Bigger ball has been Bill Gates favorite sport since before he invented Microsoft but what is it and why is it blowing up now pickleball is played on a court about the quarter the size of a tennis court and it's described as the mix between tennis badminton ping pong and chess pickleball was invented in 1965 by Future U.S congressman Joel Pritchard.

Whose board teenage son challenged him to invent a game while on holiday it's been Gathering steam ever since and now there's a major league pickerball tournament in the US which has major investors like Nick kyrgios Naomi Osaka and LeBron James but there is a bit of rivalry between tennis and pickleball pickleball Players called tennis players.

Bangers because when they try pickleball they hit the ball too hard and some tennis players are condescending towards a sport and frustrated because they're losing tennis courts to pickleball courts pickleball Obsession syndrome is taking over anyway in Australia because the sport is quick to learn addictive and accessible for elderly and injured.

Players who might find sports like tennis too demanding
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