Point-by-point players analysis and summarizedat the end of the video hop in for a point or two it's a great start for Isner and sock now they're wishing it was rallyscoring because they had a point and a gorgeous ATP from Jesse Irvin oh and there's a lot ofchatter on that court right now again everything regular scoring here two serveson your side there's Jack sock the tennis star yeah well the tennis guy scrapped togethera point there but uh couldn't hang in there till the end so zero zero remainsisner's playing much better though he's really hitting those drops thathe was missing thing earlier today so.

I think it's going to be maybe more of abattle than we had anticipated but these women are coming out on top okay so canvas fullwoman power here as is everyone else in the truck I'm a girl Dad let's go ladies ner pushes that return wide and there's those hands that you have seenacross the ATP Tour on this Tennis Channel let's do a one Indian Wells together and playedpickleball with yours truly the day before that's how much they love pickleball and Tenniscoming together sock could play hours at a time one of the best doubles players inthe game as Isner with that huge serve and that's where the guys are going to get introuble is going to be up at the kitchen line.

From the back they have great ground strokesthey they know how to move on the court from tennis you have a lot of Court sense so theyhave that but when it comes time to creating patterns with that softer touch with thedinks that's where you're going to see the ladies just come out on top and really picktheir moments to hit a speed up Jam them up foreign a dribbler in front of Isner 302 and I I hear some numbers beingthrown out oh on a tough bounce of two points in a row where LadyLuck was on the side of the ladies hey.

Five zip Waters and Irvin and the threat of Al and that's what's differenttransitioning from tennis to pickleball is you have a little bit more time tennis is a little bitslower but when you're in pickleball and you're up in that kitchen light things move quicklyand just that little movement right there to your peripheral can cause a mishit and that's whathappened with Isner yo oh get up Jack sock oh no and then Isner can't finish it what a get byAnna Lee there it is not a tennis ball folks that pickleball is coming back yeah kazak usually hitsthat into the 200th row and the tennis facilities and Irvin goes back behind sock and thatgoose egg looks very very very dangerous on the scoreboard we are on TennisChannel and Isner and sock have love.

9-0 hi I liked that idea from sock they're tryingto go behind and soften up the game they're gonna have to extend these rallies to see ifthey can oh and he goes cleaner into the net Jack sock and John Isner had fewer winnersand five times the number of Errors is Annalee Waters and Jesse Irvine and this was thebiggest determining factor for the first game if this video is helpful to you a subscribewould mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are building an audience bycreating helpful content Point against two of the best women's pickleballplayers in the world here we go comes through and has got the crowd behind himand holds up the index finger not indicating.

He's number one indicating that he's got one pointand that's exactly what they need to do right now oh no well not that they don't needto do that but the point before what they did so well is they slowed itdown they got a lot more hits on the ball and it ended up coming on topso I'd love to see them settle back in that's what they're gonna have to do is just getup to the kitchen line create more opportunities pick their moments of when they're wantingto speed it up because these girls have too good of hands for for them to come out on top inthose hands battles yeah I have a feeling tennis stars are going to be sharing that videowith Mr sock much to his Chagrin seconds just needed that little extension he's usedto the what is the racket not the paddle.

And Jesse Irvin says hello right in the corner that was a great play by those ladies spread them apart pick theOpen Court hit right behind sock side out off the net court so a lot of laughter here there's a goodlook at Jack sock yeah let's do that again country one we're just trying to get the refereeto call the score for us these boys are used to having the score called well before they'reready to serve oh and Jack sock is feeling frisky run around backhand after switchingsides off the tape in the corner off a dick I I mean I expect sometimesif you want to come over because you're.

Looking to finish the point but it was justa simple switch off a dink and here we have it here we have it why not sock on the leftnow is there on the right okay and here we go big man ready three two oneand they've got the lead second third bad luck off the tape there three two as once is there a tried I'd say an ill-advised speed upthere Cameron yeah and what I like I would like them to switch back I like Isner on the rightand I like sock on the left I think socks just had maybe a little bit more time on core hecan create a little bit more opportunity so.

I'd like him to go ahead and stay on the leftside but maybe not there you have business John Isner says uh Cameron Blackwood hold mybeer look at this little line on the left side I'll give him that yeah come on manI can reach the right side from over here and John Isner finishes againso no damage done three two one look at sock Hustle and look what we havehere how does it just disgusting get from Jack sock and he it was unattackable that itwas such an incredible it reminded me a lot of Catherine parento how she can really slide andstay low get that ball over into the kitchen good idea from his there just couldn't finish it getting a lot of encouragement from the crowdhere and boy would he love to serve overhand.

Just catches a line oh tough spin live from sock and it's a beauty very sad overhead from Isner couldn't see it in the lights come through wow I am loving this confidencethat after heading into game two I want to know the conversation that was saidand the coaching that they got from from the other teammates down there this isa different team here from Isner and sock yeah oh man they didn't need that okay so therewas even a chest bump in there in the middle bad luck here so I can't believeit so it's 5-2 Tennis Pros.

Okay the touch from the bigman six feet ten inches of finesse he's almost the size of the entire kitchen there's a great ball too there Georgia tennis starof course won the longest match in the history of tennis at Wimbledon and it's now showing his touchon a pickleball court inside Mandalay Bay what a life oh and Anna Lee Waters tries to show herFinessin finds the net and we are six two one and sock ripping forehands seven two oneseven two and you see the frustration with these women because when you play true tennisplayers in pickleball you do come out hot in the first game you get a because they're notset in yet but then you head into the second game and they're ripping these ground strokesright here and they're dropping well they've.

Really softened up their hands and they'replaying great pickleball right now confidence third the little miscommunication betweenthese boys but that scoreboard is correct seven two is the score so twoseven one Jesse Irvin the serve and socks says that is the no-go Zone AnnaleeWaters and what I liked is you didn't take a step back usually if you see a speed up thereyou step back off the kitchen line he stood his ground that's exactly what he needed todo his hands were ready to go came out on top cheers wise one of the best doubles tennisplayers in the world with those magic hands okay A little Miss from Isner but has played avery clean game too until that point three and two and look at his and her attacksAnnalee Waters and sock finishes.

It good look at Lee Waters going Idon't know what's happening right now but no we need to get it going andwe had a switch on the women's side look at her go and look at John Isner finish wow these guys are on fireright now and kept that gigantic foot out of the kitchen which is not easyto do for a man of his size six feet ten stock running around his backhand at the kitchenand paid the price and blamed the court we all do it I like this setup though that the changethe women have made of putting waters on the right and Irvin on the left she has a really gooddeep slice dink that I think is going to create a lot of problems sock pull that down the lineand sock is coming for Hannah Lee Waters 9-3.

Who saw a third game in this coming not one Soulespecially me especially Cameron Blackwood who'd already packed up her things you need to hangout for a minute I'm excited yeah I love this great deep return okay big mountainto climb two of the best competitors on the PPA tour and those two right thereJesse Irvin smiling away thank you oh no technically the ref did call it yes but we are we are going to take that from them too allright four nine welcome to pickleball boys oh goes for the drop shot again and then big 180 spin around nine five is the lead fivenine one again regular scoring for our exhibition Zach just get that out of here says AnnaLee watersock tried to flick it over to.

That forehand she said no no no I didn't thinkthese girls were were going away without a fight and John Isner is up for the task lookat this you just can't imagine that a paddle could be there whose armsare that long John isner's are yes okay here they come 792 oh it just sneaks over wild swing from Anna Lee Watersso 971 Jack sock to serve oh and a big serve and it is game pointfor the tennis stars ten seven one oh can you make the third under firstchance second try for Isner and socks and two game points saved.

What I like is they changed around everythingfrom game one and coming into game two so they've they've done a great job of playing pickleballin this game too they have yes they're you know the girls are coming back as we thought theywould anyways but they need to hold their heads up high because they have been creating alot of good opportunities for themselves taking the tennis game out of it and reallypicking out some good pickleball patterns and creating some confusion on the side of waters andIrvin I was not expecting that 8 10. saka's there what a drop by Isner but reaching a little too muchthere and the lead is down two one nine ten two.

I'll faked the drop shot that he's been using I'm gonna get from sock that one goes for the LOB ATP from Jack sock and we've got a swirlingtwirling chest bump and they have another chance at a game point here and done it this game was closer than the firstone Jack sock and John Isner had just a couple more winners and fewer errorsthan Anna Lee Waters and Jesse Irvine win game two 11-9 who will take game threeand all the bragging rights that go with it just deep from Isner so the ladies get out infront early there's a good look at Jesse Irvin.

Oh no and now a ball off the tape Cameron I think the girls do need a little love right nowI don't think they expected the boys to come out like they did in game two they really made somegreat adjustments they slowed the game down they started playing pickleball up at the kitchen linecreating patterns picking their moments and that's why they won game two rightfully so so lookingfor this to be a really competitive game three oh my and it is the best ATP in the women's gameJesse Irvin runs it down sock was there just wasn't solid on that and a three nothingrun at least to start game number three oh no and now it's four here a lotof the men I know Ryan Sherry was over there coaching up the boys one ofthe best singles players on the tour.

No luck winner and they might switch sideswithout touching the ball yeah and that's just that's experience right there they'rereally starting to pull these guys a little wide then they're looking to suck in just alittle bit opening up that line Anna Lee Waters just misses getting there all right so rightthere to serve they do get a chance to serve before the switch now can they score not with thatthird good energy from socket isn't here though and way too high from sock andIrvin makes quick use of that so what five zip and Anna Lee Waters is everywhere and all that memory of game two is starting to look a lot likegame number one it is so like I said these girls.

They're gonna go back to their experience on thecore of years of pickleball and they know how to win this match I love the scoreboard we got theTennis Pros boys and the PPA Pros girls so the boys have zero eleven zero let's see if they canavoid a double goose egg with a win in the middle I think they'll get some points on the boardthey're playing really well and they've like I said they've adjusted so well and what Ilike is the movement yeah they're now more comfortable up at the kitchen line and playingaccording to their strengths a little bit more now yeah I love what they did in gametwo they gotta gotta find that Mojo second serve and I would like them to go down the middle alittle bit more I think that's where they've.

Gotten the majority of the points becauseIrvin and Waters don't play together often or at all that there is that miscommunicationdown the middle and they've gotten a lot of free points off that good handle of the netCourt by Isner and then lets it Go all right maybe it's side you know all the points havebeen served on that side here in game three and Jack stock speeds it up down the middle per Cameron blackwood's recommendationand finishes so they are on the board it's playing straight up notstacking anybody anywhere oh gorgeous oh Top's Been Loved fromsock and Anna Lee Waters tried a tween her here's a good look from netcamjust couldn't get quite underneath it.

And sock is there after a great defensive volley from Isner and they've cut thelead in half and you saw just how far apart Jesse Irvin and Annalee Waters were onthe court that middle is wide open right now boy and his nurse hitting some butterythirds but it's got to make a less ugly fish but nice Rampage there got threeit's a good look at the big man what replay can't wait to cheer his Georgia Bulldogs on inthe college football playoffs a few days time look at that get from Irvin Irvin's justhanging out on the side of the Court watching it's like Al's one enough good-natured fun there.

So they get three see ifthey can get the ball back that is a head scratcher and that'swhat happens you start to get a few points on the board and then you thinkoh I'm gonna go for a little bit more a little bit more and then you go for toomuch that's been there with Isner let's go ahead take a step back that softensthose hands and let's just make the ball just a nasty Tui from Isner and a big finishokay so just one there three seven one Big Surf from sock keep saying a lead back but look at her not only fight forward butblast the big man Isner started turning sideways the second that ball went up heknew she was coming in it's a great move.

It's she really does a shake and bake forherself and midpoint a midpoint correct great deep return and beautiful Drop oh no after some gorgeous defense stockcan't get the backhand roller in there you heard Isner say I knew itand she knew it too unfortunately that was going to be a fun ball there some nice balance from stock there almost fell in okay foreign hello John Isner he's doing well he's nowhe's whether he knows it or not really kind.

Of learning the slide and not that he hasto move much and like I said he's almost as tall as the entire kitchen there butI really like that he's seeing the ball a little bit better and adjusting his feetto be ready to counter those balls yeah and he's got to let sock come over and justblast that forehand opportunity there oh no man who is known for his Aces single faultsthere that's all it takes here and pickleball obviously three points from winningthe Battle of the Sexes are the ladies no damage done okay couple of nice thirds thingscould get Mighty interesting and why not why not Lady Luck can beon the guy's side too oh I take those.

Every day all the time no no sorry notsorry we're just moving on we got five oh these thirds from Isner are gorgeous andit's weird I've played against him the ball comes from a different plane because he's sotall you're like how can that be coming from a knee and still be in and it almost doesn'thave a loft no it's the trajectory yes it is flattened and it's heavy so you see on theother side with Waters and urban when it comes down they're almost getting pushed off theirback foot just trying to pick up that drop like I said you give him threemonths it's gonna be deadly within two oh and a gorgeous forehand as AnnaLee Waters was having to cross as they chose to switch it 7-8 drama building here on CenterCourt at Mandalay Bay 7-8 look at that drop.

And those hands of sock 8-8 see Kim kleinsers in the back there probably alittle torn between the two because she now was an owner of a MLP team and wants to see some girlswin but she's a tennis player in watching these guys oh and a very ambitious Choice from Irvin orexcuse me from Isner at eight all okay eight eight bragging rights and so much more on the line here look at that ATP defense from sock rare Miss from Waters there and a violent ATP I mean Ernie from sockhe was in the air before Urban even hit it knowing I'm gonna go ahead and takethis Ernie look at that beautiful Ernie.

From sock my goodness they get the ball backat all and another gorgeous third from Isner and a great poach from sock the boys have comeall the way back and they lead it nine eight one I would have lost a lot of moneythis is the city to do that in Camp oh my God and after all those beautiful thirdsat 9-8 Isner can't find the range second try to get to 10 and a match point okay alittle little um little crack a basket here we go so we're switching out the ball here my goodness just missed there too how she can letthat go at 981 but uh if anyone knows the dimensions better than her I don'tknow who that is oh look at that drop.

Again from Isner ladies and gentlementhey have come all the way back look at the strut and Isner it is match pointfor the tennis stars on Tennis Channel oh no and he can't find the range on that oneso a match point saved by the ladies here we go tremendous hands from sock and Isner yeahthey're really seeing the pull off of the ladies paddles here very well oh no what I like that they're doing so well is theirtheir change of pace or sometimes you don't get right over and you come over to pickleballis it's just bang bang bang every Ball but there's a lot of finesse in their gameprisoner with the mistake it's 9 10 2.

And Anna Lee water speeds it upMatch Point goes to the other side this is it okay yes just just everybodyclarifying there's Emily water wait oh the players are changing the format folks Okay so you know why not all right so we're goingto win by two in game number three okay we won by 11 in game one so it's fineoh no Isner step back Tui he better be thanking everyone for agreeing with thewin by two match point for the ladies and another dropper from Isner soboth sides have saved a match point just absolute filth on the third it'sa heavy heavy third that he's hitting.

And he's hitting it with confidence rightnow it might be time to return somewhere else and they have one three rallies in a rowand they have their second match point oh and a little coaching much like theydo before any serve in a big tennis match and they have done it every player exceptfor Jack sock had more errors than winners Jack sock had doubled the number of winnersto errors which saved John Isner since John had double the number of Errors than winnersboth teams ratios were close but Jack and John Edge out Anna and Jesse and won the match ifthis video is helpful to you a subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we arebuilding an audience by creating helpful content
Battle of the Sexes – Pro Tennis Players VS Pro Pickleball Players
Jack Sock / John Isner VS Anna Leigh Waters (ALW) / Jessie Irvine

Bubly Team Championship PPA at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV – December 16, 2022

Tennis players are starting to play like Sam Querrey, Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, Michael Chang, and John McEnroe (they are playing at the Pickleball Slam April 2 for $1 Million Dollars)

In-Depth Analysis of the Doubles Match – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners & errors ratios. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart graphics.

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