposed to do there I mean it was a great shot from Salome sometimes you got to just go return the next surf all right just wide there so does Anna Lee have a run we've seen it all day long a little wide there and I think Anna Lee.

Hit a ball she thought was going deep With the Wind saved her yep oh and there's a come on from Annalee and we're at six eight and it's David say who's seen enough so you can clean the Slate here and get out so here we go six eight there were three balls in that point.

That cleared the net by fractions of a millimeter that's why these two ladies are so cool wow and with a point to tie David's egg comes up with that forehand dipping roll so she gets the ball back at eight seven yeah talk about ice in the veins she put that in such a good spot Dave.

Again going for that wide position on the serve and gets another missed return that's a gorgeous volley from David's right there is the ball that Anna Lee hit looked like it would be good and boy to hit a tennis type ball thank you so that battle of Four Hands just blunt.

Force trauma of cross-court goes to Emily Waters just outstanding Salome is hitting the ball ferociously at the moment she wants this second game so bad try number two thank you got it out and Anna Lee is able to keep.

That dipping right below the kitchen that's a tough two minute backhand volley to make there because it's hard to get underneath the ball a couple of thirds missed in a row here for Al game point three for Davide yeah the nurse has got to be running a little bit.

And that is too good from Salome Davide and she has forced a game three so and look at what we have here the angled serve Waters thinks it's going to go wide and lands on the line and has to eat it characteristic from her two absolute gifts here inching up to the holiday season but not.

Usually our first week of November no kiss is wide off the tape so two for David okay so much like we saw in the first women's semi-final the volume came up as we got closer to the finish line and that gets the crowd involved so I.

Tried the same role that won game two there but that ball was lower and she was a step back from the kitchen to an easy shot foreign so the pressure and I'm not saying the mental pressure but the pace of pressure from annalize amping up.

So gifts on both sides frozen and Adina Menzel and let it go baby here we go great serve wonderful drop volley from Annalee Waters there and that's what it's going to take to win points now five two okay so fist pump from Annalee back everybody.

We have switched sides this is the second semi-final and Leia Jansen awaits the winner and there's that little extra mph didn't get clean and is late on the Inside Out forehand yeah we'll see if Salem can claw her way back into it here thank you.

Boy you couldn't have asked for a better two point or after the switch for David's a Miss from Annalee and then I another one to get you on the scoreboard quickly it's a nice spot from Salome there on that line made Annalee work it's the only way you're going to beat.

Her make her move make her work hard out at 6'5 her lead but David say Obviously to serve boy that return was not hit clean at all and just snuck over foreign tremendous ball from Anna Lee Waters is Salome Davide took a step to her left and once you do that you're you're done.

Yep and Al has lost the sunglasses as well Dave and that's two big points in a row for Waters and now it's debate calling time out back back and forth Anna Lee Waters is holding on to the lead a missed return after the David's a.

Timeout is an absolute killer not a good time and a gorgeous two-handed backhand volley would just look at the look at the form there just a little punch and it was 6'5 a second ago and only Waters called timeout we're at match point and thanks for coming just like that.

It's unbelievable how she can get on a downhill train and just run people
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