Welcome to tennis sucks pickall podcast by Travis R and my gr Deo uh big thank you to Ru pack is our sponsor uh the allpurpose uh bag for pickle ball gy travel um we’re here with special guest Sam quiry start I got to say Travis he doesn’t know about yet um I got asked to play an event with a top five female You’ you’ve hinted at this I still am.

Not going to have I’m not going to believe this I’m going to have to run through like who would possibly ask you and why I haven’t been asked or Sam for that matter yeah so my pro career continues maybe a top three female uh mixed event coming up sometime soon PPA it’s not a PPA that makes more sense yeah ites but it’s an event and I got.

Asked and I will be playing and probably bring home some cash gr there’s like events where people go to unfortunate children for charity and that’s what this is all right your your charity case it sounds like jealousy could be it might be all right well I guess the first note uh that I’ll I’ll ask is uh Sam why.

Don’t you tell us about your pick a ball accomplishments unless Travis you have a other way of asking yeah Sam why don’t you run through the uh accomplishments in pick a ball so far my my personal accompl sorry I couldn’t even do it go ahead go ahead tell us I hear you laughing I was the number one overall pick in the MLP CH F you were the first.

Overall pick I was the first overall pick I also in MLP in the in the third event I helped my team uh make it to the semifinal believe what you were fourth right the fourth best male is that correct or first you mean amongst all the players yes I remember 14th overall okay um I don’t know I’d have to go back and look.

Uh there we go I’ve got wins in doubles over uh Pablo Pablo telas Connor Garnett rler Dart those are good uh Christian Alshon and you you have you’re doing this with Wes burough by your side those wins were all MLP wins with um and John yes who’s a good player yeah we were both we were both.

Good players out there during those wins I I believe that wholeheartedly I believe it you know what if you think about it those guys were picking on me a lot and I was holding my own and that’s why we got the W’s Ram can understand that I do I I mean I could I could go on but that’s what I got off top of my head okay that was okay.

Forbit the next question um are you ever gonna get better yeah do you think you’ll get better are yeah yes I do I’ve been drilling more uh you know going into last year was my first year I didn’t know what to expect I was playing like some MLP events some PPA some APS this year you know I’ve signed with the PPA I.

Know I’m going to play 15 event there’s a little more um I guess consistency with the schedule I know for the most part where I’m going to play I’m going to play with more consistent Partners so yes I’m going to get better okay so like basically we had this when we you first came out we watched the Tyson mcguin podcast and you said three months which.

I’m sure you’ve been roasted on enough three months you’d be top 10 and then Graham asked me what’s your overun on this and I said never nothing against you but that was my prediction just because I didn’t know if you’d take it seriously and I also didn’t know if your skills would translate what has been the biggest.

Surprise for you in that transition of like are the players better than you anticipated or is the the practice requirements more than you anticipated what is that what is it that you thought you your foresight wasn’t top shelf on and you were looking at it like oh yeah because I had a similar view I was like oh I’m going to walk in and kick the.

[__] out of these guys and they were better than I expected yeah I can’t point to one thing um I do feel like the game because it’s evolved so quickly and there’s so much more on the line and the prize money even like right now compared to when I did that interview 16 months ago there’s so many more like better players on the.

Men’s side and women’s side uh you know that would have been like uh gosh like September 2022 when I when I said that and at the time if you would have looked at like a PPA event in like singles there would have been like 18 guys playing it and like six weren’t even that good right.

Pop 10 and like how do you feel about the transition so far like rating it obviously you know you’ve been um playing now for I don’t know yeah about a year off and on and clearly like had a really good time with it but how would you rate it as far as like the transition so far from tennis to pickleball from a physical perspective.

An emotional perspective an enjoyment perspective um I enjoy I really enjoy it um plain emotionally I really enjoy it the hardest part is just like you can go 90% like pretty easily that last 10% is just like hard to master and I feel like when I played tennis like the worst part of my tennis game was like my my backhand volley and like creating on my.

Backhand side and that’s such a big part of pickle ball so it’s just taking me a long time to like figure out how to be aggressive and creative on my backhand side and that’s number are you’re talking about from the kitchen line it’s difficult for you to be creative from there yes and most like in the air like you you see the top players able to take.

Balls in the air and like flick it with tops spin from the backand or just continually you know mostly in the air volley side on the backhand um just being able to be aggressive and creative on that side is what’s taken me a a longer time to master that’s so you actually find the backhand flick to be more challenging for you than other.

Aspects of pickle bable 100% And in tennis I always said my entire career like hardness shot in tennis is a backhand volley uhuh see it’s funny easiest Shot for Me Right like that’s literally the easiest ball for me but the hardest and in tennis in tennis I could play an entire match and probably hit like four backhand volley.

Right right well like in pickle ball like 40% of the shots are like creating and doing stuff on that backhand side and uh you have to master it if you want to be good okay so let’s let’s go with that then do you think my my theory was when you know you said you were going to be top 10 was your game style tennis wise wasn’t the best option to translate.

In fact I said most of it doesn’t translate you drop bombs you know 140 Plus on the serve huge forehand moved well laterally I don’t think those things have any any weight in pickle do you think that’s right do you think that’s uh a fair statement and that there will be certain pickle ball players let’s say like Jack sock who.

Maybe are a little bit more Dynamic feel oriented obviously uh was a more accomplished doubles player in some regard and has really good hands like do you think that that’s a fair statement and there will be other players that that have the appropriate style that transfer over yeah that’s more than a fair Sav.

And that’s what it is um and when I said top 10 I think at the time yes I believ that I also had no clue like how a pickle ball ranking worked or if like there was singles rankings or doubles rankings or mixed doubles rankings um but yes there was nothing necessarily my tennis I came over to pick a ball from tennis just like all right he he was a.

Very good racket sport player at another Sport and there’s other tennis players games that are going to transition over better like you said people that have more feel um you know especially at the net um maybe a little more understanding of like on the doubles Court you know where to where to position yourself where to move and so I I agree with you.

On that we were talking about this earlier about like height isn’t as important in pickle ball as it is in tennis it’s a much bigger advantage to be really tall like yourself in tennis than it is in pickle ball and pickle ball we feel like Speed and Agility are just as important as maybe length and I I don’t know what your feelings are on.

That you feel like being as tall as you are is almost a detriment in pickle agree I mean I don’t wouldn’t say like detriment but agreed the tennis court is I don’t know four times bigger and athletes now that are my size six5 six six six seven are great movers and they can all cover a tennis court no problem um in pickle ball you don’t need.

To do that you’re up at the line and your movement they kind of your movement’s not a big part of the game it’s more feel and these nuances and you know sometimes being a big guy when people go out my body you know it’s hard for me to get my L out of the way yeah exctly big Target I when I play Pickleball I like playing against other.

Big guys because I’m like oh I can I I want to speed up at them because like I know how I feel and I want to make them feel like that so right he can’t get out of the way agreed I don’t think the there’s pros and cons of the height and pickle ball but yeah I think I would rather be a little shorter I guess if I really wanted strange to say but yeah I.

Feel that way sometimes like some of these guys like Conor Garnett these guys that are super fast it’s like yeah they may not be the longest person the tallest person get the greatest angles but they have a lot of advantages I feel like over guys like us that are you know 6’2 65 66 there’s some Advantage totally I mean if I if I was 61 I would be top.

10 I just you know then what would binsky do what would tropical do like be he’d have no uh content they have surgeries for that you may be the first one to ever do it go backwards yeah legs okay uh so talk really quick about Jack sock and maybe Donald Young a little bit and these other players that have transferred over and are you.

Familiar first how do you think they’re going to do and then are you familiar with any other players that are making that transition as of now yeah so I’ll start with Jack Tha Jack is good as we all know last year he played the one event in North Carolina won it with analie Waters in singles maybe made the quarterfinals.

Didn’t maybe beat anyone of of of notoriety then um but people knew he was good and Jax you know I know he retired at the US Open last year but he’s been playing pickle ball like a lot for the last 16 months and basically walked into his first tournament a couple weeks go in the desert and I don’t know overperformed I maybe did better than.

People thought semi-final the singles quarterfinal the mixed maybe round of 16 of the men’s doubles but Jack is good Jack is do you think Jack is overhyped a little bit at the moment do you think he’s gonna be good because I have like a no I I dis I disagree I don’t think he’s overhyped I think I you think so I literally think Jack is a top 10 overall.

Player sure okay in the game I I don’t I know it’s hard to judge that but like he’s played one tournament and like the he just into it he’s got the feel he’s got the game he’s got like that bit of like arrogance and Cockiness that he believes he is truly believes he is better than every other player out there which is going to help him right and yes.

I think he’s going to establish himself as like regardless of what the rankings are I think everyone will just know like yeah Jack’s one of the top 10 best players well so I have I have an issue with the top 10 to me it’s overhyped like is Jack going to be a top three men’s doubles player and I’ll give you my caveat really quick.

To me the best left side men’s players in the next 12 to 16 months will all play two hands off the backhand dink 70% of the time you can’t like if you go crosscourt dink with James anovich it’s almost impossible to win that rally which is why Ben is now adding on adding it I mean I realize Jack is hyper athletic like a [__] freak and he.

Runs around hits the forehand but I always think he’s going to be at a disadvantage unless he can learn to roll the twoy Dink and I think he was exposed from my perspective a little bit always in the men’s doubles where dinking is infinitely more important than mixed or singles hitting the backhand dink yeah that’s extremely accurate I.

Didn’t watch him play the men’s doubles over the weekend but but yes you are absolutely correct and I would I would agree with you like the James anwit Conor Garnett Ben John’s Riley like those two-handed shots if the game’s getting more and more aggressive and if you can’t create off everything I think it’s going to be hard so yes I I guess.

Fast forward 12 months if I had to say will Jack sock be a top three three or four men’s doubles players I’m going to say no I’m going to put him more in the like seven to 10 range that’s where I got that’s where I got him too his other advantage over you guys is that he’s younger right and he’s more recent out of his tennis career and he’s getting.

Top-notch Partners right out the gate he’s gonna get he’s probably gonna get a number three guy partner he’s getting play with Anna Lee you know like there there’s a huge advantage to both those things playing with Katherine’s not bad you know you’re right and so that’s yeah’s 31 he’s he’s got a lot lot of life left.

In his body to run around the court um move Donald Young Donald is is really good I mean we all kind of know him from tennis like Lefty great feel I think if he were to put his head down and focus on this game and and put in the practice time and the full tournament schedule I think he becomes a a guy that’s just in the mix win.

Consistently winning two or three rounds at every event in singles doubles and mixed um I you know I don’t know for sure but I I believe he’s still playing tennis for part of this year see to me I have’t rated like if he was to play Just based on his skill set in tennis the fact that he does have sick hands a nice kind of like tight compact little.

Two-hander and then obviously could roll the ball on both sides I have him I don’t want to say better than Jack but right [__] there like as as the best Lefty in the game by a comfortable mile because who else do you have there there’s not a lot of a really good left team maybe outside Pablo and Tyler L but but Donald to me has like a skill set.

That would translate really really well if he applied himself yeah if he applies himself that’s I don’t know I don’t know if he’s planning on it not planning on it but I I agree with you to a point I think if he applied himself he would be really good I I still think that like Jack was just in another level than he would be.

If they both applied themselves both went all in I think Jack is is is much better I think the thing I love about Jack is he’s the one guy who I see that like it looks like he genuinely loves playing like he’s very intrigued by the game if I showed you like the group chat between like me him John Isner and Steve Johnson are just my chat between me and.

Him it’s 90% pickle ball for the last four for the last four years that’s fantastic I mean the dude’s obsessed with it he’s got a court at his house he’s watching highlights yeah you know last year I would be playing a tournament and he’s texting me like how do I you know how do I watch this on YouTube like he’s into it.

Speaking of that’s one of’s biggest like problems with the PPA is they’re they’re they have varying uh broadcast stations and it always is a disaster to try to find watch I sent you the schedule today do you see it it’s like from 9 to 10 watch here 10 to 11 watch here CER court on pickle ball TV always and then generally grand stand is on YouTube but.

The problem with pickle ball TV is you don’t know which match you’re getting no you don’t of course not that’s tough yeah I mean people are going to want to watch people they like so they’re looking for like I’m looking for retm and Sam query I don’t know what I’m going to find them I got to watch for eight hours and hope that I catch a you.

Know Grand catch a championship Court match with them it’s tough um and then I guess part three of your question was like any other tennis players that I think or know that are going to come over and play right now the answer is I have no idea and none none that I can think of I mean I I still think in tennis assuming.

You’re you’re 30 years of age or younger and you’re top 150 in the world in tennis probably Tay’s tennis there’s there’s much more upside I mean no offense to pickle ball it’s way cooler to play in Wimbledon or the Australian Open you know then to go play the PPA Hyundai Masters um so I you know I I.

Think it’s going to be more of like those those good college players that are like look I maybe I’m not going to make in tennis but I can go over to pickle ball and within six six to eight months actually like kind of maybe make a name for myself yeah what you think about the Quang dang K were you familiar that that kid won Orange Bowl 16s last.

Year yes iane I couldn’t I mean if you I mean for you know most people don’t necess know this if you win the Orange Bowl you’re for the most part one of like the five best juniors in the world and if you look at the history of Orange Bowl winners like a lot of them go on to be top 100 tennis players right so for him to win that and basically just like.

Quit cold turkey and hop into the pickle ball scene was a a huge risk that seems to be pay off for him so far um but do you think he would have made it in tennis like judging by his body type and his style cuz I watched highlights when someone told me that cuz they someone told me I was like that’s not possible you’re wrong no one wins the Orange Bowl.

And stops playing but it looks like judging from what I watch stylistically it’s the right decision he would have been like a d I’ve never seen him hit a tennis ball so I can’t comment on that but um yeah and and for guys too so much can happen between the ages of like 16 to 22 like who who knows if he would have like.

Gone on to be a good tennis but right he switched over to pickle ball he’s good at pickle ball you know he he was luckily in the right plane at the right time where I’m assuming he signed a pretty lucrative deal with the PPA and so he’s seems to have made a good decision for himself right now your wife is at what’s Abby correct is her name.

Correct and she is a big part of your social media is that true yes it is so who came up with the idea which for me is the best video in pickleball comedy history is the draft one where you have the the chain and you can’t return it was that her doing or yours yes so and did you actually think you were going to be drafted Premiere or.

Were you well aware that that was not in the cards you’re talking for the second draft yes for the second draft I want to go through the first the video and then did you actually think you’re gonna be drafted okay so first the video yes that was I would I would kind of give her 90% of the credit I think it was her her.

Idea she comes up with a lot of the you know little sketches in there I obviously kind of feed off it but she is the uh The Mastermind behind most of the videos um and yes that video was incredible and we had to Pivot because I was 100% certain I was getting drafted in Challenger and so I have different I was honestly we should have.

Drafted you when I watched you play Vegas after and you play I texted you and I was like you were playing very well I was disappointed and it was coming off like the the San Clemente where I was like legitimately like one of the 10 best guys and so within a we we kind of had the video ready and then we had to Pivot and change the ending.

Last second because in like the biggest shock of the century I didn’t get drafted to the the Challenger League um we had to Pivot but in the second part of your question like no I did not think I was going to get drafted to Premiere but but there was a 5% part of me that was like you know what me I might someone might take a shot again I I and.

I I said this shot when you played the match against Arnold and Thomas Wilson with Zack the redhead you were the best player on the court I meant that I know and I when you told me that I felt like it was sincere and like there’s times during the year where like I feel like I’m really good so that like.

Um yeah that was one of my better matches but yeah going back to the video that video and most of the other on ones are predominantly my my wife coming up with the ideas and filming and editing and stuff like that well she does a great job I mean I’d have you as probably the funniest guy in pickle ball as of now the banter is good you.

Obviously get destroyed often but you handle it very well with tropical and memes do you laugh at that when you see it like do you look at it and be like God that shit’s funny or do you go these [__] here they go is it is tough I feel like essentially every pickleball tournament I walked into this year I I step foot on the site take just a punch.

To the face and then like you get your day going cuz like I was just a Target on my back for day one and just a Zinger right away you’re also the meme stuff is so good like I don’t know who runs the memes but I mean I was their I feel like their number one featured player this year probably last year um and the stuff is funny and I wish sometimes I get a.

Little credit for a couple of the wins but uh look those two uh memes and tropical are both like hilarious and as much as I like don’t want to give them the the you know I don’t want to give them the results and like the the play that gives them the access to make fun of me.

I just unfortunately I have and um it just it stings it I’m not gonna lie it stings okay well how do you feel you’d do if you had Riley Newman on your right or played with Riley how is the Riley Newman Sam queer Duo doing because obviously like the partner is a huge part of this you know like that’s the real.

Part uh consistently making like quarterfinals or better yeah I agree with that I think that’s real did you see the tropical ball one where Sam I think genuinely sent like a family Christmas photo to Nick yes and then Nick just walked in put it in the trash he’s like I’m gonna put this right up here right here for.

You honestly would would tropical the first like six months I’ve I was started playing I didn’t know who he was and it was just like every four days I’m like who is this guy like why is it every freaking four days he’s just absolutely trashing me and then you know then it kind of turned out to be like you know not that we have like a you know there’s.

Like a somewhat of a little friendship there for sure we we’ve known bags a while love the videos bags is a character we’ve known him for quite a while so we’re we’re we’re fans of him and everything is always done in good fun I don’t think the guy has a harmful bone in body I also oh yeah yeah for sure and and he’s the first guy he’s not.

Going to admit it and make a nice video about me he’s the first guy that’ll text me if I ever win one of those matches like dude sick playing like you play great right that’s awesome to hear yeah it’s good that he does both I also love the match you were tournament champions and Travis and I got to watch you played singles against Hayden Patrick beat him.

You beat Hayden right you beat him it was a great match yeah I beat I mean it was a it was a backdraw match but yes they not relevant wins a win we were titles before but you had a moment where he was he was saying saying uh about timeouts and you were like you can have all my timeouts I don’t need them yeah cuz he yelled at you cuz you’re.

Were like on a seven-point like you know backspin and he was like Hey might be time for a timeout and he responded back hey ref give them both my timeouts I don’t need them and then he went on to win I wish get rid of time outs and pickle ball I can’t stand the timeout I I don’t like it either I think it’s stupid but I will tell you there’s.

They’re very in the beginning I was 100% against them they are extremely valuable I hate it they’re so valuable yeah I hate that can Ru momentum with them yeah like likewise but that’s where you had the Flying Jay right where you had to uh have your wonderful shower there yeah you know that site there was no like locker room I I had like a flight that.

Night I’m like where do you take a shower and like yeah I stopped at the bus at the truck stop yeah had to do it I want graham to read this one what this is Grahams this is Grahams okay so I apologize for oh yeah we wrote this probably a long time ago you think it’s.

You think it’s the greatest fleecing in sports history that you got paid by Franklin and Fela such large numbers say do I think it’s the greatest fleecing yeah did you fleece them like like basically it’s like a contract of a guy who got drafted first but never got off the bench all.

Um and also second part to that did you think you probably the contracts were done how do you even know what I’m getting you don’t even know what the contracts are is they’re product only they’re product only contract prodct only my.

Ass look at at the end of the day both those companies are trying to they’re trying to sling paddles and sling merch however they can do it that’s what matters if I if I never wion a pickle ball match and and Franklin and feler are selling millions of paddles and millions of clothes I’m not saying they are because of me then that’s all good.

And they can pay me a ton of money and I can win every match and if they’re not selling paddles it doesn’t matter so and to the other point is I I signed those contracts before I was the number one overall draft pick and are there bonuses in those contracts uh in my Fela contract there are bonuses yes have you hit.

One um no I I’ve never made any prize money on pickleball tour yet a [__] I’m gonna hit one I’m gonna hit one but say it again what was it it had happened what was it look this I know this is a bad take I have been a little bit of victim of difficult draws in 2023 I I’ll give you that I I never had an opening anywhere I was just tough.

Draw left and right I don’t know if that was like how these draws work but there was never an opening for me ever like well you’ve also again the partners I would like to see you alongside a guy that’s like a dominant player as opposed to you know where you’re coming in as the dominant player that’s challenging to do I’ve I.

Shot my shot early and was getting shut down so there was no lack of try did you I tried I’ve tried my ass off too because I want to move to the right we actually put out a a uh what do we what do we call it like an offer we put an offer out basically for like six guys that I want on the left because I’m old as [__] I want to move to the right side.

And I said if I don’t make a final with one of these six players on the left in the first five events then I will pay $10,000 to any player that gives me five events and not even a nibble not even wow I know 10,000 cash I said if I play the right I want to play the right I want to play the right side too otherwise i’ I’d maybe think about.

It I I mean honestly I wouldn’t mind see on the left and the thing is you you’re you’re unique in that on the left kind of like Tyson you slide left and guard with the forehand as opposed to guard with the backhand that’s very bizarre yeah so you couldn’t get one you couldn’t pay someone essentially to play with you no I couldn’t pay people I.

Can’t pay good players to play with me and I so I had ha and all of them have partners and no disrespect to their Partners but we were like okay with these six guys because I I feel like I’m an old guy playing on the left and I have a terrible backhand relative to James these guys who can roll the two get eaten up on that portion the rest of.

The game is fine my little slic dink gets [__] on and so I was like okay if I can move to the right and roll a forand dink I’ll do fine here the here’s the six guys I want to play with not one time not one not even one like yeah give you would you would you play with would you play with me the entire year if I gave you 20.

Grand out a zero 75 zero what’s the number for you to play with what’s the number with you to play 20 tournament with me going forward wow um 20 this is my agent here I’m going to have to talk to him about it who’s playing right side you have him playing I’ll play.

Whatever I have to play the right I have to play the right I gotta switch right but you gotta work on a two-ended backhand dink all right okay are are you play are you playing all with Wes as of now yeah I’m planning to play let’s say 15 to 17 tournaments this year and I bet.

Like 12 to 13 will be with Wes okay well let’s let’s suit one up I’d love to suit one up I’m looking and you know what I’m looking to play Wes can’t play the North Carolina PP I’m looking for a partner there I’m already set I’m I’m set through like Seattle that’s in like July I know I’m available for North.

Carolina no I’m good gr all right I know I get someone better than you you’re the first top five Pro that turned me down gram does have the floppy wrist in some of the best resets you’ve ever seen but let me tell you if that ball shoulder height or above you better run the [__] over and take it from them I’m.

Gonna send some feelers out if I get desperate I’ll shoot you a t appreciate it thank you yeah yeah but I I’d like to do it Sammy I’d love to play one or two that would be fun how much are you practicing as of now how much pickle ball is being played by the query on the rig uh four days a week [__] hey that’s great and you have good players.

Right and that’s a combination I would say like once a week I’m drilling with like Wes or someone and the other kind of three days are like playing I I think if I really wanted to excel I would need to flip that and like maybe drill three days a week and play one day a week okay so uh last question this as far as at least your pickleball play for the.

Moment what what do you think holds you back like you said creating on the backhand side but what do you think is like outside of that what prevents you from is it like the soft game is it the speed UPS like the hand speed is really quick is it the deception that players have like what is one particular skill that you look at and you’re like outside.

Of the back end flick damn I’m just not good at that like this is this is preventing I can’t I can’t think of one it’s just like all these top players are are 10% better than me at like every little thing in the kitchen their dinks are a little better they’re a little lower their hands are a little quicker the way they like they’re speed ups are.

Placed you know in an awkward spot you know I might speed up right at someone’s chest or they might speed up like right shoulder you know High to the right side right so I just feel like they everyone’s just whatever five to 10% better at every little skill in the kitchen okay so you got 15 to 17 events um what about the reason why more people.

Aren’t watching yeah that was where I was going so do you think Pro pickle ball will make it as a PE to spectator sport one two do you think the PPA format or the MLP format is better for viewership long term and if you were running the show if you were the commissioner what would you do to ensure that we got media rights.

And eyeballs on pickle ball uh based on its current standing I don’t have good answers for those like you’re probably you I don’t know how to get more people to watch it I know like whatever the number was 35 million people played it last year but you know 3,000 people stream a match right which is a a bad number for how.

Many stream it so like I’m I’m bullish on pickle ball assuming they that someone can figure out how to get more eyeballs to watch it I don’t I don’t have any ideas off top of my head but hopefully some smarter people than me can can figure it out if they if that doesn’t change then I can see pickle ball being a little bit of like a bubble.

Here and hey it was really exciting for five years and it kind of got on TV a ton of millions of people play it recreationally but the professional pickle ball side of things was kind of hot for five years and it’s cooled off and people play and that’s it so I think it’s a a big issue and and hopefully someone can figure it out if I had to.

Change one rule I I I like PPA over MLP and that switched originally I used to like MLP but I’m I like the PPA format now and I’m not just saying that because I because I sign with PPA I believe that yeah do think that’s a better uh product uh I wish it was rally scoring though I’m a fan of the rally scoring I think it’s easier for people.

To follow I think that would maybe draw in some more some more eyeballs uh but that’s like the one thing one thing I would change but I know I’m like in the minority with that amongst the players and I’m with you on the rally scoring I what my thing is that the general people that I play with wck players they get tired of the dinking so.

A thought that we’ve had is that you implement like a shot clock essentially 20 seconds before you have to speed up or create something or maybe the point has to end let’s say in 25 seconds but that way you don’t have and I think the John’s brothers are the biggest victims to this is they’re incredible dinkers and they will slow it down 80 90 balls.

In a row and it’s boring as [__] especially if you don’t understand the nuance and the subtleties of the dings that they’re the dinks that they’re hitting it’s like I could do that and that’s what people tell me it’s like they watch and like well I could do that and they don’t watch LeBron James and think well I can do what LeBron does so.

They’re it’s not really like wow what an athlete or wow that’s really impressive you know there’s nothing like that yep no you’re they spot on I totally agree and I’m I’m in favor of the sport is is still new and it has a lot of momentum I’m in favor of them implementing new rules and trying them let’s try a shot clock here and I know.

The players players hate change they’re going to complain about it they’re gonna the [__] about it but just do it if it doesn’t work get rid of it and then try a new rule and see if something sticks I feel like tennis didn’t do enough of that when I played you know when I was playing and you might have been playing this too I don’t know if you remember.

When they went to the round robin format for an event and ultimately it didn’t work but I like that they tried it so I I hope pickle ball and the PPA tour try more of these rules despite with the player probably uh you know not liking most of them and and seeing if one of them helps or one of them sticks what did you think about the rule change in.

Palm Springs the serving rule I thought it was a little Annoying I I mean I wasn’t a huge fan of it but again I like that they they tried it and there’s a I think they’re getting rid of it is I hear that right no I think they’re still using as far as I know I hope they get rid of it because I just thought my my issue was that the whole.

Problem with the naval was that it made it really subjective for every individual ref to make a call that was hard to make and now you made it more difficult for the ref to make a call yeah they I think they need to figure something out with the serve you know where where’s the hip line there’s gray area I don’t know if the rule is.

Just hey the ball you got to bounce the ball on the ground and then anything goes but that’s what I think they should do Isle B yeah whoever whoever’s going to make up the pickle ball rules needs to come up with the rule at the serve where it’s just a very black and white Rule and it’s obvious and easy for umpires to.

Call one way or the other really quick gram who’s the player that asked you are you gonna did you say that already uh no I’m Gonna Keep it I’m gonna keep it to myself just know it’s a top five top five player in the world and they want me to play there’s no way that yeah but it’s like some like you said they ask you to play like a non.

It’s like a little event at their club or something like what it’s an event it’s a hdden giggle it’s an event and I don’t think they invited you guys it was me that’s the part to win that I can let me let me let me tell you right now if Ben johns or Annalie Waters called me I was like hey I’ve got a little eight-man tournament at my club.

In Florida next Sunday you want to play I would say no say no my time is valuable my time is valuable all right another jealous guy on the Pod I’m still going back to your question how much would I charge for a query partnership that’s what are you pay in Wes Wes is I’m not paying Wes anything.

Wes french fries and I should I should be paying of something but he’s just a good friend he’s a good you guys have been friends for a long time so for those that don’t know Sam and I have I’ve known Sam since what you were probably nine years old is that about right yeah I was gonna say 10 but yeah yeah nine or 10 I mean West even a.

Little longer used to practice with Sam a little bit at the Calabasas swimming racket back when you were using what was that thick Prince you used to use the Diablo that’s the one baby the Diablo that was like the thick that was the light one wasn’t it yeah it was the light one with the holes in the side do you still do you still watch Tennis like.

Are you still really into tennis you play uh no I watched the majors like and I don’t go out of my way but during like Wimbledon US Open Australian Open before I go to bed when I wake up in the morning I’ll turn the tennis on and watch uh the majors and then I would watch like a friend or like one of the.

Americans but other than that no like you know there’s a I don’t even know what tournaments are going on right now like no I don’t turn the tennis channel on right now and and watch like random two do you watch pickle ball at all um Yes again kind of more of the same like tennis like I’ll watch like a like a big mat have Riley Newman and.

Thomas Wilson are playing the Johns and I’m home like all right yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna go search for that on one of the five platforms that it could be on right right right um are you still playing and then and and then I like watching in person if I’m at the tournaments like I like to go kind of watch and and Float.

Around and see what guys are doing do you ever hit balls anymore do you ever take out the old Babs and strike Strike balls uh yeah um I’m actually going next week the Del re Beach tennis ATP 250 I’m playing like the Champions event so I’m playing Tommy hos in a tennis match like next Sunday and then two matches two doubles matches against the Brian.

Brothers so I actually hit tennis balls on Monday and I’m hitting tennis balls again tomorrow to just make sure I’m capable does the arm hurt at all or no problems no no problems I I get so like the other day I hit for the first time in maybe two months and uh you know my like shoulders are a little sore right right I I more so just get sore easier.

Go ahead gra it sounds like one of those eight person hitting Giggles down in Miami you’re going to yeah ex that’s ex top five guy asked me to play double Brian Brothers asked me to come play that open in Miami you know what I’d say no no my time is valuable all right who so last question tennis related who are the guys you.

Watch now if you do is is there somebody you tune into like for me I like watching the Shelton kid I think he’s fun to watch alcaraz obviously yeah so for me if alarz jokovic and Center are the only like three players where I’m like all right what time are they what time are they playing tomorrow like I want to.

Watch them and especially if they play each other if jokovic plays alcarez I feel like right now or maybe even I could put CER in there jokovic cner those are the only matchups where I’m like I’m gonna try to go out of my way to watch that yeah um and then as far as others go like I kind of want to watch all the Americans like Ben Shelton uh.

Francis TFO I love Tommy Paul yeah yeah Tommy’s fun to watch um I don’t you know Fritz Sebastian Corda I’ll really watch all of those Young Americans if they’re playing they got to be playing a big match I’m not going to tune in to watch like a first round but if they’re playing a second third round in a Master Series I’m gonna I’m gonna watch it if.

You had to pick one tennis player that switched over to pickle ball and you’re like they they’re the best player ever who is that player is I mean it if you asked me that two years ago it’s Jack sock Jack sock is the I best person to switch over that’s a TR um I that’s what I thought I don’t I think the game has changed.

Though in pickle like you said even in the past two years nobody had a two-handed dink until a year ago and then people started rolling the two and a dink and it was like oh [__] this is gonna get weird there’s on the on the men’s side there’s not one tennis player I can think of that would like switch over right now and make a a huge impact.

Okay or any impact not one on the women’s side I I think there’s more opportunity on the women’s side I can’t think of any like WTA players off the top of my head but I would I’m a little more confident be willing to bet that I could poach some like female players from the WTA put them over on the on the on the woman’s.

Pickleball tour and they would make an impact but on the men’s side like there’s not one I don’t think yeah um yeah I’ve always said it would be more like doubles guys for the most part that I think would have a quick transition guys like you know Salsbury or something who reads the play really early but then like a lot of the doubles.

Guys it’s like most a lot of those guys are like 36 37 38 years old it’s just a little tougher when you’re competing against guys who are like 25 26 are you surprised at how physically like I don’t know challenging is even the right word but pickle ball singles like how jarring it is on the body because the movements are so quick and.

Agile I’m not surprised because I knew it but it it’s pickle ball singles is hard I mean it’s a I like playing it because it’s a good workout at home but you know especially when it’s not the progressive draws is someone who’s got a lot of I guess you know a lot of play under his belt and Tennis over these years I struggled with the like play a.

Match then like wait 20 minutes then go play a match then like wait 30 minutes by the time I got to like the third match my body was just like feeling like garbage so I’m a I’m a fan of these Progressive draws but singles pickle ball you know if you play two straight hours of singles pickle ball and two straight hours of tennis it’s comparable.

From a physicality question I’ve done the data like actually worn the thing on my watch and like what my heart rate gets to what my calorie burn is and it’s it’s comparable yeah yeah 100 absolutely is yeah all right you got anything else I don’t think so Luke Sam you got anything oh yeah I got one what was your take on.

Jeie buard do you think that she will now overtake you on memes and tropical will she get ripped on more this year than you yeah and so that I was a little I was kind of happy about that like the target’s off my back I can just play I can play free my results will come now play real.

Loose look she I she I’ve known her for a long time she talked to her before the matches like she was nervous I think like she knows like there was a lot of people watching Spotlight on her she’d never played before you know a tournament I don’t think she had practiced that much no she had I don’t you don’t have to think she did not I’m.

Assuming yeah I you know I think that was probably pretty humbling experience for her I’m going to guess that um she’s going to between now and I’m assuming Mesa might be her next one probably go practice a lot so she um you know doesn’t doesn’t embarrass herself right because I I think she wants to be I think she wants to be good I hope she.

Goes to practice a lot more um so she can go out and be a little more formidable but um that that’s what you have to do you can’t just go out there once every couple weeks and practice and think you’re going to go out and and do anything at this level like she needs to put in 3 four days a week of like pretty hard practice with good players yeah.

Know these players are they’re they’re taking it very seriously these days and hitting a lot of little Whiffle balls around getting very very good and adding shot I’m caring for I I don’t I don’t want to watch her go out there and do what happened and watch Palm Springs again like I I felt for like I I want her to go out and practice and be.

Formidable and and you know lose with some dignity you have any take on Maria Sharapova on her game well she signed with Franklin obviously yeah they get all the best players from I said she’d be terrible you said you were going to throw darts at my face because I compared her to you which wasn’t very nice Sam well she’s not going to play a.

PPA she’s going to play an exhibition that’s it she’s only playing the EXO right that’s it yes and uh never played here’s what I do know Wes Wes has been practicing with her a little bit and he’s like she’s way better than you think like she knows what she’s doing she’s decent so I think she’s going to you know NE is that next week her and.

Mackenro and I think she’s gonna just be right in the mix I do think that like AG’s obsessed with this game and plays five days a week yeah ay is way better than Mack androe and then I’m gonna guess that Stephie and Sher poova are about the same well did you know that Agy like first of all he is a large investor in a company called kodo the.

The paddle company and then he just yeah and then he just bought a portion of duper duper no no he’s all in on it and and just obsessed with the sport so like that’s great to hear Andre and Stephie I think are going to dominate the match but that’s not because of Maria’s play that’s because Andre is so much better than M he’s literally playing non-stop.

Now right like that’s a legitimate thing non Non-Stop and he’s like I’ve played with him a handful of times like he I could go out and have like a real practice with Andre and it’s yeah yeah it’s worth my time like the guy’s good that’s cool that’s really [__] cool and I think Maria’s gonna be better than people people like you guys think yeah I.

Thought you I mean I just I just hope it’s not like a genie Bard part two where she’s playing the pickle ball slam it’s like oh my God she doesn’t know the rules she can’t dink she’s tring to speed up from you know the transition zone like what the [__] going on okay that’s what we got well thanks Sam thanks for your time yeah Sam appreciate.

It buddy yeah no problem I’ll see you guys in in Mesa I guess
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