I've got four pickleball paddles here rangingfrom beginner all the way to professional and i'm about to rip these apart and find outexactly what is inside of a pickleball paddle first one is the gamma odyssey 45 we've gotthe franklin signature previously been john signature paddle 90 encore mx 6.0 130 and finallythe big boy this is the yola bin john's signature paddle coming in at about 220 huge thank youto just paddles for sending me these paddles this would not be possible without you allright so let's start with the cheapest paddle gamma odyssey the only thing it says aboutthe core is that it's a poly honeycomb core now i have heard that freezing used a ton inpaddles specifically the word honeycomb i think poly refers to polypropylene maybe but i generallyhave no clue what that means take this plastic off.

I think the best way to go about this is tojust go from the grip and work my way up i'm going to try to see if i can get oh there'sa little bit of movement there oh yeah look at that high guys coming right off this reallyis also a test of how durable are these paddles before i do that though i am going to take apartthis grip so i believe this just slides off okay let's unravel this somehow there wego i don't expect this to be super easy to rip these apart grips coming off let'ssee what this looks like oh it's interesting okay that's super sticky so this is like some sortof tape inside of it and it looks like these are maybe wooden blocks to give it some shape hopingi can use this to uh just rip these off might not have been a good idea to put my coffee on thetable let's take that off there we go that worked.

Okay this comes off and this thingis really glued in there super sticky looks like that might be some sortof like a foam hard foam material okay that's going to come right off therewe go yeah that's just some sort of like foamy it's super hard i don't know whatthat is that's what the grip's made out of let's see if we get this other one off too all right so it looks like this is justpure wood right here and this material is just there to give it some shape it's likea wood or i'm not really sure what that is to be quite honest with you let'sstart ripping this edge guard apart i'm getting close there we go and thisshould just rip right off ah so there we go.

And that edge guard is really gluedin there ah there we go finally all right okay so this material obviously isthat polypropylene or the poly honeycomb core i'm gonna try to get one of these faces off imight need another tool for this oh there we go making some progress i'dbe lying if i said i didn't always want to do this justripping apart pickleball paddles don't really know how i got here but iam happy that we are currently doing this ah there's the face of it yeah you know you could probably still play a gamewith this it's quite ripped apart but i think it would suffice love to get this top face off thoughsomehow okay here's the new game plan we're gonna.

Go all the way around this and just kind of dig inthere we go inside of this it's quite durable very hard to rip open ah there we go now you canstart to see a honeycomb inside it feels so weird like it looks like it should bekind of soft but clearly it isn't i'm not even sure what composite hitting surfacemeans because this is like this is so thin i mean there's like no grid on it or anything soi'm not sure what what they're really getting at there okay now this is interesting there'slike a a black middle part here you see the it's kind of like changing colorsthere it gets kind of darker here curious what that is if i can get underneath that and that's getting kind of to where the sweetspot is so i'm wondering if there's something.

Intentionally done there but this is likeperforated i don't know if you can see that but it like uh it's got like theseperforated edges on it kind of strips off um you can kind of see through thereinto the other side of the paddle oh so as you can see i've ripped apart agood portion of the paddle here and it's all ripping down in this one spot so i'm goingto try to get underneath this and see what uh see what's going on there oh okay now we're getting somewherethis is cool all right so big reveal see that in there there's like some sort of littlefoam or something i'm gonna try to get into that all right what do we have here.

In the very middle of this paddle notthe middle but kind of on the right side middle there's like this it's kind of it's afoam it's definitely a foam for just you know sweet spot enhancement almost i'm curious ifthere's also one here here and here so we're gonna keep digging into this guy but i didnot expect that that is uh quite interesting all right there we go so another another foam piece they're rightin the center so that must be some sort of like sweet spot enhancement um tokind of tack they got going on here so the other side oh that's so interesting there'ssome sort of strip right here this was right in the center of that paddle where that core thatfoam core was so it looks like it's some sort.

Of reinforcement in the center to make that sweetspot bigger not really sure not really sure what this is exactly but maybe you in the commentshave an idea it almost looks like like a piece of black electrical tape but it's much harderwhat is that oh it's also up here at the top so there's also a piece of it kind of right thereat the very top of the paddle you can hopefully see what that looks like very top right there veryinteresting don't know what that is i do know that i'm making a mess here maybe you should be wearinggloves for this to be honest with you but it does it seems to wrap around wraps around to the otherside and then there's a whole strip of it here right i'm gonna get through the bottom andsee if there's anything down here below okay it looks like there's nothing down hereand this this surface apart from where that.

Black strip is really just feels likepaper i mean i don't know what that is i was an industrial engineer not not amaterial science so once again gamma odyssey had this like kind of like a foam or like alike a wooden it's definitely a foam some sort of material there make the handle shape a littledifferent and then you got this black strip around i don't know what that is exactly there's threethese are just like hard foam centers right here which means that this is the dead centerof the paddle and also the sweet spot um and also there's a little bit of reinforcementup here at the top all right probably just like this is like a little harder surface maybe somesort of like carbon fiber i don't know exactly okay i'm back i've got long sleeves so none ofthis stuff from the paddle gets in my arms i've.

Got some gloves some sort of chisel and i alsohave a pair of like shears for uh for branches so maybe i can cut this thing apart let'scompletely break this thing see if i can uh just rip it apart and there we goand that's what the inside looks like like that pretty cool try to sniffthis handle see if it's possible at least we can look inside the handle now tooi thought this was a wood but clearly this is not wood this is some sort of like i mean it'sreally just that honeycomb material again in here so there you have it that's what's inside of thispickleball paddle sorry about that guys i forgot i turned my lav mic off so franklin ben john'ssignature a polypropylene core the exact same as the gamma odyssey there the polypropylenecore fiberglass surface layer with max grit.

And there's a premium cushion grip this isa cushion grip and it does feel softer than this gamma odyssey one so let's see whatis inside the vin john's signature paddle same test i'm going to see if i can get into this oh that's much harder to get into yeah there's just no shot that's coming off thisedge guard just it's not coming off i mean simple as that it's just not going to happen see ifi can get into it with this chisel there we go chisel definitely helped just keep goingall the way around oh yeah here we go very similar to the odyssey as far as what thisinside core looks like what i'm not seeing though oh yeah it's not easy not seeing that uhthat same strip that we saw on the odyssey let me cut this with my ridiculously sized sheers.

Let's see if we can get inside of this andsee what is up similar to the other one it's not easy to get in it's glued downto that surface or to that core rather there we go that's coming right off i mean this is not falling apart at allso this is that composite surface similar to the odyssey i mean it'sripping like right off of there all in one piece too whereasthe odyssey had like a uh it came in strips look at that that's mucheasier you up close up it this is the top pretty dense there and then the bottom is likelooks like it's less dense i don't know if.

That's necessarily true i mean there there'sreally nothing inside of this paddle that is i mean any anything different than what wesaw inside of this one like this it's missing those uh sweet spot enhancers i don't know whatyou would call those but very interesting this hear that there's some sort of i think it's likea grit paint upright applied to this and i do know from experience that it wears off quite quick andinside i mean nothing special it's it's just a uh just the polypropylene honeycomb core imean it didn't lie to you that's exactly what it said on the cover but there's not notmuch going on here let's take apart this grip rip this apart here we go unraveling the grip sothis is that max comfort grip is what they called it let's see what that means it's uh it's kindof similar to the other one except it's like a.

Foam like a hard foam pushes in you can see myindentions from my nails kind of going in there that's what it is so exact samecore let's uh let's rip it apart oh yeah there you go this is like a it's like a foam layeri mean it's just it's soft and a little cushion looks like i've got some sort oftext there maybe like an m and oops this is the engage encore mx 6.0 controlpro polymer core let's see what that means so first thing is the finger test can i get thisoff don't think i can let's go to the old chisel just paddles you guys are the best i reallyappreciate you sending me these and also they sent me an additional one of every single one of theseso i'm going to do a review of all these paddles.

And i'm going to the app tournament coming uppretty soon in griffin georgia wow already some lead tape in there going to the app tournamentin griffin georgia playing with chris olsen from the pickleball studio and we're going to be givingaway one of every single one of these paddles here somebody there so if you're there look out forus and maybe you can get one of these paddles are you seeing looks like some lead tape here onthe edge of this or some sort of reinforcement probably just lead tape all right oh got my fingerstuck oh this top part seems like it's a little harder to get off i don't know if there'ssomething there causing that to be the case yeah so they got lead tape lookslike all the way around the entire paddle very interesting take that offit's the first lead tape we've seen.

Looks to be that exact same surface orthat exact same core that uh honeycomb let's see though if there's anything specialgoing on here that was not in the other two man this is really on there veryinterested to see what's inside of this i know you guys are too because if you weren'tyou want to click on this video thank you so much for being here you guys are legitimatelythe best you let me do this for a living which a lot of people i'll be very happy tobe able to say that and i know i am so thank you thank you for being here just thankfulto be here have this opportunity super sick what would be even more sick if i could getthe skin off it's not easy that's for sure oh it's going to rip apart before i get this off.

Yeah so it looks like this surface is really onthere you can see the honeycomb kind of separating very sturdy though curious what's insidethough i mean surely surely there's something special going on here right thecontrol pro polymer core what does that mean oh yeah all right man let's get you off of thereyou are being very challenging i will say by far the most uh secure one so far oh now we're getting there oh there wego not seeing anything crazy from this well it just ripped rightoff there's your sweet spot all right so surface is completely off thislittle comparison here i mean it genuinely looks to the naked eye like the exact samesurface like it's it's that same honeycomb core.

This is the ben johns franklin this is the engageokay so these are the two one this is the engage this is the bin john's i don't know this isthe case but these just look more what's the word like uniform um where's these there's gotlike some extra material in there this is just very strictly just the just the honeycomb coreand this might have been the glue that i'm looking at here i don't really know it could be someglue or some remnants from the surface of it but i mean to the naked eye mani can't tell much of a difference yeah i don't know what i was expectingbut it's quite literally the same core so i got like sweat coming down from my uh frommy eye now my forehead all right see what this handle looks like okay that's like a wood thatlike legitimately looks like wood this time.

Okay finally got this freakinggrip off i'm gonna break this off oh yeah good stuff take the grip off so there's like this these wooden insertsthere you can kind of see them there this is just wood i meanit's very clearly just wood there you go i mean it's quiteliterally just a piece of piece of wood nothing special inside thathandle see if i can actually snap it in two this is the cross section of that handle pretty neat guys we have came a long waybut now it's time for the big boy the yola now i know that there's some technology inhere that is not in the other ones specifically.

That hyper foam edge wall don't know ifyou can see that their hyper foam edge wall there is a strip of foam all theway around this and we're gonna see what that looks like in reactive polymercore i bet it's gonna look a lot like these we'll see see what you're paying 200bucks for huge grid on it carbon fiber surface don't think i can get this off with myfingers wow okay so this is much more secure than all the other edge guards sofar this is going to be a tough one just being careful not to slice my handopen here this thing is really on there oh man this this is legitimately challenging to get this edge guard off i didn'tthink it'd be that challenging yeah by far.

Best made edge guard by a long shot i should not be having this muchtrouble with just the edge guard got some movement finally oh that's so cool so youcan start to see a little bit of the foam there man i am so impressed by how wellsecured there we go this edge guard is wow all right i think i'm going to change my approachhere i'm going to go from the grip first on this one let's see if that changes anything maybe ican get from the bottom of the edge guard off it feels like there's just another oneof those like wooden strips in there i'll smack myself in the head and yeah i meanit's i'll cut into it and really show you but it's.

I mean nothing more than that i don't feelany foam in there i'll rip into it and find out later but but i do notice there's a lotof weight in these handles of these paddles so maybe that like this is justadding some weight to it my goodness man this is so toughto get off oh finally so this right so this is the foam wall they're talkingabout hyper foam wall and it looks like it's just quite literally a wall of foam aroundit we'll rip inside of it and find out but definitely a different material than therest so to get a piece off there you can see that same honeycomb core probably just with a foamwall around it all the way all right i'm gonna try to uh what should i do here let's justuse this guy here's the putty knife.

See if we can get in on thisso this one it looks like it is kind of reinforced with some sortof like lead tape material there i bet that's some sort of tape just to add weightand provide a little bit more support there wow i mean dude this guy is like on there on therethat part let me try one more thing here see if i can just shear it but this is carbon fiber soit's going to be tough oh yeah i like butter what is my life now it's stuck in there wow yes there's that carbon fiber face that's like very pure yeah it's kind of heavy thishas got to be some sort of like tape just to add weight i bet it is provide a littlemore support there good grief man this is by far.

The hardest one to get off okay that's really coolso first strip of this carbon fiber comes off like two health bars this comes off there's anotherone right below it i just rip it oh my gosh okay so more that tape comesoff that's pretty heavy this guy is tough to get into man that is no joke very very impressed though withwhat i'm looking at here i mean this is by far the highestdurability one that i've seen okay here we go oh that's interesting what is that just glue that's what that is wow look at that.

So that is the inside of this wow man this carbon fiber is thickit's at least two layered at least might be a little more the surface is still so cool and i would love to get this entirething off is going to be so tough all right dude you've got tocome off it's getting ridiculous finally that was so difficultto get this little thing off my goodness i'm really hoping there'ssomething cool in the center of this paddle working the best so far i'm justkeep ripping through it with this.

This is ripping apart a pickleball paddle good grief man that is still like very secureon there just rip it completely in half there we go yes that same honeycomb core but muchmore much more weight around it and then of course that carbon fiber surface isreally secure in this paddle making it strong all right yeah i don't see anything different on this inside i mean it literally feelsthe exact same it looks the exact same maybe it's manufacturedslightly different i don't know.

I am curious though to get insideof this grip see what's in here so let's rip this grip apart whoa okay look at that i don't know what that is wow okay so this grip is much differentthis is what all the other ones look like it was just that same honeycomb core extendedthrough it this one though yola it's got like a yeah that's just like cushioned foamjust some sort of foam inside of there like a central layer of cushion takeanother cross section out of it though foam core with maybe like a weighted outer edge so this is.

Just like stripping away from this there you go see that this is that same material is thatis this the exact same material as like the wall the wallaround it the hyper foam wall yeah there's a side by side maybe you cansee that one more cut for good measure bang at what point does thishandle go from that honeycomb core to something different it's not there not there that's a cool cross section look at that so itlooks like part of the core actually is that honeycomb cinder but then at some point ittransitions into this like foam stuffed part.

I can't believe that just happened we just rippedinto four pickleball battles completely destroyed them app griffin this weekend i'll be thereplaying with chris olsen and we are giving away all four of these paddles not these specificallybecause not very useful now but we're giving away four the exact same kind of paddles to peoplethat tournament so if you're there make sure you come up and say hello and maybe just maybe wewill have in an intacciola with your name on it
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Today we’re tearing apart 4 pickleball paddles to see what is inside. We’ve got paddles ranging from a beginner $49 paddle all the way to a professional $220 paddle. It’s super interesting to get underneath the surface and edge guards of these paddles to see what the honeycomb polypropylene cores look like.

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