Coach there and of course many U.S open wins National wins under her belt here in pickleball and she just continues yes and interesting I I saw bright and Georgine warming up and of course they were hitting some balls but they were doing a lot of talking while they were warming up.

So uh you know obviously rough govet the first time against this team so we'll see what kind of different strategies they might come up with in the second match Inga Carr is our first referee for the school medal match Steve Hess our second she let us know that Cooper and Johnson won the toss and elected to choose ends.

They chose this near end and then bright and jerjim actually chose to receive serve so that is how that toss zero zero two turned up nice clean counter from Simone jargine after a ridiculous get early in the point from Andrea coop ER first time ever Anna bright and Simone have played together in a.

Tournament here in Hilton Head zero zero two always a successful first time Partnership if you find yourselves in the gold medal match nice two-shot combination from Georgia Johnson nice rolling forehand and then obviously when that ball goes up high Georgia Johnson's some of the best put away power on the women's side.

Great eye from Simone charging and I'm going to go ahead and apologize to Georgia Johnson she has some of the best put away power in the game of pickleball not just the women's side good distinction foreign wow some really good stuff there from our all four ladies and Georgia Johnson.

Picking a nice spot on that last shot to step over to her right and attack Anna bright and on the move there just got caught yeah good ball with the feet from Georgine second server the old oh my gosh what is that from Simone charging I do not have the answer.

For you Simoni yeah really good start from uh energy wise from jargine and bright who kind of almost seemed like they were in a daze for a good portion of that previous match uh and a lot of that chalked up to the incredible play from their opponents.

Point nice spot from Anna bright attacking her two-handed backhand off of the bounce and getting Andrea Coop a little extended on her forehand side couldn't come up with the counter recoup of course national champion at UCLA during her tennis career in college yeah and Lauren the number one women's.

Tennis recruit in the nation coming out of high school as she should have been Point nice uh kind of topspin rolling drop definitely a ball there Georgine's gonna come up with most of the time but well executed drop from Andrea Coop creating the error that's a very nice job and Anna bright very much looking to be a presence in.

The middle of the Court as she struck that forehand on Georgine's side but being the left player completely fine with her stepping over in that situation inside out and really if there's been anything I've seen from Georgia Johnson throughout the weekend is in an occasional forehand attack into the net.

Not using her legs enough getting underneath that ball but very much picking nits as her game has been on point like I've never seen it before in this tournament foreign there from all four ladies.

I think Anna thought that had clipped Johnson's paddle before Coop was able to pick that up but it goes long regardless I think that's exactly what she was saying but as you mentioned did not matter kind of like when uh you get called for a football but you missed the shot you're like thanks RAF.

Really appreciate that I hit it I hit it 14 feet long uh you don't need to let me know I was in the kitchen but but thank you for that two three one I'm still continually struck by how special the game of pickleball is when you can have three women on court with incredibly accomplished Collegiate.

Tennis careers and then a 16 year old who hasn't even graduated from high school who is right up there with them oh Marine hits the deck for the first time I doubt it will be her last in this match that's a good shot right there wow slippery Mr wreck from Simone.

Jargine jamming up kind of pretzling uh Georgia Johnson great attack from her Point many Ernie yeah quick timeout and uh just for everyone at home and I've only seen that a time or two early in this game one foreign committing.

to slide to her right and destroy that two-handed backhand counter and great athleticism early in that Port from Georgia Johnson who the lob was phenomenal from Simone great get from Georgia a tough spot from Anna bright she she felt like the previous ball was good.

Enough to come forward but ended up in the transition zone not able to make it all the way to the kitchen and unfortunately for her decided with a power shot instead of a soft shot from that position uh just kind of pulling the body back pulling the paddle back letting that that shot sail along one of the best.

Qualities of Simone jargine people may remember that Anna bright and Georgia Johnson were paired up in that Punta Gorda tournament that was Anna Bright's big coming out party for pickleball they got themselves a gold medal against Simone regime and Andrea coop ER Gorda I believe it was Simone.

Georgine and Korean Carr yes so I'm so sorry no worries but Simone and Andrea have played several times together so uh both of these opposite pairings have had very very good success together so love to see the success coming when they mix it up a little Corinne I'm so sorry it's good.

Wow such a nice combination from Anna bright and I had a really nice little text battle with Anna bright after the Houston tournament about that two-handed Top Spin lob it's just another option for her on that backhand side she already has so many weapons there just add one to the list yes uh big big brain on Anna bright and.

Love talking strategy with her uh whether it's via text or live in person at the tournaments always looking to tweak and improve her game side out he's gotten a hold of a couple drives filled them long good eye on the opposite side of the net point.

Yeah I mentioned the other day that I have never had a victory against Simone Georgine in mixed doubles and I've probably hit 150 drives out and she never hits one of them I don't get it second sir ever yeah great great uh counter-attack from Andrea Coop and a bright a little late moving to her right to cover the middle.

Point wow really I mean this is crazy night and day from yesterday to today so far you got two good nice sustained pressure from Coop and Johnson holding that kitchen line and finishing the point after three or four very crisp shots three ten one.

Foreign they wrote a song about it Lauren What A Difference A Day Makes I mean this is this is crazy the difference between the match yesterday and today so far yeah just uh sometimes when things happen so quickly in this game I mentioned them kind of seeming like they were in a daze yesterday and couldn't.

Quite snap out of it so uh a night of rest and Recovery mental preparation and they look like a different team today point and they will get game one done here 11-3 so an excellent start on the near end take on Georgia Johnson and Andrea Koop now on the far end charging and coop once again how many times do I put them together.

Charging and bright well taking game one I mean you said it earlier they're good together and they've had a lot of success so maybe I'm just so used to them being together zero zero one second server yeah we'll uh label that attack ambitious as Georgia Johnson as on it and she could be but.

Couldn't convert Coupe doing a great job of pulling Simone really wide on those dinks trying to open up the court yes I agree with that and forcing Simone into the last attack which was very ambitious and the previous one I wouldn't say I would I would try all the time even though it did work out.

Point yeah fantastic partner communication I mentioned Simone great at letting the ball go out but when her partner calls it early and makes it even easier for her to do so I mean perfect construction there from Johnson Simone off the court Brett has to come over to cover opens up that left side puts it.

Right where right left great job recognizing that pattern just missed on the forehand lob attempt with introduce it several times on the backhand side throughout the weekend but not as often on the forehand side oh my goodness again all four ladies a little backed up off that kitchen line.

Fantastic hands battle all four getting a piece of that action ultimately Johnson with the final put away shot two one one with the Lefty overhead after a well-disguised disguised law from Simone Georgine I'll tell you right now ladies ramping it up the beginning of game two.

Has been very exciting um I mean no I don't agree with that she could have stopped at one but she wanted she wanted to pile on she had to call herself a on top of that side out yeah everyone on court knew new Coupe was going to pull the trigger there so kind of already had it in her mind to possibly let the ball go out and.

She does so nicely point we'll label that an aggressive outcall but she got her point across didn't she three one ah she had it too much much better clearing her body kind of got jammed up at the body frequently in the previous matchup and she's doing a great job of.

Getting herself in good position on the counter attack Simone jargine great adjustment uh from yesterday to today Point yes uh I wouldn't say interesting but a trigger pull from Anna bright on the backhand side a few feet off the kitchen line clipping the tape and throwing off the rhythm of Andrea coop great pickup on the LOB.

Oh no oh hit right off her shoe yeah I think I mean I'm not sure you would have made it but I think she would have had a chance to if it does not hit the shoe as you see her paddle well behind her body and uh in a decent position to pick that last ball up wow nice power great job earlier in the point two of Anna bright sliding over to.

The middle to cover and then Simone with a couple nice counter attacks Georgia Johnson not able to come up with the last ball and while our two singles gold medal matches only went two games each this one will a minimum go three great well I mean we talked about a.

Little bit yesterday when these two especially faced off the first time charging just just looked a little off she just wasn't on her game and nothing off about it today no question she is fully engaged yeah so good able to get the ball down at Georgia Johnson's feet with a great backhand roll from Anna bright and a.

Kind of a half mini Ernie from Simone jargine destroying a cross-court forehand for the winner one second right thinking that's going out changes the call as that drops in yeah and I think that that was a fine out call let's lighten this hit from Andrea Coop I think that's why that ball stayed.

In okay there's that shot tree I was talking about the two-handed backhand on the left side you have the down the line attack you have the body attack you have the middle attack you have the Cross Court backhand roll Dink and now you have the lob that's five options for Anna bright.

Side out she's been going to that lab well a lot especially from this end of the Court must be sensing sort of maybe the wind conditions or making it a little more advantageous for her to try to throw up some of those lobs second server great call again and I'm very impressed with how early Anna.

Bright is calling these balls out it's almost right off the paddle letting her partner know great communication there's the slide you see it she commits to it so early she sees Andrea Coop take her paddle back a little bit further than normal and she is already almost straddling the sideline ready to destroy a two-handed backhand knowing Anna.

Bright is going to plug the Gap in the middle for her oh great get from coop that moved it with the wind you could see him in the in the motion as that was changing paths here and again you mentioned before I mean Simone and Andrea have played together.

So much she knows her each of them know each other's games so well they can anticipate what kind of shots they're looking for when they're gonna speed things up now frequency is very important especially when you're playing talented opponents wow so I do believe that Johnson and.

Cooper up 3-1 in this game too so a incredible six point run from Bright and jargine who are firing on all cylinders and a drinking Fanta orange on the timeout let's go let's go Anna bright you should just moved up two notches in my book for drinking Phantom Orange I was gonna give a a nice little recipe for an adult cocktail but I don't know I.

Feel like there's perhaps some some younger younger players watching well we'll wait for your viewers we'll wait for a timeout or wait for in between games because I would love to hear welcome to the Phantom orange cocktail you can come up with uh we'll just say if you love creamsicles oh my goodness a little.

Something for you orange creamsicle so good bring me back to my childhood give me creamsicles not dots and Tootsie Rolls yeah I mean I'll take the Tootsie Rolls I I will not give you that but that's right there with you I like I do I like the fruity Tootsie Rolls yeah the fruity ones are better than the chocolate ones.

This time out again if Georgian and bright can take the second game it will force the tiebreaker match to 15. a tough break a really nice shot from Anna bright off the Cross Court attack from Andrea KU but just enough paddle on it for Georgia Johnson to trickle over the net.

Foreign massive yeah massive shot from Georgia Johnson yeah tough break for jargine who had some incredible digs early in that point but popping up the last one and Georgia Johnson very much knows what to do with those pop-ups it looks like she had that might maybe.

From our angle couldn't quite see if that ball was a little farther away from her than I thought yeah she I think she she had time to take an extra step and she ended up kind of losing her balance leaning for that ball a nice little server nice little uh tip at home lunge don't lean that's the Martina Coakley right.

There uh teaching pro down in South East Florida shout out to Martina all right Coop and Johnson looking to tie this up here coming out of the timeout cannot quite get it done though what a pickup Georgia Johnson off the ropes in the backcourt they're picking up that.

Lob thank you for describing that as Steve Taylor was in my way lucky for him he's an amazing photographer definitely makes a Better Door than a window I have to say nice job oh ho Simoni given the crazy eyes I didn't see the crazy eyes at all yesterday oh no I've seen him a couple.

Times today and I like it oh yeah eight six two poach good cover such a great job getting pushed back on defense and immediately closing as soon as they had the opportunity to get back up turn that into some offense unfortunately regime with that last shot.

Into the net after some amazing work in the backcourt second server nice spot from jargine oh she she just looked over at me oh no oh no what I think she might have felt something oh no did she hurt herself oh no she looked over at me and it was not it was not good oh no no no no no no God dang it I hate to see this.

But as soon as Coop and Johnson take advantage of this little break in the election and get back to what they were doing so well yesterday extreme up they're doing doing full knee knee jumps out there excuse me it was Coop and Johnson's serve so it is now seven eight two Point all right so this is this is the.

Tough this is the tough spot about coming in from the delay you know these players have been warming up but they've got to get back into match mentality now point and this could be an extremely quick conclusion to this second game here for Johnson and coop.

If they keep this up and the definition of not a clean start from both teams and not just one second server let's see bright really trying to pull Simoni mentally out of that little black hole she was starting to go into after as you mentioned she was playing so well and clearly a couple errors right out of the gate.

And that ready was weighing on her bright definitely saying come on come on Simone we got this Shake It Off nice job by Georgia Johnson kind of targeting the middle a little bit more so good at that cross-court backhand way to switch up spots from Georgia.

Point well and I'll tell you what it's always super tough when the ball goes into the middle and you're expecting one player to hit it and it comes off the paddle of the other player super awkward situation doesn't happen too frequently but it's a real thing here for Andrew Cooper Georgia Johnson.

To force a game three I like that they're getting into some soft game there again doesn't work out and it's a quick game two Coop and Georgia Johnson took full advantage coming out very hot from the delay very quickly closing out game two forcing this third game so Coop and.

Johnson on the near and bright and georgin on the far end they will switch ends at six in this third game tell you what Lauren we are really getting some funky bounces on the near and right side player about three-fourths the way through the court another one from Andrea Coop and my goodness this is.

The definition of loose play coming back from this time out and I really can't blame the ladies after after a crazy rain delay I mean moment momentum is a crazy thing so with a clean match from both sides lots of high-end points and we've probably had six or seven unforced air since we've resumed action.

Yeah that's that's five missed returns between the teams and about 12 to 15 points inside out and of right being mean to herself a few times this match uh nice drop volley from Georgia Johnson and Anna bright very late getting there and kind of throwing up a desperation defensive lava.

Did not work out for her and although her dream and right are up here in this third game I am certainly seeing flashes of the winter bracket final from yesterday with Coop and Johnson just really bringing the power here trying to not allow that slow game and I mean nice fire fight from all four.

Ladies but once again Simone jargine committing to the two-handed backhand very early and she was right on both of those counter attacks and a nice job from Andrea Coop instead of pushing a cross court attack a little more to the middle she was able to get that to the right side of Simone Georgine's body.

Loading backhand very difficult when Coop can pull that that far across Court Point yeah I'm not sure who hit that ball in the middle but either way point ending with a two-handed backhand jargine shot sailing long a little too much on the cross court dink attempt.

Seeing Johnson had some success with that ball I want to talk about that cocked wrist allowing her to really create some nice angles but a little too much on that one oh yeah that's obviously a point of emphasis coming back from the break is Andrea coop uh maybe not frivolously speeding up at Simone jargine but taking.

Advantage of of a lot of balls that are in that yellow kind of questionable attack Zone and letting loose on the ball yeah like you said a little bit looser pickleball than we were seeing in this matchup before the rain delay neither team really looking settled in right now.

Haven't had too many longer rallies things get a little tighter here between these two teams yeah she said it not us Georgine knowing that's a bad spot as Andrea Coop taking a page out of the jargine book from game one sliding to her right and crushing a two-handed backhand counter attack or one.

Yeah there's that point uh we saw it so much in the winter bracket final whether it's a drive or an aggressive drop like we just saw Georgia Johnson kamikazeing forward after that quality dropping knowing what to do with the next ball great ball nice combination from some Moni georgin with a tricky slippery.

Attack to the backhand of Georgia Johnson as Georgia Johnson was very much leaning to her forehand side yeah point I mean bright clearly thinking that's going wide and catches that sideline Johnson and Coop one point away from the end change here in game three.

Oh wow that was crazy look at her look at her face it's it's not happening and then drops right over in the backspin right into the net there is literally nothing Jordan Johnson could do about that shaking off that hand that clearly hit off.

Nice slope uh the most dinks we've seen in a point so far since we have resumed play nice job from Anna bright kind of looking at that left hip and as we've seen from a variety of the ladies sliding over to crush the two-handed backhands but at the same time if that slide is a.

Little bit late create some handcuff opportunities and that's exactly what we saw there so uh I always talk about the ladies and their big two-handed Strokes much more difficult to cover your body with that shot so clearing your body either to the left to hit the two-hander or sorry to the right to hit the two-hander or to the left to load up on.

The forehand so important for all the ladies on the court whereas often we see the fellas just kind of one hand punching from the chest uh you see that much much less in the in the women's game so a little different Nuance between the two both shots obviously can be very effective uh and we'll uh no doubt that we'll continue to.

See the big two-handers from all four ladies throughout the rest of this match no doubt Anna bright Simone is regime continue with the serve now on the near end Richard Johnson Andrew Coop will conclude this third game on the far end a couple of really nice gets there from.

Georgine in the backcourt oh we're back to the lob game saw that maybe a little too much especially from Anna bright before the rain delay Simone had him fooled though so didn't execute but they were not particularly ready for that so okay in my book thank you go watch it.

Amazing job from Andrea Coop to take add a little extra Spin and take a little Pace off that ball he's just gonna ask look like it was a little slower Pace than perhaps someone he was expecting I think if she crushes it Simone comes up with that ball yeah just too much power from Georgia.

Johnson who in uh game one for sure a little late on a couple forehand calendars right on both of those I mean just just too good too good from Coop with the two shot combination as the initial counter-attack from Simone Georgine was very good uh just yeah like I said quality play quality shot combination from Andrea coop.

Johnson and Coop take a one-point lead here in game three what happened a foot fault on the right let's take a look see here that is a close one bit of a Miss hit it sounded like off of regime's paddle just a slight hesitation thinking maybe letting that ball bounce.

And possibly end up right taking it and she swoops in with that backhand stab at the last second Hands On Point since we have resumed play my goodness foreign and it was a good call from Simone but I think it was a little late so I agreed.

Uh uh a little late call and Anna bright not being able to pull off as I do think that ball was going to go long all right time out here from Bright and charging and I heard Kathy and the chicken in the crowd I see her moving through but looking over there I was surprised I saw Federico Stacks through just in the crowd amongst the people as.

Well as Rob Cassidy over there just enjoying some great pickleball here with their peers Kathy's got the heads though she's that's Laurel I want to say heilman is her last name in the white hat let's go Kathy Kathy of course lots of Pros here cheering on their peers before they head out for the.

Weekend yes and uh yeah not surprising at all to see Federico stack fruit a big hitting partner with Simone jargine doing a little uh on court practice as well as some uh teaching and coaching together so uh good pals on and off the court uh nice to see him supporting her in this big moment they played together.

Last weekend in Houston for the first time in a tournament so just yeah I mean solo shaken bakes whether it's a drive or a drop Georgia Johnson coming in hot and just all the power yeah leaving that drop a little bit higher and on uh in her in her own uh Simoni closing in tight as well so.

Forcing Andrea Coop to attack a ball a few inches off of the ground great closing speed from Simone go oh wow wow so good and I know we made a couple sad comments about the cleanness of this match coming back from break but the ladies are.

Building right now with some oh yeah great Point construction and execution as well certainly started to fall into places all the ladies re get warm warmed up and back into a Groove I mean that is a 7-0 rated let go as she was locked and loaded on the backhand side pulls the paddle back and the ball.

Sails two inches out great eye from Anna bright locked in wow that one huh some silly defense from Andrea Coop and sustained pressure from Anna bright and Andrew Coop not able to come up with the transition zone soft shot yeah.

literally the entire crowd gave a nice chuckle as Anna bright screaming yes and then immediately nope nope it was good it was it was long and she she tells the crowd it felt good though yeah she knew it.

Nine eight one two points away from a gold medal what a combination from the goats amoni Georgine com completely getting on top of that two-handed backhand and putting it away okay great resets.

Oh that diamond is Georgia Johnson who just gets locked in and engaged here taking over Coop taking that step back to give her all the room to work and it gets themselves a gold medal heck yeah I'd step back too match point oh my oh there you go the coop smiled and chuckled though I wasn't sure if she was.

Gonna give us a little look just such great work from Human the backcourt though oh Anna break the shake and bake complete again judging just doing a great job backing out of the way and letting her do her thing.

They are looking to tie this up there's the crazy eyes we need it oh man just I love it the yelling just the intense iconic so close to each other's faces two I mean I know the people would not be upset about some more pickleball yeah weird weird kind of ball trajectory.

On that Rob and almost kind of side spinning kind of hit that Frozen turned left uh interesting Flight of the ball on that particular lob so the match point is gone for coopen Johnson but they just regained it with that error into the net from Anna bright yeah and Georgia Johnson has left one or two high but had some incredibly.

Offensive drops on her forehand side that have created some good offensive opportunities for her and her partner make sure the serve is in that time it's just uh just a little too far back from Coop who you know we talk about him stepping a foot or two off of the line with the bounce attacks I think a little too far back on that particular one.

Oh my gosh ah I mean Coop was in a horrible spot for about seven shots in a row and just great sustained pressure from jargine and bright nice nice hand from Georgia Johnson but I really like the move and I like the.

Initial speed up that started that whole fire fight from the left-sided player and a bright no no qualms with that uh that combination in my book side out Coop getting fired up there massive hold not allowing any points on the board for Brighton Georgia they maintain gold medal Championship Match.

Point here no and they'll get it on the server turn long from Simoni georgin but what a match what a game three here for Andrea Coop and Georgia Johnson I mean tough coming out of that
This is the Hilton Head Open tournament. Women doubles gold medal match. Anna Bright and Simone Jardim face Koop and Johnson one more time after they losing to them in the semifinal.