Slaves here with the senior pickleball report powered by TNC Network let's get it going what can we learn from Pro players professional pickleball players what can they teach us that's what we're going to talk about today but first if you like this content.

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from professional pickleball players whether we attend their clinics whether we watch them on YouTube or if we get the opportunity to play with or against them I had a unique opportunity recently I was in Ocean Beach California and I was at a rec center on a random Wednesday.

For open play and two Pros walked in and I got a chance to play with Chris Mills Miller a legend in pickleball and against Rob Cassidy who is a phenomenal player what I learned was that getting the ball in the kitchen consistently is a big key to this game that's not a surprise but to see the consistency and to feel it up close and having balls.

Come back to the kitchen that you can attack from all over the court was impressive um so that's generally what I was learning was controlling the ball playing the soft game and getting up to the non-volley Zone um so even though the game seems to be picking up pace and speed and power with.

New athletes coming into the game and paddles changing the technology changing the sport at the end of the day it was about controlling the ball getting it to the kitchen and getting up there and waiting for your opportunity to strike so when you watch pickleball you can look for you know things we tend to take for granted that they're always.

Just getting up to the kitchen and dropping the ball in consistently and you know and doing their thing but when you play against them and you see it and then you feel that pressure of like man I can't quite attack this ball I can't quite reach it that's a lot of reps it's also a lot of talent so what I learned was the patience game.

Now I played against Rob for one game and it was a game to 11 it ended up being like 15 13 or 16 14 or something like that at the end but from what I recall he did not drive one ball in that game now it could be that he had an amateur on the other side besides um you know he had Chris who's a.

Buddy of his and a fellow Pro but he also had me and he could have been being nice but he no matter what the score was even him when he was down game point he was dropping the ball from all over the court in very tough positions forehand backhand didn't matter where he was plus he was covering the court obviously as.

Well he's a fantastic athlete and he's fast and he can he can you know he's got a lot of chord coverage but no matter what he got up there and he had patience and when he got up there he didn't attack right away either he worked the ball he worked the point and then he went for his opportunities so that's what I learned is basically the.

Things that we always preach patience and getting up to the non-volley Zone that's what I learned from the pro so when you watch a game watch the way they work their way up to the court they're excellent at resetting they can reset from anywhere on the court and again all these things are reps and that's why drilling over playing wreck ball.

Sometimes is probably the best for us amateurs because we get reps and Reps and Reps in and we get that muscle memory and we get that confidence and our game goes to another level all right folks that's it for this week and hey let's pickle
There’s a reason why they are called professional athletes…find out … “why?”

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