All right here in this video I'm here with my friend Beau and we decided to go to the pickleball Kingdom in Chandler Arizona to do some ground stroke drills and ground stroke practice pickleball kingdom is a premier indoor facility actually they're franchising right now so if you know of anyone that would like to get involved into a pickleball.

Business or you would just like an indoor facility like this near your hometown check out the link in the description below we've put a link down there as pickable kingdom is franchising and they will be expanding to new locations all across the country in this video we're going to be talking about your drives or your ground strokes.

Whatever term you like to use obviously ground strokes are very important in the singles pickleball game but also very very important in doubles as you're playing doubles you're definitely going to want to drive the ball at specific times maybe when your opponents are back or maybe when you're your opponents are in that transition you definitely want.

To be able to hit good ground strokes from the Baseline to put pressure on our opponents not only will we be talking about some specific drills that you can do but we're going to be diving into ground stroke technique so that you can be very efficient and you can hit with good topspin and power all right as me and Beau hop on the court I call this.

The 10 or 15 minute ground stroke warm-up and you can see both of us trying our best to just hit ground strokes down the center of the Court we may be taking four hands or backhands and again we're just warming up our bodies warming up our strokes and really trying our best to work on good footwork and make sure that we are stepping into.

The ball and moving to the ball efficiently one of the things that I've actually been working on in my game over the past three or four years is moving my contact Point especially on my forehand more out in front we hear that we need to hit the ball out in front all the time but this is especially true with ground strokes.

Again we're going to have the most power and control when we contact the ball out in front so now let's look at a few of these four hands and backhands and we'll take a deep dive on my footwork and also my technique to start off between every shot you can see me split step and you can see me in a fairly wide stance I'm in a good athletic stance and I.

Typically hold my paddle in a forehand Eastern grip being in an Eastern forehand grip it allows me to get a little bit more topspin and actually get topspin a little bit easier so that's why I play in a forehand Eastern grip and then when it comes to my backhand I'll just switch the Continental but here you can see my stance and the first.

Thing that you'll notice is my unit turn as soon as I see that ball coming towards my forehand side you will see me start to rotate my hips and my shoulders and you will see me try to get in more of a closed stance so I'm going from an open stance to a closed stance this is what we call a unit turn when we are turning our hips our shoulders and our.

Body we are turning it to a closed position at the same time the next thing you'll see is a compact backswing it's not really really big but I am taking my paddle back and I'm going to get ready to drop it down you can see that again if you're coming from tennis or maybe from another racket sport in this game we want to keep our back swings and our.

Strokes fairly compact but it's definitely okay to have a medium-sized backswing here when it comes to power one of the main factors to gaining power is our weight transfer so you can see here after I do my unit turn my weight here is on my back foot which is my right foot and then you can see me stepping into the ball stepping in with.

My left foot this is the ideal way to hit your ground strokes again if you're trying to get maximum power you want to be able to step into the ball now you can't do this every time obviously there's sometimes the ball would be pushing you back but if the ball is fairly shorter you definitely want to be stepping in and notice here I'm actually.

Using my left hand here I'm putting it out kind of using it as a guide and it also helps me balance a lot of times I see players hitting their ground strokes or drives on their forehand side and they just have their off hand or their non-paddle hand just by their side you definitely want to get that hand out there to help you balance and stay.

Stable okay as I start to swing for the ball you can see my shoulders open up slightly and you can see my core and my hips rotating through you and look at my paddle position this is called a laid back wrist again we do not want to have a very very stiff wrist when we are hitting ground strokes you can see that my paddle head really drops down here.

And at this point here it is pointing towards the floor towards the ground and then look at my contact Point here this one is pretty good contact it's out in front I'm well balanced and during impact point or contact point you can see my chest and my hips is more so facing the net so before when I do my unit turn when I'm waiting for the ball.

Getting ready to strike it again my chest and my hips are facing towards the side fence but during impact or contact point now I have rotated my hips rotating my shoulders and now during contact they are facing my target the last thing that I want to mention is my follow through up tour towards my left shoulder or my left ear again if you're.

A right-handed player for your for your forehand you're definitely going to want to be finishing high and over your left shoulder notice that the side of the paddle that hit the ball is going to be facing away from my head and that is just the correct way to finish lastly notice after every hit I'm trying to get back into a good ready position so I.

Come back set my feet and then you can see me split step which is a little hop I come off the ground maybe an inch or so so that I can land and I can explode to my left or to my right or maybe forward if I need to again the biggest thing for ground strokes I think is really creating the right space in between you and the ball and getting.

That contact point out in front again there's a lot of adjusting even in this drill as we're hitting back and forth we're hitting four hands at times and back hands but again you really want to be able to assess where that ball is bouncing and at times we're going to have to go to our left we're going to have to go to our right sometimes we get.

Short balls we're really going to have to get up there and step in and sometimes we get pushed off the line a little bit and we may have to hit our ground strokes falling back at times I know that's not ideal but again we do want to hit that ball out in front if we can and we do also want to make sure we have good technique starting from low.

And finishing high above our shoulder so again this is like a warm up ground stroke drill this is something that you're definitely going to have to work up to right if you cannot consistently hit ground strokes back and forth like this I would just recommend that you just start off really slow and really look at your swing speed don't swing.

Really really fast I would swing at 20 or 30 percent of your power just to get consistent Falls over the net and again as you and your partner get better and better then your rallies will get longer and longer hi if you're enjoying this content go ahead and give this video a like and don't forget to subscribe also if you're interested in exclusive Encore.

Training with me go ahead and go to brionist forward slash coaching now let's get right back to the video now actually let's hop into my backhand I know this isn't the best angle but I do want to talk about the two-handed backhand and we have done several videos on the two-hander so we'll leave that in the description here.

We go the first thing on my backhand is again my unit turn kind of like my forehand you will see me stepping back or stepping up to get in a close dance I really want to get my dominant shoulder face towards my target this is how I can get the most power and rotation on my shot and you can see here that I plant my left leg first and then I plant my.

Right foot so that I have my momentum going forward from this angle you can see where I have my paddle before I strike the ball again I'm just getting into my right foot plant and you can see kind of where my paddle is laid back here this is a strong position here I'm well balanced I'm leaning forward with my momentum because I just stepped in.

With my right foot and you can see both hands on the paddle here now from here I'm going to be swinging from low to high and again having adequate spacing and not having this ball too far away from you or Too Close to You is key so your footwork is really really important when you're hitting your ground strokes and the same thing here but the opposite.

As the forehand I'm going to be swinging from low to high and I'm going to be finishing over my right shoulder so if you're a right-handed player you're going to be hitting the ball striking the ball out in front and then you will be finishing over your right shoulder and again kind of the same concept here you can see the side of the paddle that.

Hits the ball when I finish that's actually going to be faced away from my head okay that's really really important as we are learning good technique we want to have a good follow-through and good finish and just like the forehand you can see again it's really really important to try to get into this close stance I.

Think that this is really really important when you're learning the two-handed ground stroke but again as I'm waiting for this ball you can see me load my weight in my back foot and then step in with my right foot and then you can see my shoulder really really closed off you can see it facing my target now when I'm going to hit the ball you can.

See my shoulders open up and my chest open up towards the net and then after I finish rotating fully from this angle here you can't see the back of my Selkirk logo right and then when I finish you can totally see my Selkirk logo so that core rotation and as I'm rotating that's what gets a lot of that power.

Again in this angle you can see me load and then you can see the back of my Selkirk logo here in this angle and then as I finish you will see the Selkirk logo on my chest right so that is how we get full rotation and again when we talk about topspin it's that low to high motion which creates it so that's why we want to be swinging up towards our right.

Shoulder so that was the ground stroke drill there we're just warming up our ground strokes working on our footwork trying to work on our contact Point making sure that's well out in front and again we're getting warmed up now let's get to the next drill all right so now we move on to Cross Court even side to even side forehands if you're both.

Right-handed players you are going to be hitting a lot of forehands this is a really good drill for singles but again for doubles this also works on your ground strokes it's working on your footwork it's working on your contact point and obviously you're going to be working on your Technique getting to the ball and.

Recovering back you can see that if you're doing this correctly and you're doing it right you can see me running out to the ball hitting it getting all the way back towards the center of the court and then trying to split stuff again obviously we know that we are both hitting the ball Cross Court even side to even side but you can make this as.

Easy as hard as you want you could kind of just sit there on the even side and just work on your forehand ground strokes and that's totally fine but if you want to make this a cardio workout and actually practice more for singles you can come out hit your forehand then try to recover quick back towards the middle.

And then you can go out to the next ball after you're split step all right now we move on to the backhand side it's the same thing again if you're both right-handed players you're going to be rallying from the odd side to the other odd side and the same kind of thing you can make it as easy or as hard as you want on this one I think I was a little.

Tired so I'm not recovering all the way back to the center every time but I am making sure that I slide over a little bit so that I can run out and hit the ball again just like we talked about the technique I want to make sure that I'm getting into more of a close dance and I'm stepping in with my dominant foot so I'm a right-handed player I'm doing my.

Best to get set up with my unit turn very early set my left foot down and then I'm going to be stepping in with my right foot this is going to help me stay well balanced and get my body and my momentum moving forward so that I can hit through that ball for those of you that are wondering what paddle I'm using right.

Now this is the Selkirk SLK Halo and this is the elongated XL version the 16 millimeter this is my current paddle of choice if you would like to purchase one of these I think it's a really great paddle we'll leave a link in the description below all right now we're going to hop into the hardest drill in this video and this is the figure eight.

Drill you will see both feeding the ball Cross Court and then I'm going to be hitting the ball down the line and then he will be hitting the ball Cross Court and I'll be hitting it down the line so again in this you're going to have the person hitting the ball down the line running a lot lot more right again you guys can switch off as one person is.

Dedicated hitting down the line and the other will be dedicated to hitting the ball Cross Court this is a really great drill for singles probably one of the best ones when it comes to ground strokes takes a lot of control it is a good cardio workout and it just works on your footwork and really works on how to get to the ball quickly move to the ball.

And then execute a good ground stroke all right so here we switch I'm feeding it across court and then both hitting down the line he's hitting down the line with all of his shots and every shot that I receive I'm hitting it cross court so you can see here obviously the person who is hitting down the line is working the hardest this is kind of the.

Way that the drill is designed and it makes sense right when the person is hitting Cross Court you are hitting with a lot of angle so that the other player is forced to move a lot again this is one of the best drills possible that you can do for your control and ground strokes and for a lot of you you may have to really.

Really work on a lot of things before you can do this you can always do this at different levels you can do this hitting really really hard or you can even do this same drill but you guys can both hit at 20 30 or 40 percent you don't have to hit it as hard as you can and go really really hard like this it's really about having good control and.

Learning how to get to the ball quickly create enough space set your feet and then swing hopefully you really like this video if you like the format of this video leave a comment below and tell us what you think again hitting drives and learning how to hit good drives and ground strokes is very very important for singles but even for.

Doubles right if you want to improve your ground strokes you want to improve your third shot Drive these are some of the drills that you can do go ahead and go out there with a partner put into practice make sure that you watch this video again if you really want to look at the technique correct technique of a forehand and a backhand and again thanks.

So much we'll see you in the next video for exclusive pickleball content from me check out for awesome pickleball paddles like this one make sure to check the link in the description below thanks again for watching and we'll see you in the next video you never know when it is.

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The drive is one of the most important shots in pickleball. If you’re at the baseline and you’re not going to hit a drop, then you’re most likely going to have to hit a drive. Without a good drive, you won’t be able to put any pressure on your opponent at the net. Check out the basics of the drive in this video!

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