Is this 3-0 because this was a 3-0 final couple weeks ago I'm watching I'm watching with you good drop now what did she do wrong I would have said concede the kitchen it was a beautiful Drop she tried to keep him back she tried to hit it hard this is a common mistake of 3035 players it is.

Good points he's keeping him back right what you're supposed to do and this is a common mistake why not reset that hit it a little higher get to the kitchen I would say that's a common mistake of three five players three up two five yeah I don't know just watch it's like five in the morning good thinking War didn't middle I would.

Say that is at least the three five point right there are they sandbagging now I'm wondering I'm really wondering they get in the kitchen the two fans good point good point no one's at fault I would say good defense the partners really move well together unlike 3-0 players now I'm not saying the names.

Because this could be this could be a viral viral sandbagging segment really good I believe that was in great point what else can I say what else can I say I know no one likes me saying he keeps saying now you saw that mess right you see four.

Five and five o players miss that all the time even some pros are trying to keep them back that backhand the key is to stay balanced on that backhand if you rewind she probably was on one foot use that offhand for balance another good point I mean that point could be a 4-0 point that's keeping them back it was kind of fun.

I didn't have coffee so I pre-workout five in the morning oh she popped it up and she wants that back the girl in pink at the kitchen should have conceded again and you see try to put it away you can I don't know if that makes sense I'm not going back.

She's going solo going solo that's me now her partner was like okay go solo get a launcher I'm a lot of editing this just so you know even if I screw up that's just lucky she apologizes going on pink but does she mean it no she doesn't mean I said don't apologize that's a common mistake of most pickable.

Players they apologize too much I never apologize I asked for forgiveness now she wants that one back if he goes out that was beautiful the girl on pink let an outpaw go most pickleball players even if playing four five five they don't let out balls go foreign.

She went in the kitchen I believe if you watch he hit that smash I think she hit one in the kitchen I don't know what actually happened with that plump beautiful drive by the ground pink and like I'm watching I would say this is three five that's what I would say now these girls could play 4-0 but they shouldn't be playing 3-0.

Good point if you're watching sometimes I'm popping it up and they're not quite putting it away that's why I would say that not 4045 because four sides really put those balls away unless you're saying that's the final step I'll never play with you again putting the ball in pickleball.

Put this ball away and pickleball is so important it's so important if I'm looking for a partner that's a four five five oh I'm like you gotta put the ball away get back to the game show ATT y all right great defense again beautiful Drop.

She could make her drops a little higher just a little higher so she has a little more time to get into the kitchen however I mean she's playing a great Point what are you talking about Joe she did really well again can see the kitchen girl I'm in pink should you can see the kitchen a little more she's making some.

Errors just trying to keep him back which you should do in pickleball however it's low enough they hit a good drop It's At Your Feet I would say can see the kitchen you're a good thinker gone pink all right so if you see her backhand what I would say with her backhand if you're looking.

At the usap rating chart it's like can you hit a backhand consistently she can she's a 35 however I would say she doesn't feel as comfortable with her backhand get back to the game this is actually a good quality game I haven't watched it before I'm commentating that because the Kate takes away my spontaneity.

Now if you see that mistake she just went for the line on that drop look I do it all the time just give yourself a little more leeway maybe aim for a foot inside the line it's indoors right it's not windy but still give yourself some leeway it's really windy give yourself a lot of leeway I would say middle of the floor.

and I believe that may have been good however you can see on those backhand dinks that little tentative and this is I would say three five because I'm still somewhat tentative on my ding so I'm playing a really good Drinker especially backhand.

That looks nice and I don't think they missed the serve yet just so you know they're getting the ball deep they keep an opponent's back I would say they're not quite putting away those high volleys like they should us that is just beautiful now that is an.

Example of just drop it you're not in amazing position don't drive it when you're in the middle of the court and your opponents are right at the kitchen do all the time not a big deal at all I would like to see that return deeper and look that looks like a 30 point.

Right she could have got them turned deeper not the best job and they didn't put it away this could be three up could be a 3-0 maybe they should play 2-5 maybe two five beautiful return they got it deep but he looked every turn in the middle and again I'm gonna point out a couple things.

That is beautiful I was gonna say you got a poach you got a poach get your partner out of trouble she just said this is a 4-0 Max 4-0 no question in my mind and again those drops could be a little more vertical so she has a little more time to get to the kitchen look how many drops she's sitting still a little more.

Vertical a little more topspin maybe a spinnier paddle Spinners word okay this is a timeout this is when I should have edited what up what up girl you're playing good you're good you might be sandbagging just a little I don't know if I can't really hear what they're saying.

Because I'm listening to this with no sound I'm assuming she's saying I'm commentating really well and I am and you're welcome but this is good quality video a very good example of a 3-0 final or is it because it should be maybe 35 at least right usually we're used to hearing people.

Watching us saying 35 at best okay we're back very good chat lady women and I love how they were turning middle and again this is a common mistake WIll you drive it or drop it I think many people miss that drive or drops because they're not committed to driving or dropping at all if you're dropping a.

Little higher a little more topspin if you're driving if you're dropping a little higher a little more topspin not editing and again put those High volleys away snap that more the girl on Pink's going back a little too much snap snap it's not look when she's returning that ball.

She's going to the girl's forehand maybe try getting into the back end a little more because that backhands are pretty weak if I'm coaching any of these girls I'm saying get it to the lady's backhand right because I'm not as comfortable and look the girl on pig made a mistake and it's a split second decision to pick while she made the right play don't be.

Upset don't be upset at all maybe it's a paddle paddle sounds dead see that backhand was high right getting put back in beautiful beautiful good point yeah I'm clapping clapping for you you serve to the backing I like it and again she popped it up with that.

Backhand volley right I watch like too much pickleball and I still am not very good at commentating says a little bit about me foreign she's in good position honestly people miss those High volleys because they're not balanced use that offhand stay more balanced if you see that I balance that.

Off hands down I've tried to explain this in so many videos no one really understands they're like Joe what the hell's an offering that's what an offhand is and just some Miss volley so if I'm watching this a lot of mistakes with those volleys so maybe this is why it's a 3530 because they're not as consistent.

Putting the ball away popping the ball too up too much up not not editing don't think anymore I love the change of oh beautiful beautiful good point that's a three five to four oh thinking War again these things could be a little more aggressive right so if you're watching 4045 where the ball is.

Hit in the kitchen are you hitting aggressive gigs with the ball going a little past the kitchen because that's what I've been trying to do lately my best thinking I was thinking I mean that's a common point you watch Pros you watch Pros lots of times they have three four five hit points they really do so this is not a.

Good gauge of what skill level you are the defense and yeah snap that overhead a little more if you want a little more power on that overhead turn your body a little more it's like a golf swing right turn the body turn those hips and then get a little more snap that's what I would say.

With that beautiful beautiful good put away I think she's listening to me we don't have a mic and I don't have a time machine but if we did she could have an earpiece in her ear she really could now it's a Miss syrup now this is probably two five like if you missed.

Serves and you I suppose they do miss some shirts this game's changing you have to go for a harder serve honestly if my partner served amazing and they missed one or two I don't care I really don't beautiful use of a lot and that's just a great point see again that pop-up came from the back.

End so if you're playing a 3035 player Target that back and you look at the usap chart you know it's like you're not going to go back in you don't trust it so you gotta know that it's weak just some common mistakes and then you're saying this could be 3-0 right but this is the finals they did play many matches to get here they are tired.

And again drop that ball if you're going pink drop it right there getting drinking water you're doing pretty well I'm thinking Wars I hate thinking oh you may have been an apple again mistake back and right low backhand and I think the girl in the um on pink the non-pink he's.

Starting to Target that but I can have a little motion smart probably goes to high school come I don't know why good point good point nothing I have to say about that point I mean I put popcorn in but if I leave.

Now be unprofessional I've got my diet coke my coffee again Mr turn she's no the turn returns have been deep if you look you want to return deep to the middle if you can if you can do it really well return to that backhand D but that's a little different they are playing indoors though no wind think about it.

And some of these points are short so look it's they switch sides could be the second game I don't have sound a little nerves too it's the finals keep that in mind people at the finals because you're nervous you don't have any of these girls got gold medals before we don't really know we'll drive keeper time to get in she.

Recognize it and that is beautiful when you hit a beautiful Drop Like That recognize it get in the kitchen drops can be offensive especially if you get it high wisping it kicks they don't know what to do and it's a boom time bang time you know beautiful beautiful.

And now they get in a rhythm if I'm the girls with pink I would call timeout right now although I'd probably be wearing a neon shirt that would my that way my opponents would get pissed off what's the score what's the score let's try it making sure it's like recording like that would suck if I did this whole.

Broadcast and it wasn't recording because that did happen to me earlier again you can't pop those up and you can't miss us put away mollies but I watch video myself and wreck playing stuff I do it all the time but yeah a lot of errors are indications to our players right.

That's a short return and that girl and pink wants it back right we all we don't do that this is where Sammy Lee Jr plays I think this is lucky shots and if that's true it's probably Minnesota I love watching Sammy Lee real cool player teenager you know I live.

Vicariously through huh still have a chance to do wildlife seemingly don't make my mistakes I do yeah I made them all and see the girl in the pink she's crowded middle I would say her partner needs to be more on the sideline really so she can give the girl that is Garden middle.

A little more leeway because they hit paddles that time if I'm the other girl in pink this is getting too confusing let's keep watching oh man you should check their name maybe I should have done some research good point it's definitely three five beautiful beautiful point and look she.

Had the forehand meta let's move over a little more that way let me guard the middle I may say I may have said it with some swear words I'm really playing some mixed doubles or some doubles again you know foreign good point beautiful just slide a little.

More over that sideline let your partner have middle they're doing pretty well plus everyone on this court has somewhat of a weaker backhand and four here I think short return man she got away with it but those short returns will be punished by a 4045 player and that's something to keep in.

Mind so I would say this should be maybe three five Play If I was taking a place although I don't do very good at quizzes he graduate Penn State in three years but I cheated a lot ever again again it's fine and again once you make a couple mistakes in a tournament call timeout period it's a game of runs Life's a game.

Of runs right you have like three bad things that happen to you in a month just call time out take a couple weeks off go to premiere beautiful oh she got back oh man so the girl in Gray had a beautiful Point she got back in it why would you hit a live when you run into the kitchen I could see a love when you're at the.

Kitchen and you're kind of have a chance to speed it up you have your opponents on the front and no point to lob there I gotta edit that not doing it so some of these points are a lot shorter and this could be Trio play now now you could drop beautiful the ground pain conceded the.

Kitchen that time beautiful right it was low to her backhand if you watched earlier she's trying to speed that up and the girl Grace pouncing on it and she is smart she's so smart and again look Miss backhand right those backhands no use of trying to drive them I would hit it high maybe put Thompson as you get better.

Or slice it but vertical I think I made my point if I didn't I mean how much can you watch me let's face it so if you're in a tournament what can we take out of this so far Target that backhands especially in three five play even me I have such a.

Strong forehand people talking my backhands on the return I have to play a little more defense voice crack going through everybody so if you like me doing this let me know I can do this more if you don't just leave a negative comment just leave a negative comment at least I'd rather mean comment than no comment at all.

Beautiful and that's beautiful positioning by the girl pink middle and uh why is it good positioning because she's about three four feet ahead of her partner that's dropping so so she can reset those middle balls right if she can reset those metal balls her opponent doesn't have to take that tough backhand which we saw so many.

Errors on lightning straps that's very good job very good I talked to myself a lot I live alone beautiful you're gonna turn middle again that's a nice back here beautiful point just a beautiful point now this is probably for oh play except these girls.

Are sandbagging they might be making a couple mistakes just so they can play three or more and I tell a lot of my clients to do this foreign the girl in the pit needs to give the gut forehand middle a little more she's crowding too much the backhand she.

Hasn't put away a lot right but what whose fault is it I would tell you it's a girl in forehand middle has to be a little more assertive because David now yells at me a lot he goes get over to your side so she's in good position here right she got that forehand beautiful good positioning.

Again they could be listening to me that's a good point I hate when you're in rug play and like it's the next chord over the ball's there you're like hey give me the ball they like hit it four quarts over a baby again I was probably talking during that point I apologize.

Foreign lobs work extremely well for men too but for women they work very good it's just percentages people I'm not a um feminist Wyatt you know what I'm saying I respect women might look bad at that not worth it bad enough reputation.

Again when you reset those balls a little higher because resetting you're trying to get yourself a little more to the kitchen you're probably out of position so anything higher helps again three five players tend to hit it too far horizontal it doesn't give them time to get out of.

Position your opponents hit it at your feet right I guess pickleball you hit it at the person that's steep at that feet and that's a good game so I think I did a good job
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