You’re not a huge fan of pickleball in my view I mean I’m biased I’m a tennis guy but it’s a poor man’s game you know the uh the level that you need in tennis it’s a lot easier to be a lot closer you know it’s an equalizer so the reason I don’t think it completely sucks is that I get to play with my friends and they like it and they think they can beat me.

And they forget that I know a little something about the court like the geometry of support even if it’s smaller but you know I don’t like what it does to my body you know like the day after I played the pickleball slam the back wasn’t feeling too good foreign
This week, Club 30 with Henrik Lundqvist welcomes one of the greatest Tennis players of our time, John McEnroe.

John McEnroe is one of the most controversial and beloved tennis players of all time. He’s known for his fiery temper, his incredible talent, and his unforgettable matches. In this video, John shares some of his most insane stories from his tennis career, including his famous outbursts at Wimbledon and the US Open. He also talks about his rivalries with other players, his biggest wins, and what he’s doing now in the tennis world. This video is a must-watch for any fan of tennis or John McEnroe.

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