What's up guys in today's video it's either going to be very sad news or very exciting news depending on which side of the fence you sit on with this topic and that is the spin serve is officially going to be banned in 2023. just this morning we got the votes back from the rules committee at usap and they have opted to ban the spin serve for 2023.

Now before we go any further the one clarification I want to add is that the usap board still has to vote on whether or not they agree with the decision that the rules committee made so there is a chance that they could vote against this and keep the spin served but honestly I think with how polarizing the spin serve is there is almost no shot that the spin.

Serve lasts through the board vote but I just want to add that clarification in here that it could still be around but the odds of it are extremely unlikely now I just want to read to you exactly what their reasoning was and what the proposed rule change is so here's what the rules committee had to say when this rule passed the original purpose was to.

Just use the serve to begin play most players cannot Master a truly effective spin serve or return a spin serve effective spin serves require more Court space to allow a receiver to react only a limited number of players have mastered this giving them an unfair Advantage it is particularly devastating for amateur players okay so I see where.

The rules committee is coming with this but I find it to be an incredibly weak argument to say only a few people mastered the spin serve so let's go ahead and get rid of it now I do agree with the court spacing I have certainly been at tournaments where I'm able to put a spin serve into the fence basically every single time if I want to.

Because that's how tight the Gap is so I get that one but to say not enough people can Master this is really weak in my opinion I'm pretty short and I have a very hard time doing Ernie's should we just ban the Ernie some people have limited mobility and and also can't do an Ernie there are things that being more athletic or having natural talents.

Or gifts allows you to do in sports in basketball some people are really tall and they can dunk if I'm too short should we just get rid of dunking so I feel like if you were gonna pick an argument to ban the spin serve that was a really bad one to choose But ultimately they can say whatever they want they don't really need a good.

Reason to get rid of it they make the rules they can say whatever they want I just find it to be a slippery slope if you're gonna say a group of players over here have a hard time doing this and a few of these over here are really good at it so let's get rid of it like where do you draw the line on what is too hard for most people so we should get rid of.

It the vast majority of pickleball players can't Ernie or don't know how to earn it so to me that feels like the most direct comparison obviously I understand it's not a truly effective spin serve can be devastating if you've never seen it or don't know how to return it whereas an earning has to be set up in different situations and you.

Can do a spin serve every single serve if you want so I get it I understand it's not a perfectly Fair analogy but that's one of the closest things I think you can argue I also just feel like this year it was shown that the spin service significantly less effective than it was a year ago I haven't probably gotten half as many aces this year as I did.

Last year when it was brand new people have adapted they've watched videos they've seen it more most people don't struggle with it at least at my level which is about 4-0 most people are totally fine and even three five players after they've seen it enough times they usually get used to it in my opinion it's more of an issue of people just.

Needing to be exposed to it and then it would become less of an issue yes I understand there are some people who have absolutely monstrous spin serves and sometimes you just can't do anything about it or at the very least it's very effective I think most spin serves are always returnable people always say oh they're not returnable I just think you.

Have to have better anticipation yes there are some serves that get put an offense before you can get there but in my opinion those are far and few between now here's the thing I'm honestly pretty neutral on the spin serve Topic at this point I understand for some people it's very hard to return if you've never seen it and you're a 3-0 to 3-5 it would be.

Extremely frustrating If You're just showing up at a court to play wreck and someone's just acing you over and over that would be really frustrating in a tournament play my opinion is everything's fair game you showed up to compete so I get it I don't do it in wreck with people I usually do it if I'm training for a more serious match I.

Leave other people alone you know it's not that big of a deal but I get it it's frustrating for some people if you're older you're just not going to be able to return a spin serve because you probably don't have that Mobility so I get it you know I won't be happy to see it leave but I also won't be that upset I'll just go back to my regular serve.

Which I already feel like is a pretty good serve to begin with so whatever now I just want to read to you what the rule proposal says 4a5 the volley serve the server shall use only one hand to release the ball to perform the serve while some natural rotation of the ball is expected during any release of the ball from the hand the server shall not.

Impart any manipulation or spin on the release of the ball immediately prior to the serve the server's release of the ball must be visible to the referee and the receiver if the referee determines that manipulation or spin has been imparted or the release of the ball is not visible the referee shall call for a replay it does say reserve but they do.

Clarify further down that they meant to say Replay in matches without a referee the server's release of the ball must be visible to the receiver the server shall not impart manipulation or spin on the release of the ball immediately prior to the serve if the server determines that manipulation or spin has been imparted or the release of the ball is not.

Visible the receiver shall call for a replay in immediately after the serve occurs exception a player who has the use of only one hand may use their hand or paddle to release the ball to perform the serve so basically what they've opted for is using what I would just call common sense if you feel like someone imparted spin on the ball or the.

Referee determines that they did then they'll just call a replay a lot of people have said how are you going to ban spin serves because on any toss you're always going to have a little bit of spin yes that's true but it's so obvious when someone is trying to do a spin serve they've either got two fingers on the ball and they're snapping.

It or they're doing the Shea where they kind of do this Cricket thing and snap the ball up it's super obvious when someone is trying to spin the ball I honestly doubt that anyone is going to call for a replay on any regular serve that someone does because it's so obvious when someone's doing a spin serve also the ball kicks a tremendous.

Amount when they do it compared to the tiny tiny amount of spin that you're gonna get from just tossing the ball up so I don't see many instant instances where a replay is gonna get called but that's basically the rule if you feel like someone did it on purpose then you can call for a replay so those are the rule proposals for Banning the spin.

Serve in 2023. like I said the board still has to vote on if they agree with the rules committee but with how polarizing the spin serve is I highly highly doubt the board decides to opt to keep it around for me I think I'm a little sad to see it go because it's a skill I've worked on mastering and I've gotten quite good at it but at the same.

Time I also get it I'm not going to be that unhappy when it goes a lot of people are always upset when you're using a spin serve so sometimes it even just feels like a hassle to bring it out because you always have to deal with some confrontation of someone what feels like them basically throwing a tantrum about the spin serve so there's plenty.

Of times where I just wouldn't even do it because it just wasn't worth the hassle of hearing someone whine about the Spencer the majority of pickleball players are probably going to be happy about it being gone I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment down below and let me know what you think think of it especially this year with it.

Going to one-handed and it just being less effective than it was last year with more people knowing how to return it just let me know what you think down below thanks for watching guys and I'll catch you in the next video
If you’d like to reach more about this rule change, you can do so here: https://rules.usapickleball.org/suggested-rule-changes-all-years/entry/524/

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