There are 300 different brands that have anapproved pickleball paddle yet 46 of the top 100 Pros use these same four Brands I wanted tofigure out what pickleball pedals the top 100 Pros use so I got a list of the top 100 pros fromduper I carefully went through all of their latest social media pictures and tournament footageto figure out which specific paddles they used I put all that information into a Google sheetand then turned it into this Tableau dashboard so we could better understand it there's a linkin the description if you want to follow along here's what I found so this is Tableau I'm goingto hit this button at the bottom right to make it Go full screen and then you can switch betweenthe different sheets at the top we'll go right through this so the first sheet is total paddlesby brand you'll see Yola has the most Pros using.

A paddle with 14 followed by Selkirk 13paddle Tech at 11 and then Onyx at eight we can break this down by gender sothe pink section is female the blue is male and we can adjust this so ifwe want to just look at the females there are eight females in the top 100 usingpaddle Tech eight using Yola and Then followed up by Selkirk and Onyx with six and then youcan see the rest swap the server to mail and there are seven Mills using Selkirk six using Yolafive using Franklin this is a pretty cool one the average cost of a pickleball paddle in the top100 Pros is a hundred and seventy eight dollars and if we look at the males it's 186 dollarsand the average price that a female pays for a pickleball paddle is a hundred and seventy dollarsso this kind of makes sense you know typically you.

Would consider a paddle over 150 dollars moreof a professional paddle and that aligns pretty closely with the numbers that we see here thisis the first really cool visuals called paddles by use so going from the top all the way to thebottom these are the most used paddles on the pro tour and the ones at the bottom are the leastused paddles on the pro tour for the top 100 Pros so the Onyx evoke Premiere has seven people thatuse it the Selkirk project 2 has seven people that use it and beside you can see the price forthese paddles and if you click on these paddles it will actually take you to the website whereyou can either learn more about it or you can buy it if you feel so inclined too any of thepaddles that aren't a sucker paddle will take you to where you can purchaseit and there's a five percent discount that's.

Already applied to your order if you do feel likepurchasing it and if you scroll down you can find out some more information about these paddlesand you have the ones that are Selkirk will take you to the Selkirk pitch to buy it and if you dobuy this one then use my code on the screen right now it's ADV Dash Shea and that will get you agift card that will apply to your next purchase thank you to silker for sponsoring the channelyou guys are the best this one's really cool so there's seven people that use the Onyx sevenusing the Selkirk project two and then the next big one is the Yola Hyperion and the Yola VisionIt Feels Like These are kind of interchangeable amongst the pros what you will notice is thatin professional play most people use a heavier paddle and they tend to use one that's a littlethinner versus thicker so heavier paddle that's.

Thinner means you have more power less controlbut at the pro level the control is already so good that they don't really necessarily need thathelp that extra touch so you'll see most people using a heavier paddle that give us a little bitmore power and the Selkirk project too and a lot of these other paddles definitely align with thatnow the paddles by Price the most expensive paddle on the tour is the Selkirk project 2 coming in at333 dollars and then if we scroll down the least expensive are the head extreme tour Max and theVulcan v520 those are coming in at 90 and there are three people that use those two once again youcan just click on any of these and it'll take you to a page where you can learn more about them ohwow this one's actually only 71 dollars now so uh there's some deals going on it looks like now Iknow I'm bruising by here pretty fast but there's.

A good reason why so these are the top 50 mensome more information uh top 50 women same thing and the last sheet here is called paddle dashboardthis is where we'll spend most of the time at and this one's really cool so there's three differentvisuals here you can see the paddle chart we saw before you can see that by brand and then youcan see the sheet of all the pros like in a spreadsheet style all these filters up here can beapplied to any of the sheets and you can actually click on any of these bars and you'll filter therest of the dashboard for you so for example if we wanted to see the seven Pros that use the Selkirkproject too we can click on that see there's two women five men and these are the people that useit you can see their rank uh the brand the paddle and if you click on any of these there's a linkto take you to the place to buy that paddle online.

Same thing down here if we wanted to see everyonethat uses the Yola just click on the word Yola and then you can see the breakdown by paddle aswell as the people that use those which pedal they use how much it cost and once again justclick on any of them and it will take you to a link where you can buy it same thing up hereyou can click and you will be able to buy it if you feel so inclined to to reset the visual justclick in any of the white space and hopefully it will all go back to normal if you want to you cansort this visual by something different right now it's sort of by price but we can change the sortbyte to use so then it's sorted in order by the most used paddle versus the most expensive paddleyou can also filter out specific paddles specific brands or the gender and see the differencebetween the females and the males and what.

Paddles they're using I'm not going to spendtoo much more time on this there's links in the description if you want to go in and play aroundyourself there's links to all the paddles there if you have any specific questions leave them inthe comments or if you see something that's wrong someone's using the wrong paddle they're usingsomething different just let me know I'll get this updated and the Tableau dashboard you see inthe description should be the most updated at all times anyways thanks for watching guys hope youenjoyed this I'll see you in the next one peace
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