Pickleball is America's fastest growing Sport with millions of players on the court and millions more on the horizon one thing is clear this sport is here to stay invented in 1965 pickleball combines elements of these three Sports tennis badminton and ping pong and is played using paddles a wiffle.

Ball and a rectangular Court one third of the size of a tennis court it's a sport that anyone can play regardless of their athletic background the rules are simple and most players are able to hit back and forth within minutes of stepping onto the court pickleball can be played recreationally or competitively promotes both physical.

And mental health is extremely social and can be very addictive so let's learn more about this great game presented by Sports and TV and the pickleball Clinic pickleball is played on a rectangular cord approximately one third of the size of a tennis court and has two sides each side has side lines Baseline a center line and two non-volley zones commonly.

Known as the kitchen the center line divides the two service sides the left service court and the right service cord and now here are four common ways to win a point number one the ball bounces outside the court Sidelines or Baseline which is.

Considered to be out number two the ball lands in the net number three the ball bounces twice on the same side number four a player volleys a ball while standing inside the non-volley zone or nbz.

Players May step into the non-volley zone and hit the ball but only if they let it bounce first players can also reach in and hit the ball into the air while standing behind the non-volley zone hitting the ball into the non-volley Zone off of a bounce is called a dink the dink is one of the most important.

Shots in pickleball and often the first one that beginners learn now each point begins with a serve players may hit the Serve by tossing it into the air or by dropping it onto the ground as a drop serve the serve must be hit underhand from behind the Baseline and land in the diagonal box Beyond The non-volley Zone.

There are three rules that govern the service motion number one the paddle must be swung in a low to high motion number two the ball should be contacted below the waist and number three the tip of the paddle must be below the player's wrist at the point of contact.

Though we won't cover them in this video some of the other common shots in pickleball include the drop the drive and the volley each game begins with teams using the 50 50 method to decide who serves or who receives the teams May defer and choose the side.

They'd like to start on as well for example by flipping a coin or doing rock paper scissors most Rec games are played to 11 though many tournament matches are the best two out of three Two Eleven or one game 215. when a player serves and wins a point they continue serving until they lose one.

Once the serving team loses a point their partner gets to serve until they lose a point so each time a team gets the ball to serve both players get to serve until they lose the exception to this rule is the first server of each game whose partner does not get to serve after they lose.

When a team loses a rally the server changes this is known as a side out in this situation only the serving team can score so no point is lost the serving team does not alternate sides if they lose a point and the players on the receiving team never.

Alternate sides points can only be scored by the servers never the receivers another rule to know is the two bounce rule before either team is permitted to hit the ball out of the air the ball must bounce once at each side.

Of the Court so the serving team must let the return bounce before taking it out of the air and the returning team can hit balls into the air following their return this is why for almost every point the returning team will Rush the net directly after returning the serve if you'd like to learn more about how to.

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It’s time to get started with knowing some basic rules. In my experience as a coach and player, it’s best to introduce you to a few basics. All of the rules shared are standard rules no matter your desire to be a recreational or tournament player. If your aspiration is to be a tournament player (many more rules) or you are a “rules junkie”
I suggest visiting www.usapickleball.com as they have all the latest rules and revisions. Yes, the rules get changed from year to year but mostly just for tournament players. The site has a wealth of information that includes places to play, how to play, youth training, and referee training.
This video demonstrates the basic rules that stand on their own from year to year and will fulfill the recreational players’ desire to get on the court and play with a common understanding. Let’s start with the serve.
Pickleball Serve Mechanics: Arm must move low to high with ball contact below the waist. At ball contact, the paddle must be below the wrist.
Ball: Can bounce first “drop serve” or hit without a bounce. One serve attempt per point. Only one bounce on each side. Can touch the net but must bounce beyond the non-volley zone line on serve only.
Pickleball Court Boundaries: Serve to the diagonal quadrant across the net beyond the non-volley zone line Imaginary lines extending the center and sidelines past the baseline-ball contact has to happen within these boundaries.
Sequence: Always starts in the right quadrant on each side of the net. The beginning serving team gets one player in the right quadrant to start. If a point is made by serving team the server switches quadrants with the partner and serves from the left quadrant. Continue until a point is lost. Serve then starts with the opposing team player in the right quadrant. The sequence continues with both players serving and switching quadrants when the ball returns to the starting service team then each player continues the sequence.
Two bounce rule: Ball must be hit off a bounce on the service return shot and the serving team must hit their shot off a bounce when it’s returned. The next shot and from then on would give you the option to hit a volley (out of air).
Non volley zone: (7 feet past net on each side designated by a horizontal line across the court) Cannot step in this area to hit a volley- if momentum makes you step into this zone it’s considered a fault even if the ball is out of play. Can step in to hit a ball off a bounce. Cannot hit the net with your paddle.
Lines: If the ball hit’s any part of the line it is considered “in” except on the serve (see #6)
Scoring: Serving team can only score. Games usually played to first team to reach 11 win by 2. The score should be called prior to each serve. There is only a small difference between pickleball singles and doubles rules. In the USAPickleball Rules Summary the only addition is this single line: In singles, the server serves from the right/even court when his or her score is even and from the left or odd court when the score is odd.
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