Well pickleball is one of the fastest growing Sports in the country yes and Dennis Valera is learning how to play today Dennis we can't wait to see you in action yeah thanks Megan Xena I got the paddle ready uh we're warming up but before we get to that just wanted to first talk about the sport with Adam Stein he's a.

Coach here at the JCC of Greater Baltimore So Adam first off pickleball I see every one of all shapes and sizes here it's really easy to pick up sport yes so um the appeal of it is it's very very easy to learn the skills and on top of it you can see eight all different ages all different body shapes like it's the great equalizer anyone can learn how.

To play this and have a great time and they always say you'll you'll come in and you'll make 10 new friends and it really is just an incredible community and you've only known about this world or should I say been playing the sport not that long yes so um I was asked a little over a year ago if I wanted to take it over here at the J.

Um and I said well first I have to learn how to play so I went about the process of learning how to play getting certified and now we have all sorts of offerings from drop-in to clinics to socials and league play and it's just ever expanding we're even expanding into the camp realm this summer for ages 10 and above.

Awesome well yeah good deal thank you Adam and I will be warming up a little bit and you'll see me play in just a little bit megatina back to you Danny we do yeah guns out as well we love them okay but yes yes
The Owings Mills JCC hosted a drop-in pickleball clinic today, so Dennis dropped by!