Thank you women's 4-5 19 plus here at the diamond amateur championships picktona in Daytona Beach this is match two with these ladies Nicole and Jesse on the far side 10-2 and that was why Nicole and Jesse won match one I'm not sure it's a pool play.

So but there are only four teams I believe in their pool could serve so they will play three three games to 15 and then have I believe some kind of playoff with the top I'm not actually sure how that's going to work normally with multiple pools.

They'd have a playoff with the top two teams from each pool but since they're only four total teams I don't know what the format is anyway great point right there zero two one good uh counter attack from the lady.

Here in the black hat against Jesse one two one ball almost flew out but just barely stayed in two two one two two and slide out two two one.

At the brand new Championship Court here at pictona in the background there 1200 people just finished in the last couple months oh two two great point great Dinks.

Oh Nicole got the high ball she was looking for but unfortunately it was kind of right at her face so it was a very awkward position to put any power on she couldn't get on top of it two two one great drop off that attack from Jesse great power for Jesse to finish that off.

Two two oh wow Nicole with a really nice inside out but the lady in the gray hair almost got it back it's ready for it two two one two two and once again.

Nicole and Jesse's switching to stacking putting a hole on the left good idea when you're kind of stuck on a the result they were hoping for right there though side out once again two two one and the wind is very often on here it's actually picking up right now two two one.

Earlier in the day it was quite heavy weight and it's actually getting to pretty much the same point right now but it'll it's almost completely stop at some points so it's hard to predict two to two oh lady in the blackout I think it's on her.

Partner was going to take that forehand and then when she saw just a half a second too late that she was gonna need to take a backhand she couldn't get the angle she needed good drop there from Jesse tough to lob with this wind Jesse and Nicole keeping it alive oh.

I thought she was gonna get it it was there I think if she'd waited half a second more she would have had it three two one oh just short on that drop three two two wow quite a gust of wind right there happening right now oh.

Great angled dink there in the coal practically sitting on the court to get that angle came up with the point four two two serve on the backhand side deep oh she got what she wanted she knew her first shot was started that was too hot she was ready.

For the attack and then got the high ball ended the net two four one good defense oh great battle three four one great battle cool just short three four two.

oh that was a law of attempt from Nicole that did not go very high that's likely they're able to get back in the point oh I died on the paddle there a little confusion over where.

Everybody's lining up 442 so they have tied it up oh wow great shot from the lady in the black hat finishing that off down Nicole's backhand side really nice shot five four two and I don't know if you can hear that win but it's good finishing the goal yeah wind is.

Definitely a major factor here this causes you to kind of pause for an extra second to make sure you're hitting that ball where you want it to go foreign going in a spot where Nicole could not get it ended up catching it.

Good point good battle five five two I believe oh going for a little backhand roll type shot there and she got short six five two.

Oh yeah really nice shot great angle five six one wow what's it oh once again to call it a nice inside out but these ladies are very prepared for it and they were able to send it back Nicole gets a lot of people on that shot.

But at this level it's harder and harder and there's a ball from the other court coming on so they will Reserve there but yeah Nicole has a really nice Inside Out shot but you get to the higher levels if you were and fewer uh players are fooled by it oh.

Jesse with the ball in the top the net there came away with the point 662. good drop oh wow great spot there bye Jesse.

Taking the smart shot not putting a lot of power on it you don't need to put a lot of power on that shot because the player is just simply not going to get to it good shot six six one six six two Nicole getting that high she knew it was high and she was gonna need to reset that but it's kind of ball dying on the.

Paddle a little bit 661 oh great drive but Nicole was there for the defense oh I think she was trying to roll it over put some power on and roll it over and didn't quite get the role she was looking for 761. there's that shot.

Grabbing and rolling it over like she tried to do on the previous one and it worked there 762 good battle 862 and they will switch ends eight six two oh there's an inside out.

Good job keeping that in six eight one oh good attack from Nicole great back and forth and look for an opportunity to attack good drop oh wow just Out Of Reach in there kind of an accidental law that'll reach a.

Palladium gray eight eight one yeah good shot 82. side out on it close game all tied up at 8-8 oh good serve almost on that Baseline oh good finish taking an extra second to place that where she wants it smart.

Eight eight two oh wow great grab I dressed it up all so close to the net oh 92. and that's a missed serve so 891 I want to win very very windy right now 991.

Sometimes you can't decide whether to take those balls out of the air and let them bounce when I drop like that at the lady in gray let that ball bounce I think she regretted it because the wind took it a little bit and there's foreign.

I believe 1191 out of the timeout oh good job Jesse kind of predicting where that ball was gonna go she was gonna be pulled out she was ready to attack it 1291 oh kind of got it Nicole's feet there 12 192.

Oh great angle great shot nine twelve one great shot and finish by Jesse yes 9 12 2. oh going for the ATP again and once again not quite making it twelve nine one twelve nine one.

Oh good shot good finish on the other side 1292 I thought that was gonna make it over 9 12 1. and a missed serve the wind is pushing the ball that direction from the right to the left 9 12 2.

Nice drive oh wow great drop from Nicole as she Retreats oh and then she missed the easier shot of the reset 10 12 2 and that's well long 12 10. good shot good shot pulling the cold out to an awkward position 12-10-2.

Thank you it's very windy right now and once again stuck on 12 and sign out 10 12 1. good return oh good shot.

10 12 2. and that one going well out 12 10 1. oh and that was wine Jesse attacking those and leaving her side to court open and the BET paid off for half a second there I think they.

Thought the ball might be landing in but got finally off 12 there 13 10-1 dank from Nicole 14 10-1 great attack there from Jessie's two two in a row 15-10 good game