Defense let's go we got Anna Lee Waters as you see there and she is playing Anna bright this is going to be a good one let's play Pickleball two players really at the top of the game right now and zero foreign.

Rattle off several this is three and we've got the W I feel like you see that more in the women's game with the men's game I think partly it can be a reach thing but you're seeing both of them stay back laterally in these points as you mentioned so bright if there's one thing I know.

About Anna bright she's a fighter she's never out of it wow that's just our consecutive points to start a tournament but Annalee is at 28 in a row 29 in a row I thought that was going to be tonight Jinx uh can't chance Al right is doing everything in her power.

And can't believe the quality coming back 30 in a row I mean what's difficult so she wins her first round match 11-0 11-0 and we're at nine zip here so you're getting in there she's there earlier right but now she's getting to the net let's see if he does.

The exact same thing again here if he stays back and guesses 31. we'll check the good news for the world records there well the former ESPN and very uh well followed Sports business and gambling reporter and that's what happens on.

How to get from Bright it's like the eighth ball I put back in place they don't see that on TV no they don't right of course so uh and a bright the Cal bear tennis star against her and she hits it 10 times as hard as me oh so I don't think that age.

Means a whole lot look at that ball in the corner and that'll do it and that's as impressive as see a fan of bright find some answers you know that's the approach there okay great shots and that's one.

Yeah okay quarter final action here beautiful and she was able to turn that thing cross-court there and that oh gosh it's a great shot just such it's already moving to cover that line and in order to hit that cross with power which she did I mean that's impressive.

Oh and a little inside returns one and now four one and a big singles players miss a few it's in the budget what do you need to do to get to the pro level be like Annalee not like Kyle good.

And then a bit more angle going the other way there's that budget you were talking about there's a seven three seven foreign right here in the next couple I.

Foreshadow a big command okay here we go we've got another predictor in the booth next to me folks let's go no they say if you predict enough you're gonna get a few right yeah we're hoping the predictions of the weather tomorrow change yeah Ali has been winning hits the.

All right reaching that far so good play by Anna bright yeah the two-hander fan club like myself you give up reach when you hit it and the forehand is now just as lethal it really wasn't shot by Italy there sometimes you just gotta tip your visor that's a heartbreaking Point playing brilliant pickleball.

Good shot right there so good job out of the timeout to be the aggressor like you talked about Kyle world what it uh wind was heavier I might push that ball out foreign fight to that level but all right Annalee Waters calls time out seven nine.

Foreign he wound that and saw the return Annalee Waters hit replay the let's here on the PPA tour a big moment like that yeah we'll see if she if she comes in on the next opportunity she gets like that foreign right on the line.

See what she does here oh and guess it missed you're gonna break talking to herself game point there we go okay and it is displayed by Anna bright at the second half of game two she wins it and we're gonna play the third game if side is the factor because.

Side Anna Lee Waters is on now has the wind behind it question wow high enough to make Anna Lee Miss right on the line twice composure good point can't twice and again Anna Lee had to extend one-handed which again.

Just popped the ball up a little bit and everybody took advantage of it later you're struggling a little bit but she's the number one player in the world let's see what she does okay that was close called wide so zero three.

Two three conference room there but they chose not to nice it is Anna Lee Waters who's on a roll here won four points in a row and a bright calls the timeout again we'll switch sides at six just wide there so five straight so what.

Gamer runs here annalize found the Rhythm she wins another Point here we'll switch sides like you mentioned it'd be interesting to see what happens on that switch it appears and it has been this way most of the day that those that are playing more aggressive the dial in the wind are men.

Too should get some good uh some good deep shots she'll approach afterwards so here we go six three swing but the legs are so critical in the sport foreign so don't make a mistake when you're that far ahead in the point so Anna Lee looking to add to our seven.

Point run here okay they're ripping balls right now full swing attacks here folks Anna Lee Waters eight in a row after being down three zip in game three just deep on that one call the ball very well though they're making each other move this is this is good pickleball.

Foreign people get your get your massage guns ready how's it fixed back up as I mentioned that balls it's back to that word execution yeah oh and then a missed return start it's match point for Anna Lee Waters point.

Second try oh goes with the lobster and that will do it so Anna Lee Waters is pushed by Anna bright watches a massive run go against her in game two
This the Baird Wealth Management Texas Open tournament.