Have never in my life seen somebody mad about using this the element hey Dave I'm looking at my answers what was your score for the optimal pickleball partner a 95 I got a two ball lovers what are the qualities for an optimal pickleball partner please leave your comments Please Subscribe and.

Don't forget to have a good day tough day in paradise for me just got banned from Clear one for a month for being a bad partner I'll explain more later but first whose fault is this is it mine in the top left-hand corner is it David's in the top right hand corner I think it's mine actually David had.

Jorge middle he's in the green shirt and I may have ruptured his Achilles he was okay thank God I'm so happy but I'm looking for a pickleball partner I want someone that's a bit better than me someone that can challenge me someone that doesn't take themselves too seriously and I want them to have a sense of humor because I make a lot of.

Jokes a good pickleball punter is extremely good at third shot dropping and driving and that's not my fault in this example Alexandra that's your fault but calling out your partner is a bad pickleball trait so I apologize for calling you out on YouTube I want my dream partner to be intuitive to be patient someone that can hold the line.

On a quick hands battle but I don't want them to be moody or impulsive so that rules my step out true I'm Moody so I want someone very calm very relaxed Drive the ball very well and this is why I'm banned from clearone for a month you can take a look and it is my fault I take full responsibility I should never throw my paddle although I will say sell.

Cooks are made extremely good that did not break somewhere over the rainbow there's someone else breaking that paddle and they think it's right here this is on Matt's Point man's not happy look my point is it's a great form of stress relief there's worse things to do in life like blame your partner for having to break your paddle when they.

Played so bad in the tournament sometimes I just feel like this foreign as I said before I want my partner to be patient especially in a dink in battle someone that's not always trying to play singles like myself on top of that I want them to dink strategically the most frustrating things in pickleball is when.

Your partner takes all your balls and they probably won't play with you again can I get an amen however I will say if you watch Ben John's play mixed doubles he's hogging most of the Court 75 this brings up another really good point how do you and your partner measure success it has a fine line between having fun and not having fun being on the same.

Page as your partner is so important and this is a very good example of how to answer your partner I've done many videos on it it is epidemic it really happens a lot to me again there's a fine line between winning and having fun and injuring your partner and I crossed it right there honestly I want my partner to be fun loving it's not all about.

Winning I want us to measure success based on how well we play not whether we win or lose the most annoying thing in pickleball is when you play an extremely good point and your opponent misses a point blank layup this kills momentum runes team chemistry and David now you are at fault in this clip and I apologize to you for nothing we were up.

11 10 on cliff and Mike Forster who plays Pro and we lost because of you I don't want them to give me advice all the time that is so annoying I want them to be breathing basically I want them to be in shape and somewhat coordinated I hope they don't fall when they run into the kitchen when a partner that can move well cover the love hidden overhead is.

So important which is why I got a 2 out of 100 on the quiz on how to be the optimal partner two out of 100 is pretty good however there's always room for improvement this is Mark nepotovich's top qualities for a pickleball partner right now he wants them to be predictable to him but not to his opponents that actually makes a lot of.

Sense he wants them to be psychologically stable that rules me out he wants them to be able to hold the heat I don't quite know what that means but basically he wants them to be ready for battle on top of that he wants them to give up space for poaching and the partners to be able to move together so what do we really want out of our.

Partner to play better than us support us emotionally cup of the Court basically not fall down be someone coordinated this next one is very important to put away High balls Mark refused to play with me for about two months because I missed a couple volleys I'm sorry Mark and we want our partner to set us up to put aways to hold the.

Heat and to be ready for battle I said that before I like saying battle this brings me to my next Point what don't we want out of a pickleball partner we don't want them to be toxic to roll the eyes stupid David to whine stop whining to step on our toes I'm sorry David last thing and I think we all can agree we don't want a pickleball partner to hit.

Us with a paddle think about lovers did I miss any qualities for the optimal pickleball partner please leave your comments Please Subscribe and don't forget here at the pick about Pirates we may love pickleball just as much as you do I know it's tough to believe but it's true
Are you a good partner in pickleball? Find out with coach Joey Gmuer. Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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