This is women's four five thirty five plus here at the app Daytona Beach open 2023 picktona the ball fell long zero zero two zero zero one one zero one a nice shot one zero two.

Zero one one one one oh great finish down the middle one one one one sorry one one two and this is a game to 15 all the games.

Are 2 15 today here's the tournament due to rain earlier now it's 1-1-1 2 foreign good battle one one again wow oh and that lands in it looked like it was sailing long it.

Fell just in one one two one two nice shot one two one and a question about the score there I believe it's one two one.

Yes always a good idea to double check with the ramp if you're confused at all because if you are in the incorrect spot either serving or receiving it's a fault the ref is always there to double check one two two.

One one great point good defense by The Far Side team one two one one two two nice drive but she was there for it okay great grab.

Good drive there but lady on the near side Court was ready with the defense 2-1-1 foreign and back to one two one okay I thought she saw an opening there and the ball was a little bit high but it.

Was just a awkward spot nice angle pulled her way out that one fell on two on one three one one.

Three one two after that ball Falls long drivers four one two and as I said this is game to 15 so they will switch ends at eight yeah it's pretty cloudy here at pictona as I mentioned there was rain delays earlier.

So sun is not a huge not really much of a factor at all actually at the moment covered pretty good by the clowns 142. oh locked and loaded on that one and.

Didn't quite make it over the net tape 242. 421 she tried to swing at it but it landed well long so good miss four two two nice serve on the backhand side deep for one.

Off the top of the net there lands out foreign three four two foreign 442 great return there I think she wasn't quite sure if that was going to stay in but it landed on that back line one goes along though.

And The Far Side team takes the lead five four two nice finish four five one five five one oh great grab great grab cover in that middle looking.

For an opportunity to take that forehand finishing it off I six five one fantastic return but a good third drop nice shots 751 752 now so one more point for the near.

Side team and they will switch ends 752 571 oh nice drive six seven one good shot oh and that stayed in.

That looks like it was going well long and sunk back into the court nice drive that will tie it up 771 that one stays in eight seven one and there's the switch coming out of the end switch.

872 oh nice shot nice shot down that outside edge 71. good drop 881 oh good shot taking all that power off added a little bit of spin on that ball.

Just to make sure it stays as close to the net as possible great shot 82. I think that fell long yes it did it's all tied up 881 882 oh.

Not a bad idea but the ball I think was just too low to do that she was hoping the opponent was going to pop that up just a little bit more so she could get on top of it and but it's not a bad idea it's just you you start making that move and you kind of don't have any choice at.

That point so when you see the balls too low all you can all you can do is hit it 981. yeah nice shot a little inside out there down the outside edge ten eight one nice drop.

Yeah great drop by that's uh get her side back in the point and ultimately Win It 11 8 timeout eleven eight one ball off the net there but oh good hustle on the other side twelve eight one.

Twelve eight two nice attacks oh nice attacks and defense in there ultimately ends on net dribbler 1381 oh great shot 1481 one point away from a win there's the timeout always a good idea on the.

Other side has 14 points call timeout can't hurt and here we go coming out of the timeout 14-8-2 game point and eight fourteen one nice finish yeah.

I literally right when I did it I knew it she has some height which is always good you can get those angles awkward shot there I think she was trying to decide if that ball was staying in and I I'm honestly not sure she went ahead and tried to hit it but.

Couldn't get a good shot on it 9 14 2 10 14 2 good serve on that backhand side oh that's nice she has a really nice kind of inside out shot very tough to know where that ball is going to go because it looks like she's going one way and then it goes the other.

Way he's done it a couple times I'm not sure what is going on here I think I think the two near ladies were incorrectly lined up uh and so that is the end of the game a bit of anti-climactic there uh so it's.

A fault if you I think I mentioned this earlier if you line up incorrectly if the incorrect person hits the return it is a fault so that gave a point to The Far Side team and they just won uh I think it was 15. I can't remember what final score was 15 uh 15 10 or so but good game.

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