Part of being really good around the kitchen line is being on balance as much as you possibly can but what happens when you're not on balance if I get caught off balance here's what I used to do a lot why dink happened I got caught off balance and I would reach for it and I'd pop it up cross court for a put away Ball but instead of making that mistake.

If I ever get caught off balance in a cross court dinky rally I'm gonna take the ball down the line now if you're playing against somebody who's an Ernie threat the moment I take that ball down the line he might jump that kitchen line and crush it right so that's number one if I know that Michael who is pretty athletic not that athletic.

But super athletic she's probably gonna earn me on that so when I'm off balance I'm not taking that ball down the line I'm gonna go back to the middle and regain my balance nice I got really caught off balance there I didn't want to do too much there I could still recover by putting the ball back into the middle which is a.

Really safe place to put the ball so number one try your best to be on balance as much as possible but number two if you do get caught off balance go down the line to recover but if they're an Ernie threat don't do that you're gonna get crushed go middle get back to position and regain your footing inside the plane.