Foreign pickleball probably not the best workout pickleball surged in popularity in recent years the mix between badminton ping pong and Tennis attracted fervent fans in all age groups and while pretty much everyone agrees it's a good time it may not be a great workout a new study.

In the Journal of aging and physical activity found pickleball is a moderate workout for middle-aged or older adults the researchers in Canada attract singles and doubles players and found they would need to play as much as four and a half hours to meet the recommended exercise guidelines for the week when it came to actual steps taken during an.

Hour of pickleball players took about half as many steps as the average hour-long brisk walk according to the Washington Post when it came to people who were younger or already in good shape the game may not provide much of a physical challenge all that being said if you're choosing between sitting on the couch or playing.

Pickleball getting up and moving is always the better option and there are the benefits that are a little harder to analyze like the camaraderie and social stimulus that comes from playing with a group of friends with the Y I'm Brandi Smith
A new study found the surging sport is a moderate workout for middle-aged and older adults.