For three titles today and we'll see if she can get this one but this is not going to be easy against a team that is on fire point and into the net and an early lead here for Jansen and kalamoto one zero two and Leia talked a lot about Jackie kalamoto just doesn't miss just makes so many balls Leia Jansen can then be the.

Finisher for this team Jackie kalamoto out of the Indianapolis area played her tennis collegiately at Dayton play it Jensen puts that one away and that is their formula let the Dayton flyer set it up and let Leia Janssen finish into the net by Jackie yeah Natalie Waters two-handed backhand.

Is just lethal anywhere on the court especially with that two-handed brawl dink great defense by Catherine and a lead with that backhand so that catch in seconds right there sure did zero two two move to zero two two that's what the new.

Partnership you're not sure who's taking a middle ball like that that's a ball Annalee could have easily gotten to yeah and I thought we saw a little bit of that yesterday especially in that design uh making design and Elise Jones match that as good as Annalee and Catherine are they're still trying to find that that symmetry together as a.

Team much Hannah Lee's so good I mean Jackie kalamoto hit four winners on that point at least it looked like they were and they end up losing the rally Catherine is so quick Anna Lee a misfire there.

two two one yeah great win for Jansen and kalamoto against the top seed kovalova van Smith yesterday yeah they played really well in that semi seconds to the net by kalamoto and then Waters and parental were in a humongous hole in game three of their.

Semi against Jesse Irvin and Anna bright who were playing outrageous pickleball but scrap their way all the way back and got here I believe it was four eight at one point in that game and Kyle Moto puts that one away to get a point and surge in front.

he saw her just pushing Catherine off that kitchen line and then you're hitting down and they're hitting up and you are at a huge advantage point and that does not get up over the tape yeah the South Kirk net uh was riding the rails for a minute there stayed on the other side.

Parental goes to the lob Cal Moto able to track down a long rally going on here and finally hit into the net by Jansen yeah and you saw Waters and parento said okay let's let's put uh Catherine on the left side this is something that Anna Lee is used to doing frequently with her mom.

I don't think Annalee really has a side the side is when she takes a size of the court it's not a side of her half of the Court exactly the court the court itself is herself that's her side two four two move to the second surf here at 242. sign up Catherine was trying to put it.

Down the middle of the court but putting it in the net instead that was a huge forehand drive by Anna Lee but you were driving at the one of the best volleyers that lady right there Leia Jansen unfazed by that pace all three defense being played on both sides and a league caught up to it but.

Couldn't get enough paddle on it to get it back over and the crowd appreciating that exchange crowd's loving that cord because it's like a fireworks show they ooh and I and there was just no angle for Annalee I mean she got there with plenty of time but since it just dribbled over you can't pop it up over that 34 inch Center check out the net.

Catherine goes for a put away and induces Leia hitting it long five two two ah nice job pulling the paddle back by Anna Lee yeah the Court's just 44 by 20. so uh you don't have the ability to go with a cross court attack too often from that.

Position because you're going to hit it wide oh yeah she had Annalee at the middle of the court and knew that back corner was open takes advantage two five two shut up and how about that the side out you know and it's the.

Complimentary play Jackie kalamoto so steady and it's Leia that finishes and this newer partnership looks really good here in Orlando the chance to take a big lead if they can put a couple more points on the board and indeed they've got another Point great host for this event this week absolutely awesome to see tennis and.

Pickleball coming together and the players a thousand amateurs that have played here all weekend are loving it the timeout does nothing to stop the momentum for Jansen and kalamoto Leia tries to go to that back corner and Miss fires that'll move it to 7-2-2 and this is a lot of pressure on Catherine.

Because I'm not saying this is like trying out for a movie role but you are trying to figure out is this the partnership for next year with Anna Lee Waters who wants to play well obviously and win but there are long-term implications of this match as well yeah no question I mean it's a foregone conclusion pretty.

Much anybody that Annelise says do you want to play alongside me is going to say yes to her Point into the net from parento to move it to 8-2 yes ma'am hey two two point and yet another point to move it to 9-2.

Not too too chance and kalamoto have scored a point on seven of their last 11 serves cow Moto misses wide so Waters and parental will get it here they need to make something happen they've got five Street serves without getting a point and the Mojo meter is cranked towards kawamoto and Jansen.

And again they fail to net a point yeah just just don't usually see Anna Lee looking uncomfortable and just like that ball right there just not her typical solid over the ball and now hits a Drive deep it's uh it's they've looked like this in some of their matches and been able to recovered but this team is on fire.

Foreign from the kitchen line couldn't catch them all and that takes us to game point yeah the dominant person at the kitchen line is Leia Jansen right now 10-2-1 point game switchings and that'll do it it only took one game point I mean I thought it said Riley in singles that.

Said Riley I'm single okay all right well so is he so there you go oh duly noted game two here in this women's doubles championship match Waters and parento going back to that first game Dave they've now gone eight straight serves without scoring a point.

The chemistry doesn't look great leaving that ball right there uncertainty so can the talent level rise which we know there are two phenomenal players and find the chemistry because the chemistry between these two on screen is remarkable foreign that was just totally miscommunication.

There they end up bunched together and that was just too easy for Jansen and kawamoto yeah the how much Court who's taking what I mean Anna Lee comes flying over there to drill a forehand and she has that weird special secret communication with her mom that Lee would have gotten out of the way of that ball but we are far from.

That here with these two oh beautiful double backhand around the post yeah on the Sprint from the T here that is not an easy ball to hit but she is there in plenty of time so I like the energy can they find some chemistry to go with the energy I mean calories hopping up and down they're playing these two play incredibly fast.

When things are going well second serve Natalie puts that one into the net though you got a loud Screech to go with that like she was on universal foreign extending her trip to go there tomorrow probably a little less crowded on a Monday I would think anyways taking pretty much everything right now.

And for profit yeah it's hard to be patient when you're on on attack the whole time and make sure you just keep your opponents deep and then you want to find a pedicure Dave find those feet beautiful job by Annalee there so the energy is turned into quality play here to start.

And much like we said with that men's game it's certainly a one-nothing lead to math favors your side taking game one but I think both these sides capable still winning this Championship down the middle goes to 3-1 3-1-2.

Catherine parent to a native of Montreal now calls Florida home as does Anna Lee so a home state match if you will for both of them ATP by Leia is too deep well you didn't make a call there was no call you hit the ball you did not make a call did you hear Now call there was no call made the ball was not the no call made before the ball was dead that's a.

Point no call was made talk about receiving team Adam sent some love too he's the tracking rep for this gold medal match and we'll play back in it a 4-1 count here point and make it 5-1 so after a huge drought to close out game one.

All but one serve for Parental and Waters and this one so far has resulted in a point up until then yeah so they were lacking chemistry but they weren't lacking energy and now the scoreboard can produce chemistry as well as a beaker so and they're gonna go grab that ball and get it back they they're gonna go high.

High high Pace it's up to Jansen and kalamoto to slow this down even before how quickly they serve foreign a quick side out to get it right back and it was Jansen who took over game number one unable to finish there 5-1-1 second sir off the net and does just.

Land in it's a kalamoto and Jansen are on an odd returning so they are going to stick with the placement that they are and the net is all over the court right now and Elite tracks that one down but can't keep it in the Jackie kalamoto for two consecutive.

Days has been thrown Top Spin lobs over people and Landing them right on the basement no your shot was the last shot the rally ending action that cannot be challenged so Anna Lee making the same mistake now that she just saw play out I'm a little bit surprised she hit the shot and then called it out and then asked to.

Challenge and it's uh you can't do that got to make the call First and I by the way for the record I did think that that Paul anally hit was probably out yeah you can't um continue with a point there and then go but you can't selectively go back you cannot rewind while you're on the court and say hey that ball three shots ago or.

In this case Two Shots ago was out call it or move on and people who are new to pickle Paul might be saying well you know why are they hitting it then you know and the thing I'll say is you know from my very limited especially in relation to the the players we're seeing now my limited time playing pickleball you're.

So focused on hitting the ball you're not always necessarily focused on whether or not it's in or out and then after you hit it then you might be like oh that might have been out off the net and out yeah your your job as a pro pickleball player is to play pro pickleball part of your responsibility is calling the line.

All right sometimes we have to do both that point will move it to six one six one one blocked by Waters and Jansen just misfired on that receiving teams and that is looking into the sun there and then Jensen's level has dropped just a bit and if it drops just a bit the scoreboard will change dramatically and.

It has here in game two by the way Jansen and calmoto are out of time out so keep that in mind they won't be able to challenge anything the rest of this game should there be a challenge that they would want to make parento nonchalantly puts it into the net and I think she thought this ball on the sideline might have been wide it's a.

Very awkward pseudo scorpion from Leia Jansen there just protecting her body to the net 172 Jansen will take over they're in dire need of getting something going here and indeed it's a side out so back over to parental and Waters and.

They're going to keep attacking kalamoto she's the least dangerous part of that duo so make her beat you we heard the shriek that time from Space Mountain over it Jensen into the net to make it 8-1 eight one two chance and speeds it up and parento caught a little bit off guard.

And that's what she did so effectively in game one and the difference here is she hasn't had the opportunities and when she has she hasn't made them that's why they have a huge deficit foreign Jansen putting that where Anna Lee was going to have a hard time catching up to it and they finally have another point.

Seconds are yeah that's what can happen in a second game I mean every third was made by kalamoto and Jansen now a wild swing there and the scoreboard puts pressure on you please have your tray tables in there upright and lock position please we've.

Had that all week Janssen all right she's turned it up a notch here yes ma'am and you see the energy out of the two ladies starting to pick up as well now Catherine Hey Brother forced cow Moto into an awkward.

Defensive shot placement over power there you don't have to hit it through him sometimes you have to disguise it that's beautiful inside out from parento kalamoto can't return the serve that takes us to nine one second so Catherine was trying to put it away instead he moves to 9-3-2.

932 foreign a lot of ground on the left side there but kawamoto kept him in it and then nice finish big hole Annalee throwing everything at him right now.

Finally they're able to break through and now it's no communication on the kawamoto and Jensen side there as they were playing defense three not two Jansen goes through that routine before she serves every time just to get centered and to the next side out gets it back.

Over to Waters and parento and the level has dropped for Jansen and kalamoto part of that is true play from parento and Waters chance of trying to pound it through second sir and Anna Lee from that Baseline can't get it back over so move to the second serve and that's what a tennis overhead is you pound it into the.

Ground and bounced it into the 98th row you cannot do that with the dura gotta find angles well they're staying alive here they've held Waters and printed only one point on their last five serves but they got to start putting some points on the board themselves questions.

Point and out of bounds and that'll get it to 4-9 and 491 Catherine kind of got caught in the middle of their day between the kitchen line and the Baseline trying to defend admit they just couldn't make a ball bounce until it until it bounces you are stuck where you're at.

If you come forward on a ball that's up you're going to eat it four down two Point all right back to five nine this looks a lot like game one when it was Leia coach and partner strategizing together Dave who would have thought now the strategy is get the side out and that's what they do.

Nine five one still stuck on this precipice point the point that would put them on the onto a gameplay and now they do get Point number ten so here we go game point opportunity for Waters and parento yeah nice cross-court attack there with Lee.

Leia excuse me trying to sit in the middle and the margin to the side is significant but able to catcher and that's wide by annalize so this will be game point two oh I'm not done yet a couple of sloppy misses that uh game point there second sermon move to the second serve.

We mentioned Ben John's successful in keeping his hope for a Triple Crown alive in the first match of the day that would make five for him on the season if he could do it Anna Lee has six on the PPA tour this season she's got a chance to do that today as well and she's gotten the serve back for her side here game point number three a couple of.

High thirds from kawamoto and Jansen couldn't do any damage chance in a little Dink and Lee was able to catch up but then chancing goes up top to send it down and Annalee can't get that one yeah it's a tough lob position there for Catherine parento not disguised well and.

Mashed by Jansen so how about four game points now have been staved off by Jansen and calmoto Jansen wins another fire fight yeah she feels very comfortable with parental in front of her from the speed up she's gonna win that hand battle and then finishes Cross Court foreign.

are you calling it out okay we have a challenge yes referee timeout they don't have any timeouts left the alcohol the alcohol puts us at 6-10-2 we will not proceed with the video review so analy called it out and is challenging her own call that has to be.

The case because Anna Lee and Catherine are the only ones with timeouts left and I mean I don't know if I see enough there to overturn the the alcohol it's another one of these kawamoto beautiful very much before sign up and that one out as well so here we go game point number five coming up.

For Waters and parente games for all the details foreign the first rally do Waters and parento zero zero one and those feet are walking fast and confidently now point.

And they quickly get a point on the board one zero one I feel like they get some momentum going it's going to be tough to slow down so Jansen and Kyle Moto are gonna have to really make sure they don't let that happen yeah they just need to get back to what they.

Did in in game number one Play clean and then let Jansen take over and kawamoto just needs to be that steady part of this squad Point Jansen into the net two zero two oh Annalee goes down the middle and then she goes right at the feet of Leia.

Jansen the mistake there is Leia Jansen sticking her backhand in front of kalamoto's forehand and popping it up you know the ball's close to you but you have to let that travel to your partner's forehand yeah oh yeah a little frustrated as she got a little.

Bit too much on that one four zero two and there was a discussion of whether they should take a timeout they said no another great deep Serve by parento serves to get those Five Points thus far amoto down the middle though to finally Force the side out yeah just sitting there ball off the tape's a tough ball to choose to speed.

Up there because it's going to be lower because it doesn't have any momentum to bounce up and kawamoto easily ready to put it in the open court second that one will not get up over the tape zero five two so still still stuck on the bagel so they switched to Jansen on the left change it up here we'll see.

What happens that was the result they were hoping for yeah typically the more aggressive player plays the left side in the women's game that two-handed backhand that many of these ladies have enables it to be a little more right side can have some big influences Leia Jansen.

Showed in game number one here Anna Lee right down the middle great place to put it and that's a great example of what a two-handed backhand in the middle can do the forehand does not always take the middle ball folks especially when it's Anna Lee with the backhand which is one of her best shots.

Into the net so move to the second serve Annalee will take over Annalee earlier this week was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list and you want to talk about excelling at 15 years old you can name to the Forbes 30 under 30 when you're when you're only halfway to 30 you've done something yeah and this isn't the.

30 under 30 in pickleball this is Joel embiid 30 over 30 in the World of Sports yeah it was the category tremendous honor for her and a great look at where pickleball is coming nice job by Kyle Moto gets the side by the way the next youngest person on.

That list was 23. second serve cow Moto from that Baseline unable to get it back over and the scary thing for everybody especially all the ladies playing pro pickleball she's only going to get better for a while yeah she's she's still ascending she's not at the Mountaintop yet and she puts it on display right there.

To end that service opportunity Jensen you know a lot of people stare a hole through their paddle when they miss she's looking at the ball and flicking around just taking a little Pace off the surf here Emily Waters parental a friendly bounce off the tape threon able to put it to the right side of cow Moto and she had a tough time.

Catching up to it and why do you want to add that lob serve in because players like Pace to return so now Jansen has to generate all the pace smart change up by annalize always good to mix it up give him a different look don't let anybody get comfortable seven one two.

Sign up parento into the net one seven one down the middle on the backhand by Catherine yeah parento has a very deceptive game from the kitchen line and she can be very compact with the two-handed backhand and we'll.

Take your pace and blow it right past you so finally that elusive second point foreign going on right here Moto finally into the net and what you saw there is Catherine parento slides to the sideline and just sets up forehand that can't have her.

Body be hit and if you want to try and get it to her backhand it'll be wide really smart Court positioning by her Point Catherine with the forehand and the backhand in that exchange one Sunday a fantastic day of pickleball coming your way on Tennis Channel this is just match number two of five.

And another point on the board here for Parental and Waters to put them on the precipice of getting to a game point and we've seen the threat of Annalee Waters that time she's actually able to connect on the poach and finish second sir move to the second serve 922 we have not sped up the video that's how.

Fast they're walking back to the line to serve yeah they're not taking their time laying chancy smashes that one home it's here Don Stanley say after that last time out Dave just so there's no question you are out of timeouts and you are out of challenges so make sure everyone understands where.

We're at look at Catherine all the way out of the Court point and that one was out and that's a ball that Anna Lee doesn't need to take off the bounce because then she is way out of position and not set that's part of the chemistry lesson second sorry kamoto into the net two big words chemistry and Trust on.

Where balls are and what is my partner gonna do with them and you only get that from reps and this is literally their first PPA and second tournament together oh what a well-placed shot by Anna Lee yeah Jackie kalamoto has played almost exclusively with her sister Jade yeah they're identical twins the big difference though for announcers which.

Is nice is that Jade's a lefty duly noted I have not called a match with Jade yet so and Jackie with that right hand puts it into the net and that gets us to game point ten three one game point number one they needed five game points to win two and they're gonna.

Need at least two game points to win game three two and there it is game number they're gonna stare each other down in the mixed doubles coming up next and interesting during the time out that you know they were strategizing together absolutely they have to right.

Now and then no secrets right now lots of secrets in the mixed quick Hands by Leah Janssen to end that yeah and I think the beginning of this game is really important for Jansen and kawamoto to find that Mojo from game one Johnson taking over at the net as she did there was the theme of game one they.

Gotta find that and you find that by bouncing the ball keeping it low and getting your opportunity you got to make your thirds though too gotta get to the kitchen zero zero two and that's the long by Cal Moto so the side out will get it back over to Waters and parental.

Point and the first point of the game will belong to parental and Waters yeah got to be clean get on this comeback Trail here can't miss things man you got to get cert you got to get serves returned over the net yeah it's time for a big deep breath for those two because it is holiday season.

But you cannot be given presents to these two especially with them on fire make it three straight points yeah and I saw a much more timid Catherine parento sort of trying to find her way we talked about you know kind of a tryout here not not you know this is an audition for 23. looking very much more comfortable now how about annalize she caught up to that.

One as she was going to the middle to keep her alive and parental gets involved to finish it off points for Annalee Waters and chanson finally able to put it at the feet of parento to force the second server four zero two a lot by Catherine Annalee hit that one and it ends up.

Being a winner wasn't sure that that one was in but it doesn't matter yeah I had I mean a very slow moving ball right on the sideline there but then to bring that back across court and catches Jensen flat-footed just a smart choice there for Manley Waters great lob by parenta to push them off the kitchen line.

A well-timed lob can be such a big weapon another ball close oh Jansen playing the angles that time and again we talked about it in the men's match it's in the budget for Annalee to be real aggressive in the middle and if you get beat you get beat you tap your paddle move on.

Jansen finally gets a point on the board here yeah lay a chance and we told you he was matched three career PPA titles I just feel like you know she's one of those people that's a championship Sunday so much but Dave so often she has to settle for the silver yeah and cannot settle for we.

Don't know who's gonna hit the third ball there either uh yes an incredibly talented player just getting the Sunday is a feat in this field with so many great players I mean they have to beat the top seed to get here they did it impressively two five two three five two so a little rally here by.

Jansen and calamoto another jaw nice shot by kalamoto keeping Anna Leon honestly what I mean by that if she's gonna keep sneaking into the middle you gotta go behind her and she did beautifully there that's deep so that's been the difference here they haven't been able to stack smart good.

Points to be able to make a run can't miss that ball right there great action and great defense as well backhands over there and then finally cow Moto into the net to make it 6-3 after just under 11 000 consecutive backhands it's a forehand that finishes.

It it's good accounting right there yep that may have been off by a couple so that's a great example of what the right side player has to do when the ball is in front of their partner sit Middle with the backhand and you get freebies if you're ready you have the ball if you have your paddle on your.

Forehand side you give them something they don't deserve Jansen had an opportunity but she missed fires you know what all people do when you misfire on an overhead no man stare at your paddle it's got to be that Yola paddle's fault well seven three two.

And my circles Dave we call that the 99 percenter 99 of the time you you should absolutely be able to do something with that shot 99 of the time you mess it up cow Moto able to get this side out get the serve back yeah and that's smart you attack one side of a person's body they're.

Defending on the left and then she goes to the right can't get your paddle all the way across your body to defend smart placement okay did the net move to Second serve Catherine on the kitchen lines kawamoto backing up and defending that is a losing proposition for her awkward shot but it lands in.

That's gonna be long she's been so good with that throughout the tournament but missed a couple here she showed her tremendous hands in that weird ball that went off the net she was able to put in a safe place second serve well that third shot doesn't get over 732.

Annalee with the lob it'll be long set up so 3-7 back over to Jansen and calmoto still very much in this game but they gotta put something on the board here already down two games to one second serve and that's not gonna help yeah thirds percentage meaning making that third shot dropper Drive was.

Fantastic in game number one hasn't been the same the scoreboard shows it oh top tape kalamoto catches up to it parento goes for a lob and kalamoto was ready with a great return the Dayton flyer flying through the air to make a beautiful overhead after she comes flying up there with kitchen cam sometimes when that happens your feet.

Are called for a football going backwards because you weren't able to clear the kitchen she did a great job of getting both feet behind the line to hit that overhead thank you foreign puts it down the middle and that worked out beautifully for parental.

741 so seven four one and that's deep make it eight four three points away from a championship so you gotta be worried about trying to do too much when you're this close too time in eight four one point and out of the timeout another.

Quick point to make it 9-4 so two points away from a championship third right down at the feet of kawamoto that'll be deep and that takes us to Championship point ten four one Waters into the net so we'll have to have.

At least six four two two championship points and still breathing yeah to be able to get an angle and Italy Waters where she can't get there and hit an ATP it's got to be the right pace in the right role great job by Jackie down match point second serve.

So smart by Emily Waters she knows they're out of position just throw it into a safe place you might get a Miss there you're definitely going to get a great ball in the next one or 10-2 oh Anna Lee she said she set up that backhand but then put it into the net yeah this is one of those where the.

Point construction is perfection just an execution challenge you'll take that especially with a fairly comfortable lead here I'm trying some water's birth now back on the Baseline they get up to the kitchen great job covering the court by Janssen and then parental puts it away.

And Jansen earlier in this point thought kalamoto was going to take an overhead and did not and then she had to go scrambling all the way across the court Championship Point number three Championship Point number four ten five two thank you.

Oh Annalee went to poach and left the court open yeah she thought she'd get something deeper into the court if it's that shallow which is a great smart fourth ball you're stuck and then you just pop it up and hope they miss which of course they did not.

Point and that post is a big difference between pickleball and Tennis when you poach in tennis you can be a few inches from the net and just finish that every time the team is obviously got to respect the kitchen line and that's why Annalee wasn't able to put a lot on that last one and now Annalee on the left.

Side but Cal Moto into the net so move to 6-10-2 -2 yeah and the side out gets it back over to Waters and parental Championship Point number five number five Point gang match and there it is the championship goes to Waters and parento.

They win it in three games and Anna Lee's dream of each
This is the hertz national championship in Orlando FL.