Sports that are very evolved where players are dominant much more impressive me so Djokovic Nadal Federer them being as dominant as they were and I'd say Djokovic in particular because Federer did dominate before those two really came in for a bit uh Djokovic is the most dominant along with the doll in an era where you had a ton of good.

Players so that like I have a ton of respect for for that or Michael Jordan when you had an era where it was just so many good basketball players and he was still clearly the best that's what's very impressive to me now that we don't have good players now it's just we have a lot less of the much smaller sample size it's not saturated.

Um okay your brother Colin how good is he does he get does he get enough credit does he get props uh I I think he he gets them and he doesn't just because you know we we definitely from the beginning kind of built him in a sense uh to complement each other in a doubles game um so you are going to be extremely good.

At that role and he probably does get enough credit for that role they're just like yeah he plays his role with Ben amazingly uh and he's not very good at other things that would be that's fair because we didn't practice them we were talking today I practiced them this morning is like how many times have we you know dinked on the left side cross.

Court and worked on my technique I was like I don't know twice yeah like it just doesn't happen so of course you're not going to be a great left side mixed doubles player when you never practice it that's just how it works um so I mean I I really just say I'm more grateful to him that he was willing to be I'm not going to be the best.

Player I'm going to be the best player that I can be with you right I mean that's there you gotta respect that a lot right right we're gonna make the best team possible that's right yeah well is there a case to be made that that's kind of the that's the answer I mean that that should be the formula is players should play with each other and.

Essentially if you want to be nobody else doubles team you can then in theory yes you should be building uh each other whether you build Hal man calling it or some other way uh building with each other is definitely the best for you to each be the respective best player for each other yeah.

On that note all future best teams said it on Twitter I'll say it again they will be ready Lefty ready Lefty Four Hands in the middle yes do you think there's something to forehands out not really uh I could be wrong but I've never seen a scenario where that is that great.

Um but I definitely actually I can see it because a picture in AJ Kohler playing right side he's back in the middle nasty just flip from anywhere right his forehand very lengthy on the outside and he's good at the left side but you can see how a player like that could be really nasty on the right side my biggest thing is when I try to attack.

Through the middle nothing closes faster than a lefty on man I'm just like gosh that is so hard to beat uh and we don't have we have such a small sample size of lefties we have like what three that are really good uh and never see them on the we have like two in top 20. maybe um so I think just the the court coverage and such a small width of 20.

Feet of two foreigns in the middle is just so obscene it's so tough yeah so the so you're looking at it defensively right like you're covering one two for me yeah like it is so difficult to play somebody that drives well with Tyler Lewin Tyler's crash I'm like I have to hit this really well yeah right that there's so much more pressure of Tyler.

Crashing than a righty with his backhand it's immense I guess what I would like to see is a lefty over there hitting bounce speed UPS like if you're dinking your backhand to a lefty forehand over there like that could be an interesting opportunity to present something that other people don't see yeah so in yeah I like I like that view my only issue with.

It is I think you get limited whenever you talk about dinking and attacking off of dinks you are simply limited by the the court and the net and how hard you can hit things for instance your backhand off the bounce versus anyone's forehand it's not that far away it's really it's it's close right so I will take the.

Fundamental coverage of the Court over the ability to hit forehands from the outside part of the Court true but I think more people are are generally more comfortable speeding up with the forehand than the backhand right that's most of the right-sided players are comfortable speeding up with their forehand but I do think it's easier to.

Practice speed UPS than you can get better coverage sure yeah I don't know I think I think it's not I think it's worth experimentation like I agree everything's worth experimenting in pickleball because we don't know anything could you imagine like so the two players on the right side that are that are playing really really well in.

Our and are just tough to play against from that side are are Thomas and DJ thanks not you don't worry um but Thomas Thomas will speed up well off the forehand they can speed up off the forehand or they can really roll that dink really aggressively yes the Roll dance is an interesting thing for me because right like rolling a forehand.

To a backhand dink wise it is dicey right it's the forehand will usually win that battle so that's where you're like I can see what what you're saying having four ends on the outside could be big um it's it's really does that trade out for the coverage definitely worth experimenting because I I can see that we don't see many Lefty flips from the.

Left side right outside corners angle very strange I'd be like would be something you don't you don't normally see for sure yeah interesting more experiments more experiments at one time I considered how good could I get Lefty should I just be a right side player as a lefty yeah because I had Lefty coordination in tennis I was.

Like well this backhand is so bad this will never be good can't do it forget it um well speaking of failed experiments where are you going with this one no Reuben yeah his his pickleball retirement and announce it in the weirdest way yeah yeah well I mean he was like okay here's why here's my excuse.

Here's why I think I'm better than all these people and also before I leave here's why pickleball sucks right now and what it needs to do to improve interesting I mean that's basically what he said well pickleball does have a lot to improve so that's fair he may have been cracked I don't actually know what he said but did you not watch the video.

I mean you would just have to watch it people are giving him the same flag I didn't think it was as bad as you're you're portraying it like he said there are there things to their things that pickleball needs to work on there are things that pickleball is copying from tennis that probably aren't admirable qualities of tennis that's fair yeah.

There were some fair fair takes and you know I think there's maybe some things that he might have left out about his pickleball career that were probably so that's my point it just seemed like this big excuse like him dancing around the fact that he's just not he's not there as a player I think that's all speculation I I can't.

Right whether that's true or not well we're asking you to speculate speculate I mean you know it is tougher to get results quickly than you think I will say that especially in doubles very much so yeah do you think the barrier to entry in doubles is is too high right now no not.

Too substantial no if you're smoking into the sport you can be a top 10 player within two years if you I mean his first tournament was probably a year ago he stopped down that's a really low barrier absurdly low barrier what qualities about James do you think led to him getting so good so quickly um he's quick he's long uh has learned.

How to play aggressively um I think he has a good a very good two-handed backhand which on the guy's side has been a development that definitely helps um and I think he learned how to speed up and identify patterns with speedups quickly which is one of the barriers that a lot of people.

That a lot of tennis players struggle with is the pattern recognition because it's not what you're used to uh so he just he adapted to the patterns very quickly I think and I think that it helped him that he tried to play as much as he possibly could with a lot of different players and tournaments that's how you learn stuff quickly and he did a.

Great job of that gotcha yeah I think that one of the things that struck me obviously was he's long he's he's fast but like ever since he started playing he got a volley that thing was a rocket ship like he has easier power than anybody that I've that I've seen definitely heavy hands yeah and I find it interesting that he will.

Often sit one-handed backhand on counters to his body and then go to a two-hander when you get into more firefights which is I definitely think like one of the kind of adaptations we were talking about where that may be a play that you're going to see more and more often just because of how efficient it is like I don't think you get a ton.

Of power here with a two-handed backhand with the one he sticks it nicely with uh the high fading one over here he goes the two and those are ideal scenarios where you want to be doing those things um and you'll also do like a severe Continental grip on the one-handed encounter so it gets down on the backhand and then that allows his.

Foreign to be kind of like AJ where he can cup it like a holster down here yeah he kind of catches it back behind coverage is really important because of how he uses his grips plus his two in the back end it's interesting what do you got Tommy I don't know you don't know all right.

Well the Thomas wrote a question on here that isn't Michael yeah that's my questions for me yeah I will apparently I gotta do your job for you um what's up you're doing a good job slow starter yeah I just I don't wake up early naturally I don't have a lot of energy early I play slow and I also have a thing about energy conservation.

Um must be nice but I just uh especially even though I don't have a lot of energy early when I'm playing a tournament day outside of a final I know that I need to play other matches I have many days ahead of me and I will play slow on purpose and not move a lot because you have to conserve and maybe the ideal athlete is able to just go Full Tilt the.

Whole time I'm not that I wish I could but I don't um so yeah I definitely can serve sometimes slow starter other than that just takes me a while to to get a feel for everything like pickleball to me is very much like a flow sport where I'm in the flow I can feel where I need to be at what time that's super important and.

Hitting my shots feels natural hesitation is really bad for me so it just takes me a while to get into that kind of GrooVe basically so you think the slow starter criticism is is pretty fair 100 you recognize that in yourself statistics like yeah I lose the first game like more than anybody right right right right yeah that's bad.

So how do you overcome that I mean do you think
Ben Johns says this is the key to the optimal partnership structure.

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