Thank you by now you've probably heard that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world and you probably had somebody ask you to play if you're not already playing so I'm sure you've heard lots of reasons why you should play Pickleball but let's.

See if there's some reasons why you should play Pickleball I shouldn't play Pickleball because it's very addictive my wife is not so happy okay Ravi why shouldn't people play Pickleball well the problem is that you lose your control you like I can't not play Pickleball I when someone says hey let's go put pickleball I can't say no.

My wife says I will get worse I say okay well I gotta be pickleball perfect okay Val why shouldn't people play Pickleball yeah it's addictive so yeah that's the only reason I can think hey Les why do you think people shouldn't play Pickleball shouldn't if you're a healthy mid-50s person and want to get in a court with an 80 year.

Old and get your butt kicked that's why you shouldn't well Dave is usually the answer why nobody should play with the ball but uh that's just my my feeling you know nobody I've never liked him really never liked him Dave why shouldn't people try a pickleball she might get stuck playing.

With Mark out here it's just isn't a good time at all because then you end up putting an expensive pickleball court at your house if you have parties and stuff pickleball traumatic syndrome you can't get over it you can't you just you dream of those balls coming at you at night.

It's a nightmare John why shouldn't people play Pickleball because when you lose the people double your age it's not fun it's not fun Justin why shouldn't people play Pickleball you want to play it's the most addicting sport in the world yeah yeah and you just can't get away from it.

It just sucks you in yeah okay Dave why shouldn't people play Pickleball well as several people have said it's addictive and you start out playing on a weekend next thing you know you're sprinkling days of the week in there and then the itch gets so bad you start picking your paddles on vacation with you so you can find places to play.

On playtime scheduler and then rain days come and you can't stand it so you find indoor places to play and you have to buy the indoor balls and all the rest so it really takes over your life Brenda why shouldn't people play Pickleball well if you're aversed to bruising you should not play Pickleball because I always end up with a bruise.

Somewhere my leg my arm something and you think there's no way it could happen it's a wiffle ball but it does good thing it's not a baseball Twitter why shouldn't people play Pickleball duh cause they don't like it when I chase the balls why shouldn't people when they have a sore shoulder maybe.

That's all right maybe I can say I can't think of anything is the court too small yeah that's the former tennis player I like the size of the Court coming from a tennis court it is nice I like that um yeah I'm thinking everybody should try pickleball it is so fun so sociable playing tennis for 45 years and coming to this six months ago that's crazy I'm.

Loving it yeah yeah so good it's so good and anyone can do it so there you have it all the reasons that you shouldn't play Pickleball but I'm sure you can think of some more so please add them in the comments below you know that talk about an addiction I think at any age a healthy addiction is a good thing.

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Anyone can give reasons why pickleball is the fasted growing sport in the world, but there must be some reason not to play.
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