all right we've got a doozy of a point for Major League pickleball let's check out this mixed doubles point in its entirety and then we're gonna break it down because this didn't really go the way either of the teams expected all players on every part of that Court.

All right quick player ID on the top of your screen returning serve we got robbed nunnery playing alongside Irena tarashenko on the near side of the Court AJ Kohler and his partner Lee Whitwell so notice here none are we returning the surf he's choosing to play his backhand and that's because he wants to avoid the dominant player that's Kohler he wants.

To Target Whitwell with this backhand slice of return and the idea here is if you can use a little bit of side spin you can get that ball to land and play and then maybe kick out to the right side of the chord getting to Whitwell Kohler is going to have none of that he chases that ball look how far he goes but he realizes there's some open court.

There can't very well play a drive or it's going to get redirected to that open chord so what does he do well he goes with the third shot lob it's not a shot you see very often but he did have success earlier in this match went to it again and for good reason I guess you look here a bit of a miscommunication between nunnery and tarashenko you can.

Hear him telling her that's her ball don't think it is that's a high forehand sir meanwhile Whitwell realizes this Miss communication happened she starts to crash the net Tara shank goes in big trouble with her back to the court not going to win many points from that position and so Whitwell then comes forward because she is hoping that there.

Is some sort of high ball that comes over the net that she can pounce on a watch here when she comes forward she takes up a lot of space in the middle of the Court you'll see Kohler has stayed back maybe he thought that ball was going out maybe he's just admiring how great that lob was anyway Whitwell she comes over takes up a lot of space in.

The middle and handed to Kohler here he stays back even though he's typically the dominant player he stays back he lets Whitwell do her thing taking up space there now when that ball comes over to Whitwell she's got a decision she looks and she sees that both nunnery and taroshenko they are far back so instead of keeping them back what she's.

Going to do here she's going to play a little drop volume now where is she going to play Down the Line Cross Court down the middle well she is going to play this ball a little bit of a cross court and the reason is that ball is now going to bounce sort of away from her opponents right instead of playing deadline work was a bit straight to them.

So she's gaining maximum Advantage here getting this ball to rebound a little bit off to the side and Off to the Races go tarashenko and nunnery watch Rob here as he flips over his paddle sort of tough to see here the resolution base flipped over even though it's on the forehand side he's hitting it with a backhand that is the only way.

He's going to dig that ball now here's where I think a bit of a mistake by Whitwell now that color is back up at the net she probably should have moved a little to the right side of the court because there is some open space here that nunnery is able to find and actually put well in a weak position look at tarashenko taking up space there.

To play some defense but from this position there's not much Whitwell can do so she's just gonna play this kind of like nothing ball that sort of downline backhand to Tara shenko's backhand right so tereschenko nunnery get out of a jam a little bit now what does Irina do while she plays this Cross Court I mean you know hindsight is 20 20 but I.

Sort of think at this point tarashenko's got a good two-handed backhand perhaps There's an opportunity here for her to drive this ball down the line Kohler's sort of creeping a little bit left still covering the Cross Court thought maybe Irina could take a rip instead she decides to play the safer ball this Cross Court drop maybe giving Rob.

Nunnery a chance to get back in the play that ball sits up too high and Kohler is so good on this backhand side very strong creates a lot of speed just off flicking that backhand and you'll see here Kohler really patrolling up near the net trying to intercept anything he can get his paddle on tarashenko from that low position on the.

Backhand plays this Cross Court you'll see it sits up just above net height Kohler pokes it and he doesn't hit this ball that hard I mean it's not obviously a high ball but he is able to get that ball down into the dirt maybe a little over aggressive from nunnery and taroshenko coming forward like that but more importantly once again we see this.

Miscommunication they're fighting over that ball and when teammates fight over a ball things don't typically end well for them that ball gets popped up and it's like a one-two punch for Kohler finishes it with the forehand into the open Corner Crowd Goes absolutely berserk or just one more time open Corner whitwell's.

Pumped up tarashenko nunnery can't believe it there's Kyle Yates in the white with the backwards hat look how high that guy jumps crowd is going bananas they love it Kohler is fired up went well the left-handed almost like she's hitting the ball into the crowd.

And uh yeah that's how this point ishenko they can't believe it they should have fought so hard to get back into the play crowd loving it there's Yates again coming across cheering on his team color is like um how did we pull that one off with my third shot lob I don't know but Whitwell you did a lot of the work out there.

Lady Gibraltar as she's known let's watch this point one more time as we see here that one-two punch getting that ball down into the dirt on the backhand side from Kohler finishing it off at the forehand watch again from its beginning because this was a great point so much good Pro pickleball out there these days I love these team.

Events they're fun to watch everyone gets into it especially when you see high quality play like this a little bit of everything not quite how you draw up the points I love it it's where you get to see the improvisation from these players the energy of these events is amazing so check it out whether it's majorly.

Pickleball or any other team's events highly recommend great stuff out there for four terrific players after all that hustle Tara shenko and nunnery
The best way to learn and become a better pickleball player is through watching the pros ✍️

Thank you for watching Win More Pickleball Points And Matches Using This Technique And Strategy From Pro Pickleball Players.

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