Watch this very carefully oh wow wow oh man ouch ouch ouch ouch that looked painful but guess what we are spin sir free in 2023. hello this is Keith Valentine the pickleball pirate.

Today we're going to talk about the most controversial pickleball rule change for 2023. stay tuned first let's cover the five reasons for this rule change together number one the original purpose was just to use the serve to begin play number two most players cannot Master a truly effective spin serve or even return a good spin serve number three.

Effective spin serves require more Court space to allow the receiver to react number four only a limited number of players have mastered this giving them an unfair advantage and number five it is particularly devastating for amateurs the pre-spin serve should be banned just like table tennis but let's talk about the declared reasons the first reason.

Was the original purpose of the serve was to just get clay started and I think we can agree the serve should not be too aggressive that's why the serve rules are so complex already to mute the attacking power so why allow loopholes speaking of loopholes did you know that if you click the like button that you will win one million dollars just.

Kidding thanks for watching don't forget to click the Bell icon so you will know when we release more amazing content okay Keith back to you thanks Keith the second reason was the fact that most players cannot Master a truly effective spin serve or return a good spin serve the first part of it is really strange why something that only a few players.

Can do should be banned if we ban this why not the so-called Bert hey that guy is way too athletic illegal use of athleticism no that's not the reason but at the same time I agree that too many people are having trouble returning it the third reason is that effective spin serves require more Court space to allow the.

Receiver to react I completely agree with this when you have to guess and you do not have the space to react it's really unfair the fourth reason is that only a limited number of players have mastered this giving them an unfair Advantage this Advantage is not fair because the receiver can't see especially those of us with bad eyesight.

We can't tell which direction the ball is going to go when it bounces ah now although amateurs don't face it that often it definitely could cause emotional distress and frustration hey look that guy was a pro imagine if he was an amateur he might have pulled something I know I would have but you know what don't take my opinion.

On it let's see what other people are saying about the band heard around the world I don't like it let's not stunt the growth of pickleball before we know the full ramifications of a rule change what is your opinion on the spin serve I don't like it I don't like it at all I should it should go away game will eventually get there to where you can.

Hide it in such a way that you you kind of have to guess which way it's going which is what happened in table tennis okay those were pretty nasty comments so let's talk about why I believe the spin serve should be gone for good when your opponent spins the serve with his fingers it's really hard for you to see from 44 feet away which direction the.

Ball is spinning especially those of us with bad eyesight also not possible for the receiver to see how much spin is produced until the ball bounces that brings an element of guessing come on Black come on Black come on black and it brings chance into a sport that has rules that are designed to not give.

An advantage on the serve so what do you think about the spin server should it be banned or not there are a lot more rule changes coming in 2023 watch them right here
Will spin toss serve be banned in 2023? Most likely it will. Let’s find out why with The Pickleball Pirate Keith Valentine! Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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