Norman vilgus the second ref Nancy pucker Paka how do you know how to say Nancy's last name game one time in zero zero Packer Xena I believe Nancy we apologize we don't necessarily know the pronunciation but she is the tracking ref and we are underway.

1-0 parento quick one-nothing lead here and that is out but not by much yeah just a dangerous two-handed backhand on parento just misses tried for the more loopy angle you can see Athena her partner just sitting off Court there.

Corner with plenty of room to spare compared to originally from one zero Montreal quite college tennis here in the United States including a Michigan State where she was introduced to pickleball by Simone Georgine sort of a prodigy of hers.

Channeling her inner Simone jarjim she's gotten off to a great start here again short returns coming in you're in trouble much better return from David say but then can't make the volley and singles unlike doubles points okay I mean you can look up and it's six seven points.

Right now for self-inflicted wounds time in so David say that early time out see she can turn things around here so she chose to stay back and parento hits a gorgeous Cross Court to him parental keeping everything alive right now.

It takes a ball on the edge of the sideline to win a point here so far for David's end I should say yes Catherine misfires there so now there is a point for David impressive 17-year run on the pro tennis.

Tour foreign Georgia able to mount a little bit of a rally here sex Point well she's cut to deficit in half she sure has David it's been with.

Penetrating groundies of her own that are within an inch of the Baseline side out gets it back over to parento six three shout out and that does again catch the line so salame's caught a couple of those three six.

Point and we're straight now and right now she's liking the fact that she's got a little bit of momentum well that's a well-placed shot by Catherine yeah a little outbreak of emotion from parento there after she makes that it's a really good.

Ball there Catherine able to dig that out after that backhand but DaVinci had all kinds of time to think about what her next shot would be and she executes it beautifully yeah and unlike we saw some of the cat and mouse from uh Ben and Tyson although that match didn't last long enough to.

Have much of it to be honest with you but none of that in this match part someone gets to the net and they either hit a winner hit an error or get past no one is dropping anything and that's their style that's what's working that's why they're on Sunday five six.

Tough to argue with that this fire there by David say so parental will get it back six five foreign that's too good Yeah you mentioned her tennis career and that is what a two-handed backhand looks.

Like and obviously singles pickleball more mimics singles tennis so the tennis players are especially tough at the singles game parento played a little tennis too and she places that one well trying to six five and the run though she's giving up five straight points.

After the six nothing lead and she does finally put another point on the board and that time David Jay was usually you are volleying too have the advantage there she was balling to save her own life there.

Fourth timeout receiver the lead saying gonna use a timeout that's gone now so hopefully a call does not become but it's something you got to have in your head well the timeout at least induces the side out she gets the serve back five eight thank you.

And that paints the line to make it 6-8 usually you eat a short return and someone hits a clean winter when you follow a short return to the net that was just a clean stripe inside out onto the outside of the edge again David's a very impressive heart and to BJ again within a single point.

And that's the pressure that you know you got to hit a good return so you try to make it a little too good and you miss it out Salome had an opportunity there to draw even this has not been tied nor has Salome.

Had the lead since it started Catherine got off to that six nothing lead foreign to could do no wrong in that lead that you talked about Dave but a couple of balls that she's had a good look at that she's missed and that's why her lead is but one.

Point all right we're tied to race to three eight eight oh boy gets it right down into that corner past ferento to take the lead yeah and the net was the key factor there so what a time for a let cord.

what a time for a wicket down the line and now that woman right there has the game point well we'll see whether or not she can take advantage we all know that 11th Point that's the hardest one to get.

that does stay in and again parental try to catch up to it she can't so Salome trying to build off that and win a gold in Newport Beach she's up one game to none in this past two out of three against Catherine parento.

DJ catches up to it off the net and then puts it into the net yeah Davidson played a great points to start game two and then the net created a little problem for let's see if parento can build point and now Catherine takes the early lead 1-0.

point and that's out so another point for Catherine so there was an appeal you can you don't have to just challenge you can ask the referee if they see it though we'll overturn the call but everyone saw that out.

Ah come on assistant replay the first game yeah it's just on there on different sides of the net okay that's all understood just checking three zero and Melissa McCurley from I appreciate all you do including just texting me to.

Tell me that someone made has never won a gold on the PPA tour make her a little uncomfortable and she has to start game two that'll be wide 5-0.

side out okay so that's long I was gonna say one more point and this would have been a replay of game number the same thing zero five foreign tail will get it back again a chance to go up six nothing.

Five zero and there it is six nothing the other thing you have is the dichotomy of the way these two players like to play parento likes to play at 100 miles an hour and when things are good and Davide is going to take her sweet time 7-0.

Parental comes up to the kitchen and then the overhead to finish and the other thing that parent is doing is taking and davita's just got to go all right well I did this last time so time to channel that but this feels a little different to me Dave.

Feeds a couple of nice backhands they can parent they'll go side to side and Catherine having an answer for everything but there's only so far she can run you know people ask me about pickleball singles all the time and it's like oh it's so much smaller than tennis own.

Covering that by yourself is a workout and David's did a great job of fun the whole Court on the board who paints it down the line so the player that's been able to get that ball switched has dictated the rallies.

Sign up parental will get it back even the ball back to parento is slowly rolled back to her real close on the line over there he'd say with the misfit there and now Catherine nine one nine one you want to bring up game point off the net that hitting the net there might.

Have actually helped her have a chance of it staying in and this is the final game of our coverage this week and a winner of this is going to take gold in the women's Pro singles return parento hits it wide so salame David say will have a chance to try and.

Get the first lead shut up a tremendous overhead by parento there because she had to go back a few steps and then still able to find the angle zero zero okay so the next so it stays at zeros.

Zero zero fight and that one just misses so DaVita strikes first yeah you don't see too many rallies from the Baseline in the men's singles game in pickleball but uh the women's you'll see a lot of points like the one we just saw there I didn't say clearly 2-0.

Foreign to Misses down the side so make a three nothing crowd urging on parento there and David say 3-0 really did a nice job at the kitchen line of moving parental around and forcing the error.

foreign was ready for that it was her that uh stepped into the court and took the ball down the line and that forced parento on the run so finding a change of Direction.

Has been who has been dictating the points four zero salamander Vijay looking at trying for Catherine Prince on a big hole make it five nothing parentos down to.

Just the one time out remaining she'll get the sort of mini side change to sort of settle in but man that's a big milestone you'd certainly like to not have a goose egg when you go to the other side but that's the fate she may have if she can't win this rally and she will not win that rally engine.

Back in Newport Beach the tennis and pickleball Club at Newport Beach been a fantastic host all week long out of the side change we'll see if parento can make something happen say it climbed out of a six-nothing hole in game one can parental flip that script in game.

Three zero six oh Salome was going to try to hit a little finesse shot to finish it but she gets it into the net instead seven points in a row from this side of the court in game one six hear the reaction out of Catherine nobody else out there so you gotta find.

Your inner motivator or more to tie this up or is to be digging to get it back and continue her strong play and get that first gold medal appreciate all the spectators you've stayed through the conclusion of Championship Sunday a little drama to close things out.

The VJ comes up to the kitchen and reaps the rewards just a great choice as she comes in after that ball right there and doesn't let Catherine Off The Hook by staying back that's a smart strategic choice that David's made able to get the lead up to five and.

She's four points away great stick volley on the passing shot the initial one from parento put a cross court in just a foot inside the Baseline that's a strong volley parental doing work from the Baseline and she had to do work because uh the serve was really good and David say chose not to hammer it but placed it and.

Might wanna think about bringing more to it next time she comes in that just caught the line there Dave yeah so three seven three seven sign up just why it is okay.

Comes flying wide here that ball looks like it's got all green there sort of stumbled into the video boards that line the court seven three so seven three David say foreign finally finds an angle that works strange Choice from David's there.

Because after that ball right there she was in a position to do something different than just throw up a defensive LOB ster this is why so David's a frustrated with the call she does have a timeout left she wants to challenge but chooses not.

To so takes it out on the net and then goes back to play without a challenge call Catherine back within two at five seven maybe it is the side Dave because the aggressor has really come from this side I was going to start from parento in game one.

Catherine reaches yeah but couldn't do much with it and it was the difference between how much down the line could parento get that she had David say well off the court but didn't get it close enough to the sideline therefore David say was able to track him and hit a beautiful ball.

fight and now the BJ three points away I saw Catherine going gotta go down the line with that eight five nice shot by Catherine David Zhang I'm sure would have liked that one back well if you're gonna cut yourself up in the.

Middle of a match and then you execute it in literally the next point after when you said don't roll across court go back behind her it's nice that you get to do it right away foreign that's long feeds ass Mr Hepworth if he saw it deep he did I.

Did Dave Benz did everyone there did because it was out six eight uh-oh seven eight seven eight foreign parento when you switch sides in the.

Third of the best of three down six zip it is hard to find the fortitude she has and now she's in front 9-8 and she got going here on the side switch and that's what you got to tell yourself I'm going to the good side I won 11-1 on this side.

I'm going to do it again both of these ladies are out of timeouts and that's long parental one point away wow and David's a hit an absolute laser into the corner that got a Miss hit from parento and had one that was almost too easy for us just sitting there the only difference is she had to provide all the pace and.

Provided too much oh Catherine game and match and Championship point will not happen that time so Davide still breathing aimed it instead of hitting through it there Catherine gets the serve back another ball off the tape where parental.

Again had to reset her footwork and perfectly placed Championship Point number two and that's the championship what a comeback by Catherine parento she rallies back after blowing the six-nothing lead in game one really's back from.