Before look good let's go let's go come on come on come on let's go come on let's go ahead all right okay oh.

One zero one oh up okay there we go.

this place is so strong hey all right all right come on two one two.

Three foreign oh five three two one okay okay that's right it was in you saw it let's go right back boys right back right back.

Right back I got you I got you oh let's go not worried handle it it's over I mean stupid shots no.

No please be the right one foreign today five four one let's go boys what I'm up okay you're up here I'm back oh.

I need an extension of this thing remember one ISO run ice though yeah good for one okay oh thank you let's go ahead come on.

Come on let's go six six one though it takes two I guess oh I should have gone all right six six dude dude.

It's my third prime get you've done that once I get to do it once I hit two good points 661 all right that's just what we can't be doing going on to the other prison side that's just what we can't be doing.

Oh hey yeah maybe I should come over and take that from here oh okay foreign right.

Gotcha gotcha yeah otherwise I'll give them see that's my hands oh yeah nope no you want the forehead so you're coming over to my side to say before I take the middle forehand come on now come on come on thank you.

Hello darkness my old friend you suck God that was for you guys that was for you guys
Watch these pickleball partners freak out at each other as they play a very loud, over-the-top team full of positive energy