This is a mom too got a three-year-old so uh this is gonna be fine three-year-old daughter Isla so Irina Anna are in the far court and Paris and Hannah in the near course zero zero one interesting they choose to stack right off the bat even on the return misses with that.

Passing shot zero zero two side out running to the Nets of the sign out we mentioned it earlier bright and Todd are the highest remaining seed in this women's practice because they did hear Andrea Coop make mentioned the fact that the waters are not in this.

Tournament so that opened the door for a lot of the ladies coming soon yeah we had that and then we had upset City so you got you you have the one the two the three I mean right just rinsed Cali Smith and Lucy kovalova that's easier said than done by the way no kidding oh great shot there by Irina.

I love that she kept the ball on that side of zero zero one and a bright spotty as she was trying to defend on her right Point close to the line but Anna bright says no no that was good that was good.

The law by right and that shot by bright is long ER right with the early lead here oh my that was true at a right there tries to this sort of inside out flick but too much on that yep just misses not very much and to the next and the side out will.

Get bright and Todd a chance here to get on the scoreboard zero two one foreign and make it one two Paris Todd I mentioned when we saw her earlier today her affinity for fashion actually has her own fashion line called wasted with the w-a-i-s-t-e-d second system to be clear definition.

Here yes I don't think the other spelling wouldn't necessarily work so good of course in today's society I'm not making any both predictions about anything there's a really nice one-handed backhand finish from Etta right you know you get that control just such a night you can see the tennis in that.

Just a nice smooth stroke didn't try to do too much I like it not only has a tennis background but you name a racket sport and and she's had some experience with it when she was at BYU Hawaii after she got done playing she became an assistant coach for the tennis team but she also taught badminton ping pong and.

Racquetball that sounds like the perfect resume to become a pro pickleball player so glad she saw that so you saw tarashenko keep following through with the forehand as you watch this like got to get the paddle all the way back there three times and couldn't get there a fourth one two one.

Not a lot of time for decision making there just let the instincts take over yeah that's why if you punch it you leave that paddle out in front so if you take the big swing that is the risk of having that reset it tennis players I'm one of them love to take the big hacks foreign.

Into the net and we're tied to two two did Julie need to get out of the way there by Paris yeah it's got a little wrap on her knee but uh her movement uh earlier was impeccable and even has some good dodgeball skills there Dave the other thing that as the sun goes.

Down and it gets a little colder the ball is going to play even faster we saw that start to happen in the prior semi and it'll definitely be coming from all four ladies here when they have a chance to smoke it Irena couldn't catch up to that one second so two three two.

Three two into the net by Paris and at a right doing a good job when she's got a backhand of taking it down that sometimes is a tough shot for players but uh it definitely is all over that how about that she comes she flies and tags and gets a point.

Out of it that was weird because her last step there was kind of in the kitchen I'd have to see that again for the route she took after she tagged Paris into the net by Anna so Tara shank on right will take the 5-3.

Advantage nearing its conclusion for this Saturday fence alongside Dave Fleming been a pleasure bringing you this coverage here all day Jonas willinger was doing a fantastic job this morning debut worked a marathon shift today so kudos to you my friend thank you brother all day I love me some.

Pickle and it'll be you and I all day tomorrow for Championship Sunday and I am super excited for that me as well and Irina tarashenko is not super excited about getting tagged in the right thigh there but uh it's a nice ball bringing it back across the body of the player in front of you three five.

One tough to defend Irena puts you down the Boulevard and a little bit of miscommunication there between bright and Todd three five two so move it to three five two how about that play off the kitchen line by Anna Gray.

Yeah these two haven't had a lot of those fiery points that we saw in their quarterfinal match so uh four five two they feed off the emotion communication right there is that one sails out short return big Drive tough backhand volley for tarashenko five five two.

Friendly bounce up the net as it tags bright for tarashenko pretty sure bright would not call that a friendly that was friendly for Terry Shaco ball got a little bit too personal for Anna's liking you have five confusion as they check with the officials yeah because they have that.

Unique they started out stacked so when they're not stacked they don't have to stand both on the same side there point is that point yeah well it was it went out of our camera shot so I I wasn't 100 sure there you go you can see it says hit the line and Irina right down the middle.

For property loads that time and is able to hit down and through seven five one so moved to 752 love to see how to write chase that dank and what I mean is slide to the middle and then she would have been on that ball right there seven five two.

That glances off Hannah Bright and she's hit again they hit the tape and then it hits so you're gonna air in tomorrow that's just the order that I wrote them down on my paper yeah so that's Dave Ben's order folks we'll get the official one out here soon and a step back attack from Paris Todd is right in the two-handed backhand of.

Tarashenko you see again Todd and bright played pretty straight up with bright on the left the last few points have been bright on the right they have not gone well so she's switching back over here and 9-5 side out they do Force the side out back to the perfect one way they started.

Oh the second horse thereby right yeah just a really nice knifing dink from Etta right there though to force a problem this first game Irina has really been impressive yes and before that Wright slid just a little to the left so she'd get a good swing at the forehand drive and.

That's set up tarashenko's finish 951 you've been dialed in on all the college football Dave I'm not sure Irina wants to know how Texas Tech did today nice job right there they they were patients until the opportunity presented itself yeah and it's hard to keep a cross-court attack not going wide because you have somebody sliding over.

The forehand but she hit it perfectly in that left hip at a right couldn't get her paddle there that's a great ball after some really good defending before that foreign and get the serve back it's a pivotal point in this game.

And they too and a great job by how to write it dealing with that penetrating sometimes when you roll your cross-court thinks you leave it up just a little and right does not let her get away with it so here we go game point number one oh my goodness.

Okay we'll need a game point number two but they're not gonna get a chance at it right now because it's going to be signed out and they would love game point number two to look exactly like game point number one except for the Finish Arena temps and Ernie and then cleaned up and finished by Etta and another.

Cross-court attack in that sort of pseudo Ernie look that uh Arena foreign love that you stayed engaged loved that she was ready for the initial response and she countered and then stayed engaged really well done King Point number two.

Second sub that is the great Target for your returns that left foot of the player on the right side to try and make them a backhand if the person on the left side of the Court doesn't come over and take it as a forehand foreign number three turns out to be the winner.

And Terrace going right frieder during that timeout yeah the bright and Todd intensity was serious as they're trying to fire themselves up we'll see you know I think where they're going with their attacks will be interesting here I think uh they want to try and find a better place because they've been countered quite a.

Bit and that is just long so Terror shank on the right one zero two the early advantage of Paris and and I had some chances there and they don't capitalize on any of them and it ends up biting them I mean arena tarashenko is flying all over this court.

And finishing she is precise she is really playing well here today that was an impressive Scamper and then gets the Finish all that intensity that we saw before we came back 302 has not translated to a good start for bright and Todd 302 right now foreign.

How good is Irena playing this is like a flying around the court has been timing just terrific we'll see can you keep that going bright still keeping them back on the Baseline now they get up to the kitchen let that one go a little bit of confusion there between ranked tarashenko I just love that Arena just.

Kept coming and stayed engaged there and let a ball go that was just on the line loved it love the way she's playing no holes such a an easy person to root for too it's just been such a great ambassador of this sport such a long time.

And would love to make an appearance Football Championship Sunday desperately would love it foreign ly too quick side out there for Todd and bright they don't get a single point out of it four zero one let me get to the kitchen line second it's a little bit of a gift there.

Four zero two another point though for Tara shank going right and there's the problem if your fourth is up and that is the ball that Anna bright hey you got to leave that in the kitchen because if you're trying to pass that your opponent's flying in great job by tarashenko right let's go it turns out to be the.

Right decision yeah that was tremendous air traffic controlled by Todd there because bright was gonna hit it right hits it right at the stomach of Todd and she got a little bit handcuffed just a little bit of the tape on the way there.

Frustrating side out just some of the time even if it's tied up but you got to hit a lot of balls and then maybe you're in it I mean they haven't hit any balls on their serve second serve move to the second serve here's where you gotta keep them down get one get two zero two tarashenko just don't give them any hope.

Well there's one yeah they are halfway home and smart thinking here from tarashenko she goes Six Corners over there and then Todd is not covering middle because the ball's in front of her that's a great shot by Tara shenko and a great pattern for people to learn that'll be long did it land in like.

Unbelievable I thought is absolutely on a mission well she's been putting on some sick tricks this week in Newport Beach catches up with that one come on I mean Irina doing everything right now against putting it away that's just that's just too good.

I mean the one ball was 40 feet behind her and she got her paddle back there and then at a right though doesn't panic and try and do too much gets them back settled into the kitchen love the way these two are some symbiotic on the court wow and make it nine nothing.

And Todd and bright are out of timeouts full swing with the almost like a 270 there from that or right and then she finishes the next one this is impressive Brighton tarashenko finally get up to the kitchen and another point and one away from Championship Sunday on the way to the kitchen ETA Wright.

Made an unbelievable reset and we have a pickle Point here Dave and that'll do it how about that stunned unbelievable unbelievable Paris Todd and Anna bright had played so well in tarashenko and at a right
This is the Tekaya Newport Beach Ca tournament