Pick a paddle any paddle 13 14 16 oh my how do I pick which paddle to play with if I love a certain model you want to find out stay tuned alright guys we're gonna talk about the carbon one version two okay we're talking about after the thing that happened with them with usap which I think they handled with a lot of class I gotta say I appreciate this.

Company for replacing every paddle that people return to them they took care of it they ate their own dog food and they made it right so I support this company 100 they have the same model the carbon one and we've got three different versions of it we've got a 13 we have a 14 and we have a 16. let's get into the differences as we go from one to the.

Other we're going to be talking about a larger or smaller Sweet Spot we're going to be talking about feedback and we're going to be talking about the way the paddle performs when playing with it all right so if I really really want Power my singles game I'm always gonna go to the 13 millimeter because this core is still thick enough that you have pretty.

Good amount of control with a 13 millimeter but The Sweet Spot is a little bit smaller but what you really really love about the 13 millimeter version of this paddle is the ability to get over the ball and to get spin on it and a lot of pop so the more power over here when we slide to the left here we're gonna have more power right as we.

Go to the middle the 14 is a really really Perfect Blend between the 16 and 13 as you can imagine because the core is just a little bit thicker and gives you a little bit bigger sweet spot a little bit better control a little bit less power so you're going to sacrifice a little bit power as you go thicker to the core and so this middle guy here.

Would be half power half control is the way I would measure that and then if I'm going to full control mode meaning I don't need any help from the paddle I can generate my own power I don't need any help from the paddle I'm going to do all the work the 16 millimeter is what you want because this thing is like extension of your hand it's softer it's.

Got a much much bigger sweet spot so when you slide from left to right the sweet spots get bigger right so this paddle here is a control paddle so your dinks your uh resets your third shot drops these are all going to be easier with the 16 millimeter but your putaways are going to be harder your over Top Spin you're not going to be able to get.

As much spin with the 16 millimeter as the 13 millimeter so these are the things that I use to weigh when I want to grab a paddle and I would say some players that really play a lot of tournaments they have all three of these because depending on the conditions so let's say there's a lot of power out there there's a lot of wind and I want.

To have a lot more control and I want the ball to come out soft I might grab my 16 millimeter because I'm playing with a Dura ball it's cold the ball is going to come out hot and I want to control it better but let's say I'm playing indoor and it's really really hot indoor and I'm playing with a Franklin ball and it's gonna be soft I.

Might want more power so then I might pick the 13 millimeter because that gives me more power inside and I don't sacrifice a whole lot of sweet spots so as we move left to right the sweet spots get a little bit bigger and a little bit smaller but not so much that it's an unplayable paddle it's just because it's a thinner core you're going to feel the.

Feedback more so when you hit out on the edge on a thinner core you're going to feel the feedback more the feedback the paddle is going to jar your hands a little bit more so the feedback is a little bit more unpleasant with a 13 millimeter core 14 this is exactly what the Ben Johns is the Ben Johns Franklin it is a 14 millimeter core the that or.

Not Ben John's anymore but the Franklin is a 14 millimeter core and there's a lot of paddles at 14 millimeter we're going to blend power and we're going to blend speed that's the differences between these three you can go in the description below and you can get discounts on these guys I love these guys I support These Guys these paddles.

Are awesome I play with them all the time
13, 14, or 16? What thickness to choose? Watch the instructions for CRBN 1 by The Pickleball Pirate Keith Valentine.

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