Really hard to avoid seeing them win Triple Crowns today so you're five out of six on that let's see what happens annalize starts the game off on a positive note to get the serve zero zero nice two-hand backhand from DaVita tremendous return there and but I want people to watch is where David say.

Stands when she serves she tries to find angles so she goes as wide to the right as she possibly can to serve try and get Anna Lee off the court as you see as we cut to that shot finally finally working her way up to the kitchen and then puts it away so that's an interesting choice from annalize she did sort of a half drop.

Shot and chased it down and fires it into the Open Court zero zero side out trouble and then she's got David's out of position so smart little strategy here from Waters early on right back catches says devizay.

So if you do not hit a quality approach against David Zay you will be picking the ball up from behind the scoreboard and it will have passed you and that's exactly what happened there DJ loves to Target more than almost any of the players loves hitting those delicate beautiful passing shots foreign.

So seven serves and seventh side outs to start this match yeah no one's been able to do anything get to the kitchen line and take over as the server and that did catch the line so another side out this is very interesting this ball right here that annalize continually choosing to hit sort of a mid-range drop to the.

Backhand that time Davide just took it up the line nice and smooth probably didn't hit it exactly where she wanted clipped the line though finally we've got a point to Vijay breaks through Norm Klink scales your lead referee Tony Jaden the second referee Denise Smith the tracking referee and Isabel Gautier.

Was I even close she's she's right next to us here in our broadcast location working replay Anna Lee puts that one away you didn't make a call I did not hear a call all right so we've got controversy you came up here to the Apple sign out.

Okay you cannot have two bites on the Apple it says Norm Klink scales meaning you can't see the result of your shot and see that Annalee hit a winner and then say that ball was out right we saw this earlier today just call the ball if you think it's out call it out you can't keep playing through zero one.

Oh Anna Lee goes back to the same spot that had just been vacated by David say and Anna Lee will be waiting to serve quite a bit for DaVita to get there she's going to try and slow this down the entire match yeah we talked about the age disparity between Ryan Sherry and Ben Johns at 16 years David Zay and Anna.

Lee it's 20 plus years beautiful shape on that forehand pass there by David's a so on the left side of the Court David they like to stand right in the middle and serve so she's always looking for Four Hands on the serve Annalee try to hit a passing shot for a winner but David say.

Was able to track it down and then finish yeah Hannah Lee went for too much here because David say is absolutely off the court she could have hit a ball in the middle of the left box and it was a winner but uh two one went for too much point I had two straight points now for David say.

And Waters has to be careful with where she's hitting these returns if you're gonna run around your forehand you're already off the court there and then put it in the middle David's got all sorts of time and opportunity there that's going to get past every time foreign that's going to be long so.

Back over to Annalee to be the seventh serve of this game for Anna Lee and still looking for just her second point what do you say in the position here oh you won't play shot by Waters yeah and that's the the difference in the quality of the backhand down the line.

From DaVita if she gets it closer to that sideline Annalee would not have a good look at it but left it a couple feet inside and then you're in trouble thank you and Adam Lee has knotted it up our first Rally from the Baseline obviously looks more like tennis here in the tennis channel of a couple of.

Women banging balls from there and Annelise sneaks in and finishes Anna Lee able to just get to that one off the net and out and Waters with her first lead of this match a little unlucky for David's there she had a good look at the two-hander and had Anna Lee beat but the net said no.

Long on the third shot Waters calls that out okay David says had some uh interaction with uh Norm klunk scales already on a couple of different calls but we will play on some great shots by Waters but DaVita was ready for him yeah nice job uh owning the kitchen line.

There with smart volleys and finally got Anna Lee off the court and punched it there three four Waters will take the serve right back and there you see the value of hitting a great return because David's a well off the court there doesn't really have options except dropping the ball and.

That's not really her game she doesn't want to get into that with Annalee water so you're in jail and you're not getting out Point friendly makes it 5-3 if you uh just tuning in you're catching the final match of five today here on tennis channel on this championship Natalie Waters already two gold medals.

On this day women's doubles and mixed doubles trying for the Triple Crown and appearing to find a little bit of momentum here right now yeah she's found that forehand side of David's a six three with a little extra pace and uh has forced some errors it's gonna just miss wine.

Oh actually didn't catch the line how about that I thought it was out but Salome didn't protest it's in and down that's a really smart shot from David's coming out of the timeout uh well played shot by David Jay yeah just held it showed a forehand that looked like it would be going cross.

Court and then flips the paddle face inside out that's really nice from David Zach mentally able to get to that one and drop it with some finesse on top of that great control of the paddle by Waters and she knows well back gonna be really hard for DaVita to get there don't do too many thing that's.

Even remotely close to the net and Waters had that lined up all along makes it 8-4 this nice easy volley paddle out in front just punch it up four eight Anna Lee making Salome run all over the.

Place and then the backhand to put it away yeah the book that she brought into this match was if I can just put a drop shot or something short to the backhand side of Davide and make her run good things are going to happen and that has consistently shown up here in game one Salome.

Did she get it she did wow the ATP on the absolute dead Sprint because this looks like a gorgeous ball from Salome and look at Anna Lee get there and all David's can do is tap her battle that's insane quickness and then to be able to make the shot and not overhead it tremendous.

And then another winner down the line you want to know why she's the best player in the world to be able to put those two shots together in a row and Mr Fleming so here we go game point number one and that will be game number one Anna Lee.

She's our season plus then another one at Nationals yes just a couple weeks ago out at Indian Wells she did not play in Newport Beach tonight long before her mom got hurt they had a wedding that weekend there was a bunch of tournaments in a row so uh zero so everybody wondered if the two were connected it was not.

You can see from that shot David's standing way over to the right side of the Court please set that up with the little finesse shot and then the point was wide open this drop it to the backhand is the pattern and then just stand in the middle and see what she comes up with because you know you were playing.

Somebody with a foot speed advantage that you have oh and away just barely but didn't matter it doesn't matter if it's close it was still good she's just fantastic yeah and again you got to know what you're dealing with you're dealing with somebody who loves to hit passing shots especially on the backhand side don't.

Give him that don't give David say any of those and she's taken those out of the game now she's dropping the ball and coming in now the danger on that is if it is at that point in the rally you're gonna get passed that was not where the rest have gone and good for David's records again the rule on the serve is your two.

Feet have to be inside an extension of the sideline when you go to serve so David say well within the rules where she's set up unable to catch up to that one though just a nasty short angle you know this is where the kitchen is your friend there's a passing shot hitter because you cannot come up and.

Take that ball an inch or something that like you can in tennis such a smart ball from Waters thank you apparently just takes the ball and drops it down and says I'll get my second point two zero you know this is when you can tell someone clearly game planned an.

Opponent two a three-nothing advantage again we saw it on the forehand a minute ago and then that backhand just dipping past Davide 3-0 live reserved just got past the catch in there yeah.

Not by much but enough Salome able to track a few down keeps it alive and then Italy dispenses of it to the other side yeah it didn't do enough with that overhead when she was a little bit ahead in the point and then again that short ball to the backhand and then hit it.

Into the open court I am impressed with the strategy as well as the execution here from anally water so of course whether she came up with that or Mom on on the mend over there really smart play well you know that's the thing mom on the mend gives her a different way to look at things 100.

And now it's five on that receiver nothing Waters yeah just to clean up one thing on the Annalee Waters hoping to close this thing out in two games has a five-nothing lead six points away from a triple crown and David's able to just get that one in and she will get the serve back and she will get her first point.

Yes uh you don't get extra points for hitting the Guaranteed Rate sign Dave so uh that's a great ball from David's a getting Anna Lee on the Run she's the one that's been on the run this entire game see David say likes to stand right in the middle she's looking for Four Hands doesn't want to serve to the Anna Lee.

Backhand and Salome was trying to work an angle there but the the vertical angle was not favorable no and I like what she was doing she was ahead in that whole rally Anna Lee was the one not hitting through the ball because she was pushed deeper had a chance to step in and hit a ball in the corner but got to make that ball.

Especially at this point in the match but uh which you didn't see there is a missed serve from Anna Lee Waters so uh David say will happily take that season of giving absolutely it's always time for a bow Natalie trying to work an ATP there but couldn't quite get it around the side.

Yeah I think she really never had that as an option as she's coming up so then you got to decide are you going to roll it leave it in front of you and by that time you're losing all the momentum so nice little drop volley there from David's a couple in a row thank you it's a great shot off the Baseline by.

Anna Lee yeah the problem with giving her an angle is your angle might have been good but hers is often better and then you're on a dead Sprint Salome wanted that one back yeah not happy with herself at all six two very quiet Emily Waters here today for uh.

Singles somehow tracks that one down Salome puts it right back where Hanley just was and Anna Lee obviously has exerted a ton of effort here today has two victories in her pocket so a two-game match clearly would favor her.

She's the only one that can have that now obviously oh hanley's still able to come down with that one and DaVita finally wins The Exchange so salame trying to scratch her way back here at 3-6 yes DaVita has been much better with the.

Depth on her balls and coming in instead of having to be the one trying to pass thank you the lob by Annalee is way out of bounds how about receiver 4-6 and Annalee has decided she wants to start part of the time out to BJ trying to get it back to a one-point game.

Oh what a great job by Annalee after a wonderful serve and approach davidse had a huge opportunity here to put a ball away and didn't do it it's this fall coming up right here that's got to be over here there's a Target right there with about 13 winners that have hit it.

So Annalee I mean that was a that was a huge side out by Waters and David say had a ball where she could have put it away just wasn't able to do so foreign and there's a big come on Yell I mean the anticipation of this is one thing but you got to be able to make a shot.

With one hand come on ridiculous indeed Dave Pence eight four make it 9-4 and Waters two points away little veteran move to you have one time I remaining come out receiver absolutely huge and annalize since that side out now three straight points and two points away and make it one point away.

Championship and Triple Crown Point for Waters upcoming 10-4 and we'll have to wait and I'll leave long on the return so sell me still breathing so he gets it right back just so smart.

Again just make her run and don't do anything special and just hit it into the open I mean the game plan here is so so good and then obviously the player executing it even better Triple Crown Point number two and there it is Triple Crown number seven of the ppap season for Annalee Waters at just 15.

Years old
This is the hertz national championship in Orlando FL